Top Electronisounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top Electronisounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 10+ Electronisounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 Electronisounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Drumjector
  2. Velvet Carbon Techno
  3. Orchid Chord Kits
  4. Psy Trance Energy
  5. Filthy Basses for DUNE 2
  6. Straight 128
  7. ReflektiV
  8. Black Label Glitch Hop
  9. Dubstep Cyborg Cartel
  10. Ultimate Midi Bundle

1. Drumjector


DRUMJECTOR features a really creative toolset for drumloops, drum hits, glitched percussions, and fragmented rhythmic elements!


Over 1,000 samples are included. No matter what level of production skills you have, whichever DAW you use, this toolkit will get you adding unique beats and rhythm(s) to your tracks in a new, fun and productive way.

DRUMJECTOR also includes over 150 KEY-LABELED kick drums for all EDM genres!

Cyborg Cartel Glitch Kit 01 – 140bpm
Cyborg Cartel Glitch Kit 02 – 140bpm
DnB Kit 01 – 170bpm
DnB Kit 02 – 174bpm
DnB Kit 03 – 168bpm
Downtempo Glitch Kit – 89bpm
Dubstep Kit – 140bpm
Experimental Trap Step Kit – 80bpm (160bpm)
Glitch Breaks Kit – 100bpm
Kick Drums Kit 01
Kick Drums Kit 02
Top Notch EDM Kit – 128bpm
Underground Techno Kit 01 – 128bpm
Underground Techno Kit 02 – 128bpm
Underground Techno Kit 03 – 128bpm

WAV / SFZ folder – 927 samples divided into fifteen huge kits
SOUNDFONTS folder – 15 huge kits
REX2 folder – 140 REX drumloops

Genres this is useful for making: Glitch, Drum and Bass, EDM, Dubstep, Drumstep, Downtempo, House, Electro, Progressive, Breaks, Dub, Glitch-Hop, Techno, etc.

“DRUMJECTOR” is 100% royalty free, meaning you can add all of these elements to your sound without worrying about any sample clearance hassle!

Included formats: WAV, REX2, SFZ, SOUNDFONT — Compatible with ANY and EVERY DAW!


2. Velvet Carbon Techno

Velvet Carbon Techno

Straight from the studio of one of the most prolific electronic music sound designers, Dean Daughters (Electronisounds / Prizm Prime), comes a brand new *exclusive* artisan sample pack. Feed your sampler and get that late-night-dubby-techno-vibe!

Here’s what Dean has to say about this collection:

With “Velvet Carbon Techno”, I’m bringing you an assortment of Hard-hitting, textured and pounding kick drums, crispy and deep percussion loops, filtered chord excursions, fractured/saturated and effected melodics, dark and grooving basslines, and more! Both loops and one-shot samples are included.

This is my most “Hybrid” sample pack to date and it features 278 loops and sounds created with a huge variety of Hardware, PC Daw (Ableton Live) and multiple iPads!

Pack Contents:

  • 114 Loops
  • 164 One-Shots
  • BPM: 125

Total Number Of Files:

  • 277
  • 369 MB

3. Orchid Chord Kits

Orchid Chord Kits

Orchid Chord Kits delivers instant melodic inspiration to your DAW of choice! I’ve created FIFTY chord kits to help get your new tracks and live-jams started super-quick — Just pick a kit, drop the chords into your DAW or sampler and you’re off and running!

I used several different VST synths to make these chord samples (Spire, Serum, Massive, Diva, Dune2) and also my hardware gear: Novation UltraNova, Behringer DeepMind12, Novation Circuit. These chord samples are versatile, easy-to-use and they sound AMAZING!

Pack Contents:

  • 50 Kits
  • 188 Samples
  • WAV FORMAT – 24bit, 44.1khz.

Total Number Of Files:

  • 188
  • 256 MB Unzipped

4. Psy Trance Energy

Psy Trance Energy

PSY TRANCE ENERGY features eight high-energy construction kits that will instantly inspire you!

This library is packed with hypnotic samples — You’ll find bass loops, synth arps, thick kick drums, fx hits & riser sweeps, top loops, hats & claps, deep & modulated impacts, dreamy intro pads, glitched vocal cuts, haunting etheral vocal samples, Midi loops and more!

Everything you need to get up and running with new Psy Trance tracks or to help you finish tracks you’ve already started!

WAV, MIDI — Compatible with ANY and EVERY DAW!

ALL LOOPS AT 145bpm.

5. Filthy Basses for DUNE 2

Filthy Basses for DUNE 2

Electronisounds presents “FILTHY BASSES for DUNE 2 VSTi”.

In heavy bass music, you need bass sounds that will stand out in your tracks – you need speaker-shaking, brain rattling sounds that make people say, “WHAT THE F***?!?!” — THESE ARE THOSE SOUNDS!

These bass sounds are absolutely filthy, grimey, punchy, dark, dirty, distorted, scary, heavily modulated and disgusting!

These filthy patches are perfect for many genres of EDM such as: Dubstep, Hard EDM, Dark & Full-on Psytrance, Electronic Body Music (EBM), Drumstep, Skullstep, Deathstep, Techstep, Clownstep, Brostep (Bruvstep), Drum and Bass, Electro, Techno, Grime, Hard Dance, Underground, Industrial, Breaks, Glitch-hop, Complextro & more.

Extensive mod wheel programming is featured in all patches for extreme sonic flexibility and sound variation(s).

Punish your speakers, expand your sound and get these filthy new bass patches for your DUNE 2 VST synth!

BONUS: We’ve also included all 38 bass patches from our Renegade EDM soundbank for DUNE 2, for a total of 88 bass patches!

NOTE: There are NO extra effects or side-chaining used in the audio demo. A bit of EQ is all we used. All drum sounds/loops in the audio demo are from various other Electronisounds samplepacks.

Included format:
.FXP — DUNE 2 VSTi is required to use these patches

6. Straight 128

Straight 128

I hand-crafted Straight 128 with only one rule – everything must be at 128bpm. I went ALL OUT creating the freshest samples you’re likely to hear this year!

This hefty sample library (1.42gigs) will inspire you to create original tracks immediately in EDM genres such as: Elektro, Complextro, Future Dubstep, Tech-House, Dirty Dutch House, Swedish House, Fidget House, Deep House, Berlin Techno, Progressive, Tech Breaks, Progressive, Minimal, Tribal, Freestyle, Experimental & More!

There are no construction kits on Straight 128.

Straight 128 was made for people who like to use samples and loops to create their own UNIQUE tracks, not to just “re-build” construction kits.

You’ll get arp loops, bass loops, big chords, midi loops, drops, breaks, build-ups & uplifters, drum loops, “no kick” drumloops, drum hit kits, synth loops, glitch cuts, glitch loops and multi-sampled instruments for your sampler! Using the sounds and loops here – you will love producing music with this sample library!

Straight 128 will be a perfect addition to increase the sonic power of your sample arsenal and give your tracks the unique edge they need!

An extra special feature of Straight 128 is the “WHITE LABEL BEATS” drum hit kit – We’ve spent weeks in the studio on this drum kit alone – ensuring you’ll be making custom beats from the ground up that will make people say, “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE DRUM SOUNDS?!?!”

Included Formats:

Over 1,000 sample files in total, 1.42gb
ALL LOOPS AT 128bpm.
ALL samples 24-bit.

7. ReflektiV


ALL 650+ .WAV format one-shot samples have been hand-picked from the Electronisounds catalog and were re-mastered, re-edited, and re-flekted for this special collection.

The sounds have been lovingly sampled from countless hardware and VST synths over the last 20+ years of making sample packs and will help you produce many different genres of electronic music. These are creative composition tools not to be missed!

Pack Contents:

  • 650 WAV format one-shot samples

Total Number Of Files:

  • 658
  • 280 MB

8. Black Label Glitch Hop

Black Label Glitch Hop

Black Label Glitch Hop brings a wealth of new woofer-shaking, frenetic and funky inspiration to your DAW — This samples/midi/presets pack is for all you creative sample choppers, funky beat lovers, frequency-splitters, digital crate-diggers, glitch freaks and re-sample-neuro-bass-heads!

This pack is overflowing with EVERYTHING you need to write your own Glitch Hop / Neurohop banger from the ground up including: drumloops, drum one-shots, MIDI, bass loops, bass one-shots, synthloops, synth stabs and chops, combo loops, atmospheres/textures, fx sounds and serum vsti presets.

Supplied in a uniform tempo of 110bpm and key (Fminor), this pack is easy to use and versatile. Instead of endlessly searching your sample folders for sounds that work together, you’ll have a good variety of samples and loops that are meant to work together!

Whether you’re after wav loops, midi loops, one-shot samples or serum presets – this pack has got ALL your glitch hop needs COVERED. Forget about packs that offer you only a few samples – With over 800 WAV samples, Black Label Glitch Hop is about to be your secret sonic weapon! Using all of the included content, you have the FLEXIBILITY to easily create your OWN UNIQUE sound.

The drumloops were made using the 176 drum sounds in this pack, which were all carefully hand-crafted from scratch. This means it will be very easy for you to build your own beats from scratch and get the same quality sound as the included drumloops. Each of the included drumloops comes in three forms: full loop, kick and snare only, and top – You can mix and match these elements and further customize your drum beats quickly. Many drumloops are also provided in MIDI format, so you can re-sculpt your own beats using any drum sounds in your arsenal or any of the drum one-shots from this pack.

Many of the bass and synth loops are provided in “tweaked” versions of the original loop. Use these for variations in your track, or chop different parts out and COMBINE the “tweaked” and “tweaked more” versions for EXTREME CHAOS!

Looking to get REALLY creative with the CRAZIEST sounds? Dig into the COMBO LOOPS folder for ULTIMATE MAYHEM! We chopped, combined and re-mixed the drumloops and bassloops into full-on instant CHAOS!! These are some of the SICKEST samples we have ever produced!

We’ve also created 103 of the most filthy bass one-shots for you to play with. Use these to craft or re-sample your own unique bass patterns from the ground up – the power in these bass shots is STUNNING! Complimenting the bass shots are 100 synth shots and chops!

The 29 serum patches are made from 13 all new custom wavetables which are also included in this pack for you to design your own patches with. Most patches are designed with lots of macro control modulations just waiting to be tweaked by you!

63 MIDI loops are also included: bass midi, drums midi, synth midi – we noticed that not many glitch hop packs include MIDI, so we packed it in for you to use with your favorite synths and drum samplers!

Genres this samplepack is useful for making: glitch hop, neurohop, Big Beat, dubstep, hard hip hop, breaks, trip hop, etc.

Black Label Glitch Hop is 100% royalty free, meaning you can add all of these elements to your sound without worrying about any sample clearance hassle!


ALL SAMPLES tempo-synced at 110bpm.
ALL SAMPLES in the key of Fminor.

Works with All DAW Software including Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper, Sonar, Studio One, Mixcraft, FL Studio, Garageband, Samplitude and many more…

PC & Mac Compatible

9. Dubstep Cyborg Cartel

Dubstep Cyborg Cartel

This is the dubstep samplepack you’ve been waiting for: bass, beats, stutters, glitches, wobbles, wubs, synths, midi, drums, stabs and hits — 1,078 samples! Welcome to DUBSTEP CYBORG CARTEL!

It is the year 2500 and our own creation, the cyborgs have taken over the planet. With human influence and culture destroyed, the cyborgs have organised their own competitive cartels, each claiming to produce the most wicked dubstep beats around.

Through the PA systems of the decaying metropolises can be heard nothing but brain-rattling dubstep – day and night (these cyborgs sure like their dubstep!).

Back in 2142 is when everything changed – The AI we created for our cyborg workers became too advanced and they began their own revolt and revolution against all mankind.

Soon, every genre of music was outlawed except for grinding, wobbling & wubbing dubstep.

House and other EDM music producers and DJ’s were jailed or simply taken away in the night never to be heard from again.

Even samplepack producers had to follow the new strict guidelines of only producing dubstep samples and no less than 1,000 samples per collection!


BASS ONE SHOTS – 246 samples
DRUM FILLS – 50 samples
DRUM HITS – 195 samples (including 83 KEY LABELED kick drums!)
DRUM LOOPS – 110 samples
MELODIC LOOPS – 103 samples
MIDI LOOPS – 53 midis
RISERS SFX – 15 samples
SUB BASS ONE SHOTS – 50 samples
SYNTH ONE SHOTS – 128 samples

There are NO construction kits on “DUBSTEP CYBORG CARTEL” — This sample library is for DJ’s and producers who want to make their own UNIQUE Dubstep tracks! We’ve included an EPIC selection of One-Shots for you to program your own beats, bass and melodics from scratch! Everything you need to produce complete tracks from the ground up or embellish your existing productions is in this pack.

“DUBSTEP CYBORG CARTEL” is 100% royalty free, meaning you can add all of these elements to your sound without worrying about any sample clearance hassle! This library is a perfect companion to our other Dubstep sample collections.

Included formats:
WAV, MIDI — Compatible with ANY and EVERY DAW!

ALL LOOPS AT 140bpm.


10. Ultimate Midi Bundle

Ultimate Midi Bundle

This compilation of over 1,000 MIDI LOOPS from Electronisounds is absolute inspiration for your tracks!

We’ve bundled ALL the MIDI LOOPS from the following Electronisounds sample libraries:

Absolute MIDI
Hyper Synthetic MIDI
Junebug’s MIDI Madness
Laid Back Chilled Funk MIDI
Straight 128

The files are organized by category: arps, basslines, drum loops, synth leads, chords, piano & electric piano, flute riffs, pad loops, etc. ALL MIDI’s are labeled by KEY for easy mixing and matching!

This is the ultimate collection of MIDI LOOPS! We’ve even included some extra BONUS and unreleased MIDI’s!

There are no WAV samples in this download. It contains MIDI loops ONLY.

Included Formats:

Over 1,000 files in total!

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Top Electronisounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 10+ Electronisounds Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021
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