Top Aubit Sound Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top Aubit Sound Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 10+ Aubit Sound Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 Aubit Sound Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. OLOH Production Suite
  2. Awake Vol. 1
  3. ODESSA – Ultimate Soundset Vol. 1
  4. Flutter Vol. 1
  5. Aubit Sound’s Ultrallenium Complete Collection
  6. Future Bass & Chill Bundle
  7. Ultrallenium Guitars
  8. ODEZSA VIBES Serum Suite
  9. Petit Guitars Vol. 2
  10. Ultrallenium Vocal Chops

1. OLOH Production Suite

OLOH Production Suite

Future Bass is a genre that has been kept alive and shaped by phenomenally creative individuals, one of our favourites is San Holo.

The OLOH Production Suite brings you our latest sounds in the form of innovative new Serum Presets, beautiful Vocal Chops, warm Synth Loops, hand-made MIDI Loops, as well as professionally crafted project files for Ableton and Logic Pro X.

We had a lot of fun making this pack, and we hope you have even more fun using it in your next production.

Pack Contents:

  • 50 Serum Presets
  • 20 Vocal Chops
  • 30 MIDI Loops
  • 20 Synth Loops
  • 2 OLOH Ableton Projects
  • 1 OLOH Logic Pro X Project

Total Number Of Files:

  • 123
  • 199 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Serum Version 1.271 or later, Ableton 11.0.2 or later

2. Awake Vol. 1

Awake Vol. 1

Following the success of our Ultrallenium series, we decided to put together Awake Vol. 1 – The largest and most cutting-edge pack we’ve ever released by a long way!

Illenium has shown the EDM world an entire new world of possibilities with his sound design, his head-spinning drops and feel-good melodic vibes. With Awake we have captured every single element of that and made it available to everyone. We studied every song he has released to date, and made sure that no aspect of his sub-genre was missed out by the contents of this pack.

Awake includes: 100 Serum presets, 35 Massive presets, 50 Guitar loops, 50 MIDI loops, 25 Vocal chops, 205 Drum samples & loops as well as 3 Ableton projects/templates. In addition to that, we are including 3 exclusive bonus packs! Totalling over 1.19 GB of content.

We didn’t just recreate his most popular sounds though, we also set out to create sounds that producers like Flume, Gryffin or Illenium himself would want for his next release.

The heart and soul of this pack lies in the presets and the guitar loops. From huge, head-turning chords to beautifully crafted leads, beefy bass patches and so much more, the presets set the tone for your track’s mood. While the guitar loops bring a fresh fix of other-worldly warmth and raw human-feel to music production. Using the MIDI, synth loops, vocal chops, drum loops and atmospheres you will never be short of inspiration.

We made sure that regardless of your production level, you can unlock and achieve a release-quality level of creativity with these loops and progressions.

Creating Awake Vol. 1, we wanted to break into new territory with what can be done in a sample pack and as a team we feel that this pack carries a glimpse into the future of Future Bass and EDM.


1. Awake Guitars for Serum – 15 playable guitar presets for Serum, made from a range of our favourite Illenium-style guitar tones.

2. Awake Foley – 75 foley & live recordings, Illenium uses a real world recordings to capture an organic feeling, so we’ve included a whole load of sounds from around the world for your productions.

3. Awake Vibes – 25 tunes atmospheres, Illenium also harnesses the emotion of atmospheres in his intros, bridges and outros. Add any of these 25 tasteful atmospheres to your next track for an instant dose of added mood.

Pack Contents:

  • 115 Serum Presets (Including Awake Guitars for Serum)
  • 35 Massive Presets
  • 50 Guitar Loops
  • 50 MIDI Loops
  • 25 Vocal Chops
  • 30 FX Loops:
    • 5 Risers
    • 5 Impacts
    • 10 FX Fills
    • 10 Vinyl Loops
  • 180 Drum Samples:
    • 15 Kicks
    • 15 Snares
    • 15 Toms
    • 15 Hi Hats
    • 15 Claps
    • 15 Snaps
    • 90 Percussion Samples
  • 25 Drum Loops:
    • 5 Verse Loops
    • 5 Tom Loops
    • 10 Percussion Loops
    • 5 Drum Fills
  • 3 Ableton Projects
  • 3 Bonus Packs:
    • Awake Guitars – 15 Guitar Presets
    • Awake Foley – 75 Foley Recordings
    • Awake Vibes – 25 Atmospheres

Total Number Of Files:

  • 633
  • 1.01 GB Zipped Up

Software Requirements:

  • Serum 1.215, Massive 1.4

3. ODESSA – Ultimate Soundset Vol. 1

ODESSA - Ultimate Soundset Vol. 1

Get ahead of the game with the “ODESSA – Ultimate Soundset Vol.1″!

Aubit brings you the very best samples and presets from ODESZA’s unique style of Future Bass/Chill. The Aubit sound design team have hand crafted all 50 of the Serum presets to have 4 macros assigned to each them, so you can instantly edit the most exciting part of every synth sound to make it exactly what you want. At Aubit we are huge fans of ODESZA, which is why we worked day and night to create the most cutting-edge sounds on the market for his sub-genre.

We set out to create sounds that ODESZA would want for his next release. So this pack is a must-hve for any producer looking to grow in their own style, and break free from all the noise in the EDM scene. With the click of a button you can blend each and every sound in the pack to create something brand new that no other producer currently has in their catalog.

Among the 50 Serum presets you will find:

  • 23 ground-breaking chord/keys sounds modelled off well-known ODESZA drops and breaks that provide that instant “WOW” factor.
  • 14 beautifully designed plucks that will instantly inspire any producer to create the next sure-fire chill-hit.
  • 9 jaw dropping bass patches that add weight and power to absolutely anything.
  • 4 inventively thought up FX patches that complete any creative project.

We also recorded and processed 50 vocal chops, that are dripping with emotion. Twin these vocal chops with any one of the 23 chord/keys presets and you have yourself a melodic-masterpiece. We even created 50 percussion samples inspired by sounds from ODESZA’s recent releases, so trust us when we say this is not one to miss out on.

Get your copy of the “ODESSA ULTIMATE SOUNDSET VOL.1” now!

Pack Contents:

  • 50 Serum Presets
  • 50 Vocal Chop Loops
  • 50 Percussion One Shot Samples

Total Number Of Files:

  • 150
  • 158 MB Zipped

Software Requirements:

  • Serum 1.215

4. Flutter Vol. 1

Flutter Vol. 1

Flutter Vol. 1 allows you to jump straight into making the music you’ve always wanted to, cutting out 100s of hours of fine-tuning producer mouse-work.

Producing intricate Future Bass drops has never been simpler, just pick a chord patch, add one of the [FLUTTER] LFO Tool presets, and you’re golden.

Producers like Illenium, Flume, ODESZA and Porter Robinson use techniques such as modulation, filters and automation to create what we call the ‘Flutter’ effect: chops, runs, slides… *flutters.

Take a look at what the LFO Tool presets look like…

Within the 50 LFO Tool presets we made for Flutter: not only are there [FLUTTER] presets, we also made some [CHOPP] presets for adding more rhythm, and [GLITCH FX] presets for pre-drop tension and transition energy.

The flutter effect sounds great on sustained sounds like leads, chords and keys, which is why we’re including 192 of our favorite pre-released leads, chords, keys and bass presets for Serum – from packs like Awake, Louv, Gray, Plume, ODESSA and more. (192 presets in total).

Check out the video below to see how it all works:

Finally we included 50 of our favorite MIDI loops from packs like Awake Vol. 1, ODESSA Vol. 3 and Louv Vol. 1 – as well as 3 killer bonus MIDI files.

The combination of Serum presets, MIDI loops, and now Flutter LFO Tool presets, is everything you need to create the best music you’ve ever made.

Get Flutter Vol. 1 today and start creating the drops you always wanted to.

Please note: Drums, vocals and guitars from the demo songs are not included.

P.S. – Our favorite LFO Tool preset in this pack is called ‘[FLUTTER] Takeaway 1’ – go check it out!

Pack Contents:

  • 50 LFO Tool Presets
  • 192 Serum Presets
  • 67 Serum Noises
  • 37 Serum Tables
  • 53 MIDI Loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 399
  • 116 MB

Software Requirements:

  • LFO Tool V1.708 and Serum V1.271 or later

5. Aubit Sound’s Ultrallenium Complete Collection

Aubit Sound's Ultrallenium Complete Collection

Returning to ADSR: Aubit Sound’s Ultrallenium Complete Collection, 5 packs for $50!

Break out the hair gel and prepare your slickest moves cos you’ve got a date with your Future… Bass.

Featuring 100 wet & dry guitar loops, 50 serum presets, 50 wet & dry vocal chops, 100 drum samples and much more . The Ultrallenium Complete Collection will have you nervous with anticipation but dry those sweaty palms because as hot as these packs are they’re a perfect match for your next production.

Here’s everything that is included in Ultrallenium Complete Collection by Aubit Sound:

Bundle Features

  • $75 value for just $50!
  • All 5 of Aubit’s Ultrallenium packs in one huge bundle!
  • 500 files including – 100 wet & dry guitar loops, 50 serum presets, 50 wet & dry vocal chops, 100 drum samples, 5 drum fills, 15 FX loops, 1 construction kit and more!
  • Unlock the powerful sound-design behind artists like Illenium and Flume
  • Professionally Produced
  • 100% Royalty Free

6. Future Bass & Chill Bundle

Future Bass & Chill Bundle

Aubit is proud to present its biggest and most versatile bundle to date. Bringing you over 1000 sounds spanning multiple genres.

This bundle is everything you need and so much more to make release-ready Future Bass and Chillwave productions.

Packed with our best presets, drums, MIDI loops, guitar loops, vocal chops, Ableton projects and more – there’s never been a better time to get stuck into finding your sound and making the best music you’ve ever made!

8 packs includes:

  • Gray V1 (85 presets, 100 drums, 25 vocal chops, 25 synth loops, 25 MIDI)
  • Gray V2 (80 presets, 80 drums, 25 vocal chops, 25 MIDI loops, 25 guitar loops, 3 ableton files)
  • Petit Guitars V1 (50 guitar loops)
  • Petit Guitars V2 (50 guitar loops)
  • ODESSA V1 (50 presets, 50 drums, 50 vocal chops)
  • ODESSA V2 (50 presets, 89 drums, 50 vocal chops, 25 atmospheres)
  • Chain Pop V1 (60 presets, 100 drums, 52 guitar loops, 35 MIDI, 3 ableton projects)
  • Plume V1 (50 presets, 55 drums, 25 vocal chops, 25 MIDI files)

Pack Contents:

  • 375 Presets for Serum & Massive
  • 474 Drums
  • 175 Vocal Chops
  • 177 Guitar Loops
  • 110 MIDI Loops
  • 25 Synth Loops
  • 25 Atmospheres
  • 6 Ableton Files

Total Number Of Files:

  • 1367
  • 1.37 GB Zipped

Software Requirements:

  • Serum V1.215 & Massive 1.4 (and Ableton 10 for the project files)

7. Ultrallenium Guitars

Ultrallenium Guitars

Get your hands on the famous Illenium style guitar sound with ‘Ultrallenium Guitars’! We’ve recorded and processed 50 Guitar loops in the style of Illenium’s biggest hits. We made sure that every single sample in this pack is an instantly usable melodic masterpiece.

We set out to create a guitar tone that Illenium himself would want for his upcoming album. So this pack is a MUST-HAVE for any producer looking to up their game and reach a new level with the quality of their tracks.

Every sample in this pack is available in wet or dry form (100 files overall), so you have complete control over the processing – or you can use our hand designed processing for yourself! Listen to the demo and let these sounds enhance your next track.
Pack Contents:

  • 50 Dry High Quality WAV Loops
  • 50 Wet High Quality WAV Loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 100
  • 215.6 MB

8. ODEZSA VIBES Serum Suite


With the ODEZSA VIBES Serum Suite we have gone a step further.

Aubit have created a pack that is based entirely on the crossover of styles between ODESZA and 3 similar but tastefully unique artists.

Innovation is at its best when multiple creatives come together, which is why ODEZSA VIBES delivers you some of our best inspiration yet.

Disclaimer: None of the artists that inspired this pack were involved in the production of these Serum presets.

Pack Contents:

  • 37 ODEZSA Serum Presets inspired by Kasbo.
  • 35 ODEZSA Serum Presets inspired by DROELOE.
  • 35 ODEZSA Serum Presets inspired by Bonobo.
  • 10 ODEZSA Melodic Vocal Loops
  • 130 Drum Samples and Loops (from ODESSA Vol. 3)

Total Number Of Files:

  • 247
  • 108 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Serum V1.271 or later

9. Petit Guitars Vol. 2

Petit Guitars Vol. 2

Following the success of Volume 1, Aubit brings you another 50 guitars loops for all your chill-wave needs! Petit Biscuit has taken the chill-wave scene by storm with his beautifully warm guitar-tone. We wanted to capture that, put it into a sample pack and make it available for all producers to use!

Drop any of the 50 loops into your DAW, add a vocal chop and you have yourself a sure-fire melodic masterpiece! Guitar loops help any producer stand out from all the noise in the EDM scene. Using real instruments adds a depth to your track that currently can’t be emulated with any VST, grab Petit Guitars and instantly up the level of your production today!

These guitar loops are key and BPM labelled (major and minor loops included), making it an incredibly versatile and instantly usable addition to your sample collection.

Pack Contents:

  • 50 Key & BPM labelled Guitars Loops (WAVs)

Total Number Of Files:

  • 50
  • 99.9 MB

10. Ultrallenium Vocal Chops

Ultrallenium Vocal Chops

As producers it can often be difficult to get hold of really hooky vocal chops if you don’t have access to a stellar vocalist. So we decided to get in the studio with some professional singers and process the different takes into some killer vocal chops.

The results speak for themselves. We’ve compiled 25 next-level vocal loops and 25 vocal one shots, so you can have complete creative freedom with these chops. All chops and one shots come in wet and dry format to give you maximum control over the sound you want.

A vocal chop can make or break a song, so grab ‘Ultrallenium Vocal Chops’ now and unlock a new wave of inspiration in your production!

Please Note: This pack contains only Vocal Samples & Loops.

Pack Contents:

  • 25 Wet Vocal Chop Loops
  • 25 Dry Vocal Chop Loops
  • 25 Wet Vocal One Shot Samples
  • 25 Dry Vocal One Shot Samples

Total Number Of Files:

  • 100
  • 43.2 MB Zipped

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Top Aubit Sound Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 10+ Aubit Sound Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021
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