Top ADSR Sounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top ADSR Sounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 10+ ADSR Sounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 ADSR Sounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. 808 – The Next Chapter
  2. 808 – The Tribute
  3. Bass Head Vol 1
  4. 909 Drum Samples
  5. Melodic Chords and Arps – Cthulhu Presets
  6. Acid Tracks – Acid House Kits
  7. Micro
  8. Electronica 2 for Arturia Pigments
  9. Voices From Beyond
  10. FM8 EFX

1. 808 – The Next Chapter

808 - The Next Chapter

To celebrate 808 day and pay homage to the musical styles that the legendary TR-808 drum machine inspired, ADSR has created: 808 – The Next Chapter. A modern collection of bass, drums, synths and kick a$$ kits complete with loops, shots, midi and presets for Serum!

From Hip Hop to Lo-Fi and Techno to EDM the 808’s influence can be heard throughout electronic music. In fact, many modern producers will say their music just can’t live without it.

808 – The Next Chapter brings you 7 epic kits complete with loops, midi, one-shots, stems and serum presets and reminiscent of iconic moments in the history of Urban music. It showcases just some of the ways you can put your 808s to best use. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also included loads of additional material including bass multisamples, synth loops, drum shots and drum loops.

We hope it will inspire you to make your bass boom!

Pack Contents:

  • 7 Full Construction Kits each containing:
    • Shots
    • Loops
    • Serum Presets
    • Stems
    • MIDI
  • + Bass Multisamples
    • 12 Drive Bass
    • 12 Long Bass
    • 12 Modern Bass
  • + Drum Shots
    • 10 Bass
    • 15 Claps
    • 20 Closed Hats
    • 20 Open Hats
    • 10 Cowbells
    • 15 Kicks
    • 10 Rims
    • 1 Snares
    • 10 Toms
  • + Synth Loops
    • 10 WAV Loops
    • 10 MIDI Loops
  • + Drum Loops
    • 15 Full Loops
    • 15 Top Loops
    • 15 Beat Loops
  • Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 466
  • 1.77 GB unzipped

2. 808 – The Tribute

808 - The Tribute

To celebrate 808 day and pay homage to the legendary TR-808 drum machine, ADSR has created: 808 – The Tribute. A beastly collection of samples, loops, kits, MIDI and serum presets inspired by iconic moments in music history that put the 808 front and center.

From Marvin Gaye to Public Enemy, Gucci Mane & Migos to Beyonce and Daft Punk toname but a few, the 808 shifted modern music’s beat to a different drum and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you’re working on Hip Hop, R’n’B, Trap, or Grime or you’re pushing people to the dance floor with Techno, EDM, House, or really, you just have ears – the sound of the 808 always strikes a creative chord and so will this curated library of sounds!

808 – The Tributebrings you 5 epic kits reminiscent of seminal moments in the history of Urban music complete with loops, midi, one-shots, stems and serum presets. . As of that wasn’t enough, we’ve also included loads of additional material including drum shots and drum loops, MIDI grooves, Serum Presets and so much more.

What started as a tribute to a musical legend turned into a treasure trove of must-have, production-ready sounds

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Full Construction Kits
    • Loops
    • MIDI
    • One-shots
    • Stems
    • Serum Presets
  • + 20 Serum Presets
  • + 30 Drum Loops
  • + 25 MIDI Grooves
  • + 115 One Shots
    • 30 Bass
    • 10 Claps
    • 25 Hi Hats
    • 20 Hip Hop Kicks
    • 10 Legacy Snares
    • 10 Modern Snares
    • 10 Synth Kicks
  • + 20 Synth Loops
    • 10 Bass Loops (+10 MIDI)
    • 10 Melody Loops (+10 MIDI)
  • Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 447
  • 1.32 GB unzipped

3. Bass Head Vol 1

Bass Head Vol 1

Bass Head vol 1 (Check out part 2 here) for NI Massive preset pack is made up of 50 wide range Massive presets.

It includes heavy basses, leads, pads, experimental sound design and many more.

This is a great preset pack to add to your collection.

The complete novice even to the sound design expert can benefit from this pack.

These presets are great and suitable to use in your own productions.

Have fun making amazing music with these wonderful presets!

4. 909 Drum Samples

909 Drum Samples

In homage to the great 909, the ADSR team thrashed their Roland TR-09 to its production limits and the result is the ultimate 909 Drum Sample pack.

Of course we also took the TR-09 and ran it thru some choice outboard analog gear to provide a nice variation of 909 drum samples.

Over 150 drum samples were created and have been provided in separate categorized folders. Each folder represents the unique analog signal chain the TR-09 was run thru.

Gear Used:

  • Roland TR-09
  • API 212 Pre
  • Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal
  • Emperical Labs EL7x Fatso
  • Emperical Labs EL8 Distressor
  • Thermionic Culture – The Culture Vulture
  • SSL G-Buss Compressor
  • Dangerous Audio D-Box
  • Universal Audio Apollo

909 Drum Samples gives you everything 909 – from clean warm punch to overly distorted and uber solid fattiness. These drum samples will work over a variety of genres and can be easily loaded into any hardware or software sampler. The TR-09 was sampled at multiple velocities and therefore labeled as V1 and V2

The Roland TR-909 changed dance music forever and some may state its what started it. Either way, ADSR pays homage to the iconic Roland TR-909 on 909 day with our 909 Drum Samples pack.

Now go make some music.

*Please Note:
Demo includes some musical elements not included with the pack. Pack Contains Drums Only.
Musical Elements taken from GHST PRJKT – Solar

5. Melodic Chords and Arps – Cthulhu Presets

Melodic Chords and Arps - Cthulhu Presets

The production team at ADSR have taken on music theory duties in their latest release, Melodic Chords & Arps – Cthulhu Presets. Featuring a legendary set of presets specifically designed to take the struggle out of coming up with creative chord progressions and arpeggiated patterns.

We’ve taken full advantage of the vast features in Xfer Records’ Cthulhu, to deliver a whole spectrum of chords in genre labeled key groups. Each preset contains about 4 groups of inspiring chords that are all in the same key making it easier than ever to come up with a fitting variety of chord progressions.

Flick the switch on Cthulhu’s arpeggiator and those chord presets become a melodic lead with tons of flexibility. We’ve even included custom appregiator presets that will give you even more flexibility and inspiration for a variety of electronic music styles.

If you’re not well versed in music theory, have writers block, or find it difficult coming up with chords and programming melodic arpeggiation patterns then this pack is just for you!

Melodic Chords & Arps – Cthulhu Presets comes with over 140 chord presets and 50 arpeggiator presets that are guaranteed to get your productions going in the right direction. 

Software Requirements:

  • Latest version of Cthulhu

6. Acid Tracks – Acid House Kits

Acid Tracks - Acid House Kits

ADSR presents Acid Tracks – Acid House Kits. A standout tribute to the 303 featuring 6 fresh kits that explore our obsession with the visceral nature of the classic Acid sound.

Originating from the Roland TB-303 an electronic bass synthesizer-sequencer that first launched in the early 80s, the 303 is a sound that changed electronic music forever. So unique and iconic, the sound of a 303 continues to influence musicians to this day. Countless producers can trace their interest in making music back to the first time they heard that characteristic squelch. Such is the power of a true classic.

Featuring the tell-tale “squelching” sounds and deep basslines, Acid Tracks 6 complete kits revisit iconic moments in the history of Acid House with fresh ears. Let this pack be the transformative experience that takes your music to new highs.

Whether you are making a House track, have need of that acid vibe, or, you’re looking to develop a new underground movement with lessons from the past, get your listeners on to the dancer floor with all the loops, one-shots, stems and presets you need to create your own instant classic.

Pack Contents:

  • 6 Full Construction Kits
    • Loops
    • One-shots
    • Stems
  • 30 Acid Loops
  • 30 Drum Loops
  • 10 Acid Presets for Serum
  • One-Shots
    • 20 Claps Snares
    • 20 Kicks
    • 20 Cymbals
    • 20 Percs
  • Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 319
  • 1.6 GB unzipped

7. Micro


Minimal Techno for Massive are 50 minimal sounds carved from the deep, dark insides of the fabulous Massive synth.

Leap ahead in your production game and create the best Minimal music with this pack of 50 sounds. Straight out the box you access to some amazing minimal sounds. Once you load these patches into Massive, you can push them even further with Massive’s exclusive bank of 8 macro controls, giving you the power to shape the sounds to your own productions.

Each sound is completely unique, developed with the care and precision necessary to make sure the sound is production ready. We take raw waves and experiment slowly, trying to find those special sounds. We test and tweak as we go until we have the best sounds around.


To kick off there are 50 sounds – within which you will get: 20 Plucks, 8 bass, 4 leads, 7 stabs, 5 sequences, 4pads and 2 efx – pretty much everything you need to rattle off a couple of productions off the bat!

8. Electronica 2 for Arturia Pigments

Electronica 2 for Arturia Pigments

Experience music in full technicolour with a collection of presets for Arturia Pigments and add a new spectrum of depth, inspiration and colour to your music

Electronica2 for Arturia Pigments2 is a follow up to our first pack of the same name. This volume goes deeper into our creative experiment with Pigments to inject innovation and imagination into the space in and around electronica, lo-fi, indie pop and contemporary R&B. Discover 99 original presets that will reinvigorate your spark for music-making and fill your project with a fresh new sound.

From unique pads and new bass options to leads, plucks, sfx and a whole range of contemporary keys this collection promises to apply both the colour and shading you need to bring your music to life.

Plus, as an added bonus, we’ve also included 4 full song kits taken from the demo so nothing is left out.

Pack Contents:

  • Arturia Pigments Presets
    • 32 Pads
    • 30 Keys
    • 8 Bass
    • 7 Leads
    • 10 Plucks
    • 8 SFX
    • 3 Sequences
    • 1 Organ
  • 4 Bonus Song Kits with Stems
  • All fully key & bpm labeled
  • 100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions.

Total Number Of Files:

  • 151
  • 1.73GB Unzipped

Software Requirements:

  • Presets require latest version of Arturia Pigments or higher

9. Voices From Beyond

Voices From Beyond

Cast from the depths of hell, the ADSR production team gathers some Hollywood voice talent to deliver a massive 2.35 GB library of horrific spoken word and cinematic Halloween effects. 

Voices from Beyond delivers over 1,000 male and female depraved vocal phrases, processed thru some of the best effect units used in cinematic post-production. Everything from subtle conversation to panicked states, horrific screams, creepy humor and unholy atrocities are covered in this blood drenched release.

To assist you on your journey thru the dark production world, several bonus folders have been added that contain dark cinematic drones, eery musical stingers and dramatic whoosh risers.

Voices from Beyond is the perfect addition to your studio arsenal for any type of horrific cinematic production or for adding some interesting voice elements in a whole range of House, Tech-House, Techno and Trap productions.

All files are .WAV – 24 bit @ 44.1 kHz

  • 1,140 Voice / Spoken Phrases  (Dry, Processed, News Cast Room FX, Children’s Voices, Demonic Alien Dialects and Dark Subliminal FX)

Bonus Content:

  • 31 – Dark Cinematic Drones
  • 18 – Eery Musical Stings
  • 20 – Horrific Whoosh & Rise FX

10. FM8 EFX


When writing music it can be hard to come up with new and interesting transitions, intro’s and breakdown’s.

Adding variety and evolution to your music is crucial to an interesting arrangement and keeping your audience on their toes.

EFX For FM8 is unlike most preset bundles.

Rather than focusing on a specific genre, the brief for these sounds was to create a collection of EFX producers can use to enhance their music.

With this in mind we have painstakingly put together 50 FM8 EFX presets (down-lifters, uplifters, impacts, sweeps and swells) for you to either use out of the box or sculpt into.

What does this mean? Variation is the key here and each patch has numerous settings to ensure you get the most control from each sound.

What do you get in the pack?

  • 9 Downlifters
  • 12 FX
  • 11 Impacts
  • 8 Sweeps
  • 10 Uplifters

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Top ADSR Sounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 10+ ADSR Sounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021
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