Top Ecliptiq Audio Software VST Plugins
Top Ecliptiq Audio Software VST Plugins

Top 4+ Ecliptiq Audio Software VST Plugins 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 4 Ecliptiq Audio Software VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Blast
  2. CRYO
  3. Warp
  4. Hexa Rhythm Designer

1. Blast


Brace for impact!
Proud to introduce Blast, a new sound design library from Ecliptiq Audio. From rumbling subs to punchy metal hits, Blast offers a wide range of cinematic impacts and hits for an unbeatable price.

Blast features 200 sound effects divided intro 5 categories (impacts, sub booms, distant hits, metallic hits, rise & hit). With the help of the custom made Kontakt engine, you can have the freedom to manipulate every sample to your desire. You can create additional movement with the 6 dedicated stutter effects. You can adjust the parameters of every sample separately, so you can use Blast multiple times without loading up another instrument. Ideal for movie and video game trailer music, making Blast a handy tool if you are a composer or a sound designer.

All samples in the library are 100% royalty-free.

If you don’t have Kontakt, you can purchase the samples separately at a discounted price. Search for the Ecliptiq Audio – Cinematic Hits Vol. 1 sample pack for more detail.

Pack Contents:

  • 40 impacts
  • 40 sub booms
  • 40 distant hits
  • 40 metallic hits
  • 40 rise & hit
  • custom made Kontakt engine
  • 24bit/48kHz wav
  • 382 MB uncompressed content

Total Number Of Files:

  • 200



CRYO offers an extensive collection of depressing drones, haunting plucks, dystopian hits and frightening growls with a versatile and intuitive engine like few other. CRYO is a handy tool for every sound designer seeking dark and futuristic textures.

CRYO takes advantage of Kontakt’s granular sampling to create unique sounds. CRYO features 180 different sound sources sampled across 5 octaves. Each note is capable of reacting differently with the convolver, which offers 250 hand-crafted impulse response samples to choose from.

CRYO’s ultra flexible FX section helps you sculpt your sound even further. The pre-arranged effect chains are the past. With CRYO, you can freely choose from the 7 different effects to the 5 slots, granting the kind of independence that only a handful of Kontakt engines can.

CRYO takes modulation to a whole new level, featuring 6 different types of modulators (3 of each). You can choose from LFO, envelope, sequencer, keytracking, velocity and macro control. They can control almost every parameter CRYO has, giving you the ability to wreak havoc with ease. You can assign each modulator to 2 destinations, except the macro controls, where you can select up to 5 parameters.

CRYO features a built-in preset browser, where you can easily choose from the 270 presets without loading another .nki file.

Kontakt Engine Contains:

  • 270 easily accessable presets thanks to the built-in preset browser
  • More than 11000 high-quality samples
  • 250 unique impulse response samples for the convolver
  • 8.4 GB content
  • Ultra flexible FX section
  • 6 types of modulation possibilities

Total Number Of Files:

  • 10984

3. Warp


Warp is the first installment of Ecliptiq Audio’s brand new series featuring Qadra, a cutting-edge and versatile Kontakt engine capable of layering, morphing, blending and shaping all kinds of sounds with each other.

Warp is specialized in pads, drones, swells and other atmospheric synths.

Layer up to 4 of the 100 multisampled sound sources and shape them to your taste. Morph between the layers seamlessly with the automatable XY pad.

Warp is equipped with 4 independent LFO and envelope controls. You can assign them to any of the 7 modulatable parameters each layer has.

Create elaborate sequences with the engine’s arpeggiator section.

Warp comes with flexible randomization functions to get over the creative block. Randomize each part separately alongside with the sound sources and the sequencers.

Warp has a built-in preset browser to quickly access the 160 factory and the user presets. You can save up to 240 of you own presets.

Pack Contents:

  • Kontakt engine capable of layering, morphing, blending and shaping all kinds of sounds with each other
  • 100 multisampled pads, drones and pulses
  • 3600 samples
  • 24 bit/ 44.1 khz

Total Number Of Files:

  • 3600
  • 6.2 GB

4. Hexa Rhythm Designer

Hexa Rhythm Designer

The first installment of Ecliptiq Audio’s brand new Hexa Series brings you a fine collection of heavily processed drums with two easy to use Kontakt Engines.

Armed with two straightforward kontakt engines, take control of the multisampled percussions with the trailer drum kit, or create complex loops in seconds with the rhythm designer.

The Rhythm designer engine features 250 percussion sounds with 8 velocity layers. Combine them freely in the 5 layer, 32 step sequencer custom made for Kontakt.

The engine comes with 150 snapshots to kickstart your productions.

The Rhythm Designer is equipped with flexible randomisation options: Change the layers, sequencers and sounds individually or all together.

With the dedicated FX sequencers, the engine also offers deep sound design options.

Main Features:

  • Two Kontakt Engines with Randomization Options
  • 250 percussion sounds each with 8 velocity layers (2000 samples altogether)
  • 24 bit/48 kHz wav samples
  • 490MB content
  • 100% royalty-free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 2000

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Top Ecliptiq Audio Software VST Plugins
Top 4+ Ecliptiq Audio Software VST Plugins 2021
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