Top Aria Sounds VST Plugins
Top Aria Sounds VST Plugins

Top 3+ Aria Sounds VST Plugins 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 3 Aria Sounds VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Aurora Choir
  2. Hybrichord
  3. Silk Piano

1. Aurora Choir

Aurora Choir

Symphonic Choir Sample Library for Kontakt 4 and Above!

The Aurora Choir is an elegant and powerful choir sample library for Kontakt, and represents somewhat of a milestone for Aria Sounds, being the culmination of many hours of work, study and tweaking.

The library contains both Sopranos and Altos (separate instruments for maximum control), and has an absolutely stunning legato tone. On top of this, it has short syllables, arranged into a very conveniently playable sequencer. Simple arrange your phrase in the sequence, and play away – the choir will automatically sing the syllables you enter.

Note: Full Version of Kontakt Required

Multiple Legato Modes at Multiple Dynamics

The choir contains four true legato modes (ah, eh, ih and oh) sampled at multiple dynamic layers, giving a total of EIGHT true sampled legato sets, for absolute realism and variation. On top of this, there are a total of twenty four different syllable shorts, sequence-able in the GUI, each sampled at three dynamic layers, giving a total of 72 variations per short note!

Four Mic Positions (48kHz / 24 Bit)

The choir was recorded in a mid sized hall, for a pristine and clear sound, with four mic positions used to ensure that no part of the vocalists’ glorious sound was wasted. Choose from, or create your own personal blend from the four available positions.

The positions are ordered from closest to furthest, and you even have the option between close condenser mics, and close ribbon mics (for a darker and warmer sound). If an even more reverberant sound is what you are after, there is a reverb slider on the interface, and you’ll also be pleased to know that this library takes external reverb very well.

All audio is in 24 bit 48KHz .wav format files.

The sequencer (lower) part of the interface allows for the creation of extremely realistic and powerful spoken lines, with the 24 included syllables.

The default sequence spells out the “Dies Irae” text, but you can easily customise or completely change this. Simply click on any syllable, and select a different one from the 24 options on the drop down menu that opens… Each syllable was recorded at three dynamics, which respond to velocity.

The low G# (in yellow) can be used to reset the sequence to the beginning, in case you don’t want to use all twenty four steps every time, allowing for even greater variation.

2. Hybrichord


Sounds that you’d never imagine could come out of a piano – for Kontakt 4 and above.

The vol.1 of Hybrichord is our first exploration into what we can really get out of a normal piano, and the initial results are fantastic.

Using various means of getting the instrument to vibrate, including wiring the instrument up, using magnets, electric current, etc, we managed to create some fantastic organic sounding sonic landscapes.

The user interface has controls to allow you to shape and sculpt some of the sound to your liking for use in your music.

Of course, we have also included a variety of more well known experimental techniques, including picks, plucks, bows, hammers, drumming, screws in the strings etc.

This library contains over 4GB of excellent cinematic content, recorded at 96KHz, 24Bit.

3. Silk Piano

Silk Piano

A Stunning Fazioli Concert Grand Piano for Kontakt

The “Fazioli” is a highly sought after grand piano, by the makers of world’s most expensive grand pianos. Its considered by many to be the best of the best when it comes to concert grand pianos.

Some grand pianos start to get a little muddy when you go to the lower registers, but the Fazioli stays sparkling and crystal clear even when you hit the low end of the keys.

“Silk” features a Fazioli recorded with close and stage mics so you can mix and match to create your own desired sound.


  • A highly sought after concert grand piano
  • Sounds crystal clear in the lows to the highs
  • Up to 76 velocity layers per note
  • 16GB of content (compressed down to 6GB using Kontakt’s lossless file compression)
  • Two mics to choose from – close and stage
  • A unique sound compared to other grand pianos
  • Note: Requires the Full Retail Version of Kontakt or higher (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)

Recorded in 24Bit /96kHz with up to 76 Velocity Layers!

The Fazioli piano was recorded for Silk at a high level of real layers per note – around 30 40 layers per note.

It sounded great with just this, but we decided to add another 20-30 more layers to the mid/top end of the piano where you are likely to hear more fast/consecutively played notes, to add as much variation and detail as possible!

Technical Specifications and Requirements

Note: Requires the Full Retail Version of Kontakt or higher (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)

  • 3114 samples recorded in 96kHz/24-bit
  • Up to 76 velocity layers per note
  • 6GB file space required (16GB compressed to 6GB using Kontakt’s lossless file compression)

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Top Aria Sounds VST Plugins
Top 3+ Aria Sounds VST Plugins 2021
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