Top 24+ Hardcore Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth presets 2022

We have collected for you the Top 24 Hardcore Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth presets and Sampler Patches to Loopmasters.

Samples list navigation:

  1. Mainstream Hardcore
  2. Uptempo
  3. Hardcore Bass Drums
  4. Raw Kick
  5. Rawstyle VS Trap
  6. Raw Kicks
  7. Rawstyle Destructor
  8. Synapse – Hardcore Essentials
  9. Rave Stabs
  10. Rawstyle Moombah
  11. The Braindrillerz – Frenchcore
  12. Advanced Dealer – Raw Power
  13. Europa Damaged Kicks
  14. Melodic Frenchcore
  15. Euphoric Frenchcore
  16. Diabolic Hardcore
  17. Hardcore Industrial
  18. Mrotek – Raw Loops
  19. Ambassador21 – Metal Kore
  20. Hybrid Elements
  21. Rawstyle Madness
  22. Dj Mutante – Shades of Hardcore
  23. Hardcore Kicks & Vocals

1. Mainstream Hardcore (Industrial)

by Industrial

Mainstream Hardcore (Industrial)

You ready for some hard as nails audio for your next production work?  How about some super bad ass Kick Drums?  Look no further. Industrial Strength Samples is on the case with Mainstream Hardcore.

Gancher and Ruin are back with another brain smashing audio pack for you Hardcore heads looking to make Mainstream and Mainstage Hardcore productions. This pack will work well with all styles of Hard Electronic Music in need of the heavy.

The boys have produced many Hard Electronic Music packs over the years as well as producing and remixing on a multitude of label’s world wide. Including a remix for Hollands Angerfist. This rocking pack can work well with any of our other banging Gancher and Ruin Industrial Strength sample packs.

This slamming collection of 24 Bit Wav License Free audio features a mean set of Heavy Bass Drums Shots and a slick selection of additional additional audio so you can create full on sounding Hardcore Drum Tracks like a pro. Everything you here in the Demo Track is included in this collection.

Mainstream Hardcore also features signature Kick Drum Sounds, which were all created from the ground up. Each file is ready to be dropped into any Daw. This power pack also includes a sharp set of music audio to crank melodies and take your track into over drive while using the Kick Drums in this pack.

This Kick Drum focused pack sets you up with NI Kontakt sampler patches so you can make the most out of the drums shots. Native Instruments Kontakt gives you more flexibility when messing around with these crazy Hardcore Kicks. You can set up additional filters, reverb and even more distortion while using Kontakt. The pack is loaded with effected variations of kicks to explore so you can create a unique sounding drum tracks your way. These Kicks will have you coming back for more.

So, if your looking to juice up your tracks like the big boys – Then give ISR’s Mainstream Hardcore a squeeze.

Empty Glass Not included:

+ You must own the Latest version of Native Instrument’s Kontakt to use the Multi Kits included in this pack.

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 570 Mb
  • 10 Hardcore Kick drum Kits
  • 15 Bass Drum Kits
  • 15 Kontakt Bass Drum Multi Kits
  • 10 Kontakt Hardcore Kicks Multi Kits
  • 38 Synth Loops
  • 30 Demo Drum Shots
  • 23 Perc Loops
  • 44 Perc Shots
  • 25 Mainstream Fx
  • 42 Mainstream Drum Loops
  • 14 Bass Drum Loops
  • 26 Bass Drum Shots
  • 18 Bass Drum Hits
  • 90 Bass Drum Fx Res
  • 65 Bass Drum Fx Peak
  • 32 Bass Drum Fx Loop
  • 21 Hardcore Kick Shots
  • 13 Hardcore Hits
  • 60 Hardcore Kick Fx Res
  • 44 Hardcore Kick Fx Peak
  • 19 Hardcore Kick Fx Loops
  • 12 Music Loops
  • 16 Bass Lines
  • 16 Fx
  • 9 Lead Loops
  • 6 Kick Drum Loops
  • BPM: 175

2. Uptempo (Industrial)

by Industrial

Uptempo (Industrial)

Industrial Strength Samples is back with another banging Hardcore sample collection. You asked, so we delivered. The first ever sample pack for Uptempo is locked and loaded and ready for action.

Uptempo is a fast pace style of Hardcore which has been dominating all the festivals in Holland and thru out Europe. This brand new collection features everything you need to destroy your speakers and mash this heavy style of Hardcore in your next production or Remix. Neighbors Beware.

This sample pack is 1000% License Free and will work in any Daw. The pack features 24 Bit banging Audio. This heavy hitter includes Loud Bass drums, Fast Pace Drum-n-Bass Loops, Dark Vocals and of course essential Drum Shots to program your own Uptempo drum tracks in no time flat.

UpTempo also includes a slick set of Presets for Sylenth1 and Native Instruments Massive so you can rock these presets with your own music parts or re tweak the sounds your way. This hard as nails sample pack offers up Heavy Stabs and of course Essential Screech sounds to really beef up your next Uptempo banger.  All the sounds are made from the ground up so you get original sounds to insure you got the freshest soundest on the block. 

Like this style, it does not stop there; we even included Ableton Live Drum Racks to use and abuse while using this popular Daw. If your looking for the real deal in heavy electronic sounds then Industrial Strength Samples should be your first choice when looking for thee most usable sonics on the planet.

Our influence comes from us. Home grown. The way it should be. We don’t copy artist when we make our sound packs, Top artists use our sounds to get the job done. So now its your turn to join the party.

Uptempo Hardcore Included.

+You Must own a License Copy of NI Massive, Sylenth-1 and Ableton Live to use the sound sets and Drum Racks.

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 554MB
  • 85 Bassdrums
  • 93 Effected Bassdrums
  • 16 Claps
  • 16 Cymbals
  • 20 Snares
  • 15 Hats
  • 30 Bass Drum Loops
  • 22 Break Beats
  • 16 Top Loops
  • 16 Clap Loops
  • 15 Cymbal Loops
  • 32 Fx Sounds
  • 20 Screech Loops
  • 15 Snare Loops
  • 35 Stab Shots
  • 49 Vocal Snips
  • 4 Bonus Breakdowns
  • 6 Build Ups
  • 4 Drone Textures
  • 6 Ableton Live Racks
  • 2 Ableton Bassdrum Fx Racks
  • 2 Ni Massive Bassdrum Patches
  • 8 NI Massive Screech Patches
  • 2 Sylenth Bassdrums Patches
  • 2 Sylenth Lead Patches
  • 6 Sylenth Screech Patches

3. Hardcore Bass Drums (Industrial)

by Industrial

Hardcore Bass Drums (Industrial)

Industrial Strength Samples returns with another underground drum pack. Hardcore Bass Drum is a new collection of Kick Drums for hard electronic music producers looking to take there drum sound to new heights.

This crazy Kick Drum pack offers you loads of 24 Bit Drumshots and Kick Loops to fire up your next Hardcore back beat. All the sounds included in this new ciollection are 100% License Free and will work in any DAW.

Hardcore Bassdrums contains Effected Kicks, Broken Kicks and a slick set of Percussion Sounds and Loops so you can create a whole Hardcore Drum kit in no time flat.

The pack was created using analog and digital sources. All the loops were created at 150 Bpm -156 Bpm. These Bass Drums sound amazing tuned up to faster tempos. This collection is super versatile and can be used across multiple Hardcore styles.

If your looking for a super charged audio pack to spice up your next drum production this new audio banger has a wide range of Bass drums to choose.

Core Included

  • 24 Bit Wav Audio
  • 209 MB
  • 207 Samples
  • 63 Kick Loops
  • 30 Broken Kick Loops
  • 18 Kick Fx
  • 23 Percussion Loops
  • 73 Drumshots
  • BPM: 150 – 156

4. Raw Kick (Industrial)

by Industrial

Raw Kick (Industrial)

Industrial Strength Samples is back and we just have to say, We had to do this new collection Raw Kick drum presets for Rob Papen’s Raw. We are pretty fast hey! 

You get an amazing new selection of kick sounds for this powerful new Raw Kick drum Plugin. Raw is geared for Hard electronic music producers who want to add fresh new Kicks to production or remixes while using this plug in.

We included brand new presets all made from the ground up, thus giving you a extra source of Kick Drums Industrial strength Style. We had the team work on these sounds from the day the plug in was released to insure you get the most creative, innovative sounds to use while working with this new Rob Papen Plugin.

Of course you get a soundest of Bass Drums, but we crafted special kick sounds for Rawstyle, Hard style, Hard dance, Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Industrial, Crossbreed and heavy ass Techno. We even made the presets in the demo track as audio so you get the best of both work flows when you first use this pack.

Industrial Strength new Raw Kick is another essential collection for any kind of Hard Electronic Music. So head over to check out our Demo Track and this banging hardcore collection of sonics.

Raw Kicks Included.

You must own a copy of Rob Papen Raw Kick to use the presets included in this pack which can be purchased HERE at Plugin Boutique

  • Raw Kick Drum Presets
  • 64 Kicks
  • 8 Impacts
  • 3 Guitars
  • 9 Percent Patches
  • Total: 84 presets

5. Rawstyle VS Trap (Industrial)

by Industrial

Rawstyle VS Trap (Industrial)

It had to be done folks. After Our Td Audio Rawstyle vs Psy-Trance collection. We decided to step it up a notch and deliver you another insane electronic music fuse.

You ready.. ?  How’s Raw-style vs Trap.  Boom – We hope You like.

We thought this combo could work very well due to the tempos and certain similarities in production, arrangements etc. We are pleasantly surprised on just how good this pack is, in fact.. Its dope in every sense of the word.

You get a selection of amazing Raw drums combined with Trap elements, mixed together to work as one. This pack might be small but it packs a huge punch.  This inspiration starter pack is perfect for the pro and beginner alike. 

Now you can infuse these two popular styles as one with no fuss. All the files are Tempo marked and Keyed upLike all our packs Raw style vs Trap is 100% License Free and ready for any Daw. 

This banging collection features our teams signature Kick Drums, Heavy Leads, insane Trap elements and of course everything you here in this demo track is in the pack.  Yep Everything.

This pack leans more towards the Raw side of things but it provides you with inspirational ways to combine the two together. There are Loads of styles of Trap to dive into!!

If you seek the the un known or want to expand on both these two styles in a big way… or just create something brand spanking new.  You Decide!

You might be on the right path for something new by checking this Industrial Strength Collection out.   Hey…It’s Raw-style & Trap  What can be bad.

Forward thinking sonics Included.

  • 610 Mb
  • 24 Bit Audio
  • 14 Bass Loops
  • 5 Clap Loops
  • 20 Kick Loops
  • 11 Trap Drums
  • 27 Fx Fills
  • 7 Hits
  • 7 Kick Fx
  • 15 Uplifter
  • 20 Reverse
  • 63 Midi Files
  • 28 Music Files
  • 26 Synth Loops
  • 66 Synth Shots
  • 6 Snares
  • 37 Kick Drums
  • 10 Cymbals
  • 7 Claps
  • BPM: 150

6. Raw Kicks (Industrial)

by Industrial

Raw Kicks (Industrial)

Back in the studio! We are kicking the bass drum up another notch. This is our second collection for Rob Papen’s Raw Kick Plug in.

Yes we are fast to act on this amazing new plug in designed for Hard electronic music producers looking to expand on the almighty Kick drum sound.

We slammed out a super tight collection of the heavy. This pack features …you guessed it .. Kick Drum Presets for you to dive into when using this new Bass Drum killer plug in.  You get 20 Presets to mangle up your way.

Explore the demo track and what you here is what u get.  Yep and more. This pack is 100% License Free to use and abuse with your design, remixes and production work.

If you seek a dynamite preset pack to explode your kick drums. This Industrial Strength collection is gonna be right up your alley!

Kick Drums Included.

+ You Must own a copy of Rob Papen Raw Kick plug in

  • 20 Raw Kick Presets
  • + You Must own a copy of Rob Papen Raw Kick plug in

7. Rawstyle Destructor (Singomakers)

by Singomakers

Rawstyle Destructor (Singomakers)

Get Ready for Big and Fat «Rawstyle Destructor» sample pack!

It’s even close to Ultra Pack series from Singomakers with insane 1800+ elements and 2+ GB of superb quality samples!

In detail expect to find 2,04 GB of wav 24 bit samples including: 60 Drum Loops, 68 Kick Rolls, 75 Melody Loops (+60 MIDI Files), 310 Rawstyle One Shots incl. 20 Claps, 20 Crashes & Rides, 20 Hihats, 40 Kicks, 40 Processed Kicks, 49 Toks, 31 Fx Kicks, 20 Hell Kicks, 40 Screeches (Dry+Wet), 30 Snares, 86 Screech Loops (41 Dry, 45 Wet), 66 SFX, 63 Synth Fills, 134 Vocal Rhymes & Phrases (57 Dry, 74 Wet) incl. lyrics, 32 Vocal Shouts, 55 VST Synth Presets (32 Serum, 23 Massive Presets), 485 Rex2 Files,  95 Sampler Patches and unlimited inspiration!

Special attention was paid to kicks and vocals – you will find 40 unique Rawstyle kicks (+ 40 processed Kicks). And also pack contains the main component of Rawstyle kicks – Kick Attack also so-called Rawstyle Toks (49 pieces). Splicing and mixing them together, you will be able to make your own unique Rawstyle Kick! We also made FX Kicks and Kick Rolls – which will help you to diversify drum line in your tracks.

In the folder with the vocals you can find Shouts, same as whole phrases and Long Rhymes. 

Attention! Our MC, a participant of many hardcore events, was very emotional and did not hesitate in expressions. Lyrics 18+ Only

Of course, we didn’t forget about twisted Rawstyle screeches, for which we specially created presets for Massive and Serum. You will also find 55 presets in the pack!

One more great bonus – all epic melodies, have the appropriate MIDI files!

Inspired by artists such as Angerfist, Digital Punk, Radical Redemption, Endymion, Hard Driver, Warface, D-Sturb, Act Of Rage, Zatox, Sub Zero Project and more!

This HUGE collection like Ultra Pack is suitable for Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Speedcore and many more!

Check this SICK demo track and grab your copy of Rawstyle Destructor right now!

  • 2.04 Gb
  • 24 bit samples
  • 155 BPM
  • 60 Drum Loops
  • 68 Kick Rolls
  • 75 Melody Loops
  • 60 Melody Loops (MIDI)
  • 310 One Shots
  • 20 Claps
  • 20 Crashes Rides
  • 20 Hihats
  • 180 RAW Kicks (40 Kicks, 40 Processed Kicks, 49 Toks, 31 Fx Kicks, 20 Hell Kicks)
  • 20 Screeches (Dry)
  • 20 Screeches (Wet)
  • 30 Snares
  • 485 Rex2 Files
  • 86 Screech Loops (41 Dry, 45 Wet)
  • 66 SFX
  • 63 Synth Fills
  • 134 Vocal Rhymes & Phrases (57 Dry, 74 Wet)
  • 32 Vocal Shouts
  • 55 VST Synth Presets (32 Serum, 23 Massive Presets)
  • 95 Sampler Patches (Incl. 7 Drum Kits, 40 RAW Kicks, 40 Processed RAW Kicks, 2 Screeches Kits, 5 FX Kits, 1 Vocal Kit)
  • + Promo & Discount Folder
  • BPM: 155

8. Synapse – Hardcore Essentials (Industrial)

by Industrial

Synapse – Hardcore Essentials (Industrial)

Industrial Strength Samples and FZ2 present Hardcore Essentials. This amazing new pack offers Synapse users a wild sound set for this dance heavy Soft-synth.

Expect to find a brand new patch collection that includes Hard Kick Drum presets, Percussion presets, Synth Bass and of course Heavy Leads and Fx sounds for Synapse. Everything you hear in the Demo Track Is in this pack.

You must own a copy of Synapse Dune 3 Soft-synth to use these off the hook presets made especially for Hardcore production.

It would not be us if we didn’t include a mean set of audio taken from this synth. You get a dope set of 100% License Free 24 Bit Audio to twist up for even more control. We know you like that.

We offer up Kick drums, Lead sounds, One shots and Synth Loops for a double whammy.

Hardcore Essentials works very well with Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hard Dance, Dutch Freestyle Modern Gabber as well as Straight up Hardcore tracks and Remixes. This fresh new sound set is ready to beef up your next creation.

This pack follows in the foot steps of our Essential Hard-style Synapse sound-set. Combine these two bad boy packs and there is no telling what you can come up with in the studio. If your using this monsters Soft-synth and are looking for a juicy set of new inspiration for Synapse Here ya go!

Hard Included.

  • 129.3 MB
  • 187 Presets for Synapse Dune 3
  • 64 Demo Audio Parts
  • 190 Audio One Shots

9. Rave Stabs (Shamanstems)

by Shamanstems

Rave Stabs (Shamanstems)

Three decades since the Second Summer of Love was in full swing, ShamanStems pay homage to rave culture’s heritage with their throwback collection of classic stabs, crunchy chords, cheery pianos, dusty organs, paean choirs and crystallized pads gleaned from the legendary synths that defined an era.

Covering the movement’s development around its numerous nuclei around the globe, you’ll be able to discover the jaunty sounds of late 80’s US and UK Acid House, the chart topping  Belgian hits of the early 90’s, the euphoric techno phenomenon spearheaded by Berlin’s Love Parade, the hoover-led Dutch dominators and the sped up sounds of breakbeat hardcore.

What’s in the collection:

  • Classic and Dusty – Dusty cut-up and layered melodic elements, grainy synths, processed chords, orchestral hits, amped guitars, sliced brass and bells galore. Inspired by UK and Belgian classics: 105 shots and 49 loops
  • Edgy and Tech – Pertaining to the razor-sharp warehouse sounds of the bustling German scene following the fall of the Berlin Wall : 114 shots and 35 loops
  • Light and Positive – All-smiles major chords fit for cheeky acid house or happy hardcore, get you looking like our beloved yellow mascot in no time: 55 shots and 34 loops
  • Hoovers –  Roused-up and dominating, bred from the finest analog synths – popularized by New York and Dutch producers: 18 shots and 8 loops
  • Pianos – Anthemic piano hooks recorded from grainy romplers of the 80’s and 90’s: 28 shots and 17 loops
  • Organs – Soul tinged and hypnotic, with nods to Detroit and Chicago: 26 shots, 11 loops
  • Pads  – Atmospheric adjuvants and dreamy textures, designed with vintage Japanese vector synths, suitable for warped out techno, proto-trance or jungle respites : 47 shots and 20 loops plus 5 gated pad loops
  • Choirs – Church-like oohs, aahs and robotic, cyborg-like chants: 24 shots and 12 loops
  • As bonus we are offering genuine acid shots and loops, from unprocessed to overdriven: 7 loops and 39 shots, plus 40 classic bass shots and 12 bass loops : subby, fm-ish, reesy and wonky.

Note: This samplepack only contains melodic elements. The drum loops, sfx and vocals in the demo are NOT present in the pack.

  • 680 total file count
  • 478 oneshots
  • 202 loops
  • 105 classic and dusty shots
  • 49 classic and dusty loops
  • 96 edgy and tech shots
  • 27 edgy and tech loops
  • 55 light and positive shots
  • 34 light and positive loops
  • 18 hoover shots
  • 8 hoover loops
  • 28 piano shots
  • 17 piano loops
  • 26 organ shots
  • 11 organ loops
  • 24 choir shots
  • 12 choir loops
  • 47 pad shots
  • 20 pad loops
  • 5 gated pad loops
  • 39 extra acid shots
  • 7 extra acid loops
  • 40 extra bass shots
  • 12 extra bass loops
  • BPM: 126 – 135

10. Rawstyle Moombah (Singomakers)

by Singomakers
Rawstyle Moombah (Singomakers)

Singomakers are back with an Atomic Fusion of two aggressive genres – Rawstyle and Moombah. Check this insane result – Rawstyle Moombah sample pack!

Here you will find some insane Rawstyle Kick shots and Hard Kick Loops, Catchy Melodies with some aggressive effects and energy boost!

Welcome 1.48 Gb of superb samples including 110 One Shots of which, 20 Claps, 10 Crashes, 20 Hats, 20 Kicks, 40 Percussions.  40 Bass Loops, 61 Music Loops, 192 Drum Loops & Fills of which 21 Drum Fills, 50 Full Drum Loops, 10 Kick Fills, 31 Kick Loops, 30 Percussion Loops, 50 Top Drum Loops.  60 FX, 82 Midi Files, 323 Rex2 Files, 30 Vocal Loops and 8 Sampler Patches (Incl. 5 Drum Kits, 3 FX Kits)

Fresh and creative tools for Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Speedcore and Moombah producers.

Be one of the first artists who shows the world a new Powerful sound.

Download Rawstyle Moombah ASAP!!!

  • 1.48 Gb
  • 24 bit samples
  • 110 BPM
  • 40 Bass Loops
  • 192 Drum Loops & Fills
  • 21 Drum Fills
  • 50 Full Drum Loops
  • 10 Kick Fills
  • 31 Kick Loops
  • 30 Percussion Loops
  • 50 Top Drum Loops
  • 60 FX
  • 82 Midi Files
  • 61 Music Loops
  • 110 One Shots
  • 20 Claps
  • 10 Crashes
  • 20 Hats
  • 20 Kicks
  • 40 Percussions
  • 323 Rex2 Files
  • 30 Vocal Loops
  • 8 Sampler Patches (Incl. 5 Drum Kits, 3 FX Kits)
  • + Promo & Discount Folder
  • BPM: 110

11. The Braindrillerz – Frenchcore (Industrial)

by Industrial

The Braindrillerz - Frenchcore (Industrial)

Industrial Strength returns to our core. Hardcore that is. If you’re in the know then needs no introduction. This on fire collection is sure to fire up your next creation. with Top Notch hard electronic sounds for your next production or remix.

We are proud to present The Braindrillerz Frenchcore.  This pack dives deep and Hard as you would expect from this amazing producer.  The pack offers up Top Notch Hard Electronic sounds for your next production or remix.

The Braindrilllerz is on the cusp of the modern styles of Hardcore and beyond and has played at the biggest parties in Europe. Not to mention his number 1 hits in the Hardcore scene.

He has released music on all the best Labels for Hardcore Music. With great success, we might add. He appeared on Audiogenic, Astrofonik, Brutale, Traxtorm, Peacock Records, Masters of Hardcore and soon to be on our record label with Lenny Dee.

He has collaborations with Tommyknocker, Dr Peacock, Adrenokrome, Sirio and Bit Reactors to name a few.  His amazing Remixing skills can not be overlooked. The Braindrillerz has also Remixed for artists like The Sickest Squad, Roland Brant and the almighty Angerfist.

How’s that for a name dropping.  If you are looking for a real hard music sample collection that gives you real deal sonics for your next creation. The Braindrillerz newest sample pack is it.

You get Kick Drums, Music Loops, Banging Hard Leads Screeches and Fx. The sample pack varies in Tempo and style to give you the maximum bang for the Buck. This pack is 100% License Free and can be used in any modern Daw.

Please check the Demo Track. We think it says it all. This pack really explores many different sounds from The Braindrillerz. You can jam your own sounds in combination or just use the pack as is. This new pack can work with any fast-pace production you have on the go.

If you have gotten any of our hard sample collections you know what to expect.

Quality. You be the judge. Our verdict is in. This pack is banging!

The Braindrillerz Included.

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 347MB
  • 65 Drum Loops
  • 76 Drum Shots
  • 43 FX
  • 13 Sub Bass Loops
  • 38 Synth Loops
  • 18 Synth Bass
  • 7 Bonus Loops

12. Advanced Dealer – Raw Power (Industrial)

by Industrial

Advanced Dealer - Raw Power (Industrial)

When you ask we deliver.  Are you ready for a killer Hardcore soundest for Serum? How about a full bank of essential sounds from non-other than Advanced Dealer.

Advanced Dealer is known for his insane music on Traxtorm Records and Cenobite Records. Hands down his production and sound design work is top notch. Now you can have this signature sounds ready for your next session. His unique style will blast your next production or remix into the next level. Hammer time.

Raw Power includes 128 Serum Presets to indulge your every production need. We asked this man to really dig in deep and cover some of the most essential sounds for Hardcore Music.

When Advance dealer is dealing up the sonics you can Expect only the best of the best. This incredible collection includes Mammoth sounds for Up-Tempo, Mainstream and Millennium Hardcore.

The pack also includes some useful Midi Files to get you going right out the box.

Yep you get a wicked set of Presets ranging from Old School to New styles of Hardcore. Yummy.  This pack is totally made from the ground up. This soundest is one of our best to date. You can use this pack in a wide range of the styles as well. Such as EDM, Hardstyle, Hard Dance and of course Rawstyle.

Raw Power is 100% License Free and ready destroy your next production or Remix. We also added 24 Bit Bonus Audio to boot you up.  This additional production Audio features Kick Drums, Music riffs and Heavy Screech sounds. 

If you seek the Very Best in Hardcore Music Presets for Serum. I can say with 100% certainty Industrial Strength Samples is it.  There is no other.

With Advanced Dealer at the helm……Do I need to say anymore?  Check the Demo Track out and listen for yourself.

Advanced Dealer Included.

Requires Latest version of Xfer Serum Soft Synth

  • 128 Presets
  • 20 Demo Audio
  • 8 Midi Files
  • 28 Screeches
  • 3 Arp
  • 9 Bass
  • 38 Kick Drums
  • 1 Per
  • 5 Fx
  • 2 Keys
  • 26 Leads
  • 4 Pads
  • 4 Plucks
  • 3 Sequences
  • 3 Synth
  • Serum Version 1.213+

13. Europa Damaged Kicks (Industrial)

by Industrial

Europa Damaged Kicks (Industrial)

We keep on pushing the core further each pack we tackle. Our Industrial Strength artist Vi Ta Lee the creator of our Raw Kick Collection is back for another round of Kick Drum Madness.

Europa is a brand new plug-in for Reason and Vst Users. This full on Synth is amazing. I am proud to say, Damaged Kicks is thee first Hardcore Kick Drum Preset Pack for this synth. Yeah we are on point again.

Vi Ta Lee created 70 Presets of Hardcore Kick Drums for this insane soft Synth. 69 Patches have been exported as 24 Bit Audio over one Octave. So if you don’t have this synth you can mangle the Audio. The 922 Audio Files included are made from these exported Kick files. We do not want to mislead you in anyway.

Damaged Kick is made from the ground up as you would expect from us..

This 100% License Free attack on your productions and remixes is ready for you to abuse your way. This latest creation will spur loads of inspiration in new ways. The texture and distortion is a brand new sound ready for Hardcore, Industrial, Up-Tempo, Terror and just about any heavy electronic music style. Damaged Kicks is just that…..Damaged.

If you don’t believe me head over to our home page on Loopmasters.com and check that insane demo track. If that ain’t damaged enough for you, we have no idea what is. We think we kinda do.  So check it out and you be the Judge.

Damaged Kick Drums Included.

Please Note: Europa by Reason Soft Synth Required for Presets

  • 922 Audio Files
  • 70 Europa Preset Patches
  • 10 Demo Samples
  • Formats: Europa Presets 24 Bit 44.1khz Audio Wav

14. Melodic Frenchcore (Industrial)

by Industrial

Melodic Frenchcore (Industrial)

Are you ready for the latest trend in Hardcore Music. We think you are. So let’s get down to business with Melodic Frenchcore.

This heavy hitting sample pack gives you everything you need to boost your creative juices while exploring this new style of Frenchcore. You Get everything you hear in the demo and more.

Expect to find unique Frenchcore Kick Drums and of course inspiring Melodies and Music elements to super charge your next production or remix. We also added a nice set of Effects and one shots to add extra flavor and punch when using this sounds included in this pack.

Melodic Frenchcore contains essential Midi Files to inspire your next production in a big way. Yes this new Industrial Strength Collection is 100% License Free and ready for action. Our latest creation offers up high quality 24 Bit samples to mangle up, use as is or layer them up as you see fit. 

If you’re looking for newest thing in Hardcore. Melodic Frenchcore is it. This latest trend has been inching it’s way up the charts and looks like it is going to be this summers new thing.

If you’r looking for more tasty Hardcore sample packs. How about Gancher and Ruin, e-Dub, The Braindrillerz, General Guyble, Fiend, Sick n Core, Mutante, Mrotek and of course Advanced Dealer.

Mic Drop.

If you seek the very best sample collections and soundsets for hardcore. Then head over to Loopmaters.com and check the Industrial Strength Home Page for the largest selection of Hard Electronic Music packs on the market. 

Of course, Melodic Frenchcore is Included.

  • Total 348 Files
  • 407.9 Mb
  • 70 Music Loops
  • 18 Synth Loops
  • 75 Drum Shots
  • 42 Kick Fills
  • 37 Kick Loops
  • 22 Top Loops
  • 9 Clap Loops
  • 12 Drum Fills
  • 33 Effects
  • 30 Midi Files
  • BPM: 190

15. Euphoric Frenchcore (Industrial)

by Industrial

Euphoric Frenchcore (Industrial)

Industrial Strength Samples new Euphoric Frenchcore is a complete sample collection made by our new in house design team.

This latest attack on your Daw features everything you hear in the Demo. You get a heavy selection of Frenchcore Bass Drums and essential drum sounds to mangel up your way. Yes we also included a nice selection of Drum Loops and Fx for your creative pleasures.

What would a Euphoric Frenchcore sample pack be without Melodies and Euphoric musical elements to drive this new style of Frenchcore into your next session or remix. These intense Lead sounds like all the sounds in this pack, are made from the ground up. You get a fresh new set of sounds to expand on.

Our Euphoric Frenchcore pack is 100% License Free and contains 24 Bit High quality wav audio to use and abuse in any modern Daw. This fierce hardcore collection works with our other Franchcore and hardcore collections with no doubt.  Check the largest selection of hard packs on the market also no doubt.  If you seek the newest twist on Frenchcore. Then this is it.

Euphoric Frenchcore Included.

  • 849.4 Mb
  • Total 560 Files
  • 106 Drum Loops
  • 149 Kick Drum Shots
  • 74 Effects
  • 40 Drop Files
  • 61 Kick Drum Loops
  • 68 Synth Lead Loops
  • 25 Drumshots
  • 20 Midi Files
  • 12 Synth Shots
  • 5 Pads
  • BPM: 200

16. Diabolic Hardcore (Singomakers)

by Singomakers

Diabolic Hardcore (Singomakers)

This time we decided to speed things up! Very fast!

And taking with them all the experience from our Rawstyle bestselling sample packs, and inspired by the latest hardcore bangers, we present a pack of the new reality – «Diabolic Hardcore»!

Inspired by artists such as Angerfist, Digital Punk, Radical Redemption, Tha Playah, Act Of Rage, AniMe, Miss K8, Paul Elstak, Neophyte and more!

Same as in the previous Hard Dance packs, we created new Hardcore Kicks from scratch, and also saved Toks and Tales separately. This creates an opportunity for you to make your own individual and original hardcore Kick for your tracks!

With FX Kicks and Kick Rolls – you can diversify your Kick Line (drum part).

In addition to these powerful Contemporary Kick Loops, we have also made Old School Kick Loops, which are often used to get out of a breakdown before the Drop!

All epic melodies, have the appropriate MIDI files! In the folder with the vocals you can find Shouts, same as whole phrases and Long Rhymes.

18+ Alert! Our MC, a participant of many hardcore events, was very emotional and did not hesitate in expressions! (Lyrics included in pack).

In addition, «Diabolic Hardcore» includes screeches created with Virus TI2 and Serum (Serum patches are provided in pack too).

In detail expect to find 1.59 Gb of powerful 24 bit samples at 180 BPM including 371 One Shots, 22 Kick & Drum Loops, 40 Kick Rolls, 24 Old School Kick Loops, 51 Melody Loops, 51 Melody Loops MIDI, 50 Synth Loops, 42 Vocal Rhymes & Phrases + Lyrics (18+), 50 Vocal Shouts, 60 SFX, 50 Synth FX Fills, 279 Rex2 Files, 33 VST Serum Presets, 14 Sampler Patches (Incl. 10 Drum Kits, 1 FX Kits, 1 Vocal Kits, 2 Screeches Kits) and unlimited inspiration!

This HUGE collection of HARD samples is suitable for Hardcore, Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Frenchcore and many more!

Check out this amazing demo track and grab your copy of «Diabolic Hardcore» ASAP!!!

Parental Warning:   This Sample Pack contains Explicit Lyrics!!

  • 1.59 Gb
  • 24 bit samples
  • 180 BPM
  • 371 One Shots
  • 20 Claps
  • 17 Crashes Rides
  • 20 Hihats
  • 30 Snares
  • 40 Kick Tails
  • 44 Kick Toks
  • 30 Kicks (FX)
  • 49 Kicks (Processed)
  • 49 Kicks (Unmastered)
  • 20 Kicks (Reverse & Reverb)
  • 26 Screeches (Dry)
  • 26 Screeches (Wet)
  • 22 Kick & Drum Loops
  • 40 Kick Rolls
  • 24 Old School Kick Loops
  • 51 Melody Loops
  • 51 Melody Loops MIDI
  • 50 Synth Loops
  • 42 Vocal Rhymes & Phrases + Lyrics (18+)
  • 50 Vocal Shouts
  • 60 SFX
  • 50 Synth FX Fills
  • 279 Rex2 Files
  • 33 VST Serum Presets
  • 14 Sampler Patches (Incl. 10 Drum Kits, 1 FX Kits, 1 Vocal Kits, 2 Screeches Kits)
  • + Promo & Discount Folder
  • BPM: 180

17. Hardcore Industrial (Industrial)

by Industrial

Hardcore Industrial (Industrial)

Hardcore Industrial is set for destruction. This latest Industrial Strength Sample collection was produced By none other than Mr. Madness and Sonicore. Ear smashing time.

Besides producing Industrial Hardcore on a multitude of labels. Mr. Madness is no stranger to sample packs. He produced our Chip Tune Techno, In-Human Beat Box, Crush, Impact, Bass Tech, Industrial Hardcore Techno 2.0 and our award winning Industrial Hardcore Techno pack. Team him with Bogota’s number one Hard Electronic DJ/producer and the dogs are set loose.

Sonicore is also the label owner of Techsound Records the best Industrial Techno label in Columbia.

Featuring artist from all over the planet. His influence combined with is off the hook DJ sets at Bogota’s Radikal Styles festival makes him a Columbian powerhouse in the studio and live.

Needless to say this pack hits hard and Heavy.

With over 1000 24 Bit Audio Files you will be waking up your neighbors for days. This incredible sample pack offers up everything you hear in the 3 Demo Tracks. You get loads of essential Industrial Hardcore Kick drums, Fx, Noises, Loops, One Shots, and Synths to bash into your next production or remix. This collection also includes some hot Serum presets to boot you up with extra power under the hood.

With Mr. Madness and Sonicore you can expect to find a wild assortment of samples and sounds to kick up your next creation in a big way. Check the contains list for details. Its packed. Jam Packed.

This 100% License Free collection contains a dope set of Hardcore Vocals performed by How Hard and the lead singer of Toomz and the band A.P.E. When you can combine artist like this for a sample pack. It gives us the edge owning Industrial Strength Records. The longest running Electronic Music label in the USA. There is way more to come. You can bet on that.

If you seek the very best in Hardcore and Industrial. Produced by two of the scenes most underground producers in this style of electronic music. You found it. 

Please check out our home page on Loopmasters.com to find more collections to unleash the beast in your next track.

Mr. Madness and Sonicore Included.

  • 160 Kick Loops
  • 30 Vox Loops
  • 15 Atmos
  • 25 Bass Loops
  • 15 Break Loops
  • 30 Clap Loops
  • 15 Crash Loops
  • 30 Fx Loops
  • 20 Hat Loops
  • 25 Hi Hat Loops
  • 20 Kick Variation Loops
  • 20 Tom Loops
  • 30 Snare Loops
  • 15 Pad Loops
  • 25 Percussion Loops
  • 20 Bass Shots
  • 15 Crash Loops
  • 20 Drones
  • 25 Impacts
  • 55 Kick Shots
  • 40 Kick Fx Shots
  • 30 Noise Shots
  • 50 Percussion Shots
  • 20 Serum Audio
  • 20 Serum
  • 20 Snare Shots
  • 15 Snare Rolls
  • 20 Synth Shots
  • 14 Uplifters
  • 15 Up-Lifter
  • 25 Various Shots
  • 75 Vocal Shots
  • 15 Ride Loops
  • 30 Snare Loops
  • 30 Synth Loops
  • BPM: 155

18. Hybrid Grinder (Industrial)

by Industrial

Hybrid Grinder (Industrial)

19. Mrotek – Raw Loops (Industrial)

by Industrial

Mrotek - Raw Loops (Industrial)

Mrotek is back with another sonic assault for Raw-style producing look for the edge. His number selling Raw-style pack is the benchmark for all other Raw-style packs to follow. We asked him to create a Micro pack to boost up your studio during these times.

Now Mrotek is back with an affordable collection of monster Raw-style Loops at a kicking price.

Speaking of Kicking, This is new collection is loaded with ground up Kick Drums, Kick Loops, Screeches, Percussion, Synths and Fx. Everything you need build your track. Take our Trademarked Loop Kits included and mash them up with different Kick Drums, Screeches and Music Elements to use your way.

Mrotek has played at the top festivals in the US and Europe as well as producing tracks on multiple record labels. Raw Loops is another one of our Micro packs to help you get the essential content when times are tough. This packs weighs in at 522 Mb. You get the best content and the best bang for your studio project. Creation with no limitation.

If you want to boost up your Raw-style production or remix and seek the kicking. Mrotek’s Raw Loops collection is the pack for you.

Mrotek Included.

  • 522Mb
  • 24 Bit Wav
  • 199 Loops+Shots
  • BPM: 160

20. Ambassador21 – Metal Kore (Industrial)

by Industrial

Ambassador21 - Metal Kore (Industrial)

Industrial Strength Samples is proud to present Ambassador21 Metal Kore. If you seek the heavy, and I mean THE HEAVY.…You found it. Blending Hardcore and Metal should say it all.

Ambassador21 Are currently best known for their amazing Trailer for the Netflix original series Love Death Robots. With over 6 Million Views this Industrial Strength Music Release: We Are Legions Blew people’s Minds.

Now you get Ambassador21 in your next session or remix. They have created Multiple releases on Invasion, Industrial Strength Records,Metropolis,Hands, Ant-Zen, Pflichtkauf, Audiotrauma, Out Of Line, PRSPCT, Vendetta Music and more.

While producing multiple Albums that are often imitated but never equaled. This Industrial duo from Belarus (Natasha A Twentyone and Alexey Protasov) have clearly put their mark on the Industrial scene with their Harsh, Relentless sound combined with explosive live performances. Making them a force to be reckoned with Live and in the studio.

Metal Kore is No exception. Expect to find Ambassador21 right in your Daw. This Digital Destruction pack features the most Heavy Industrial Guitars you will get your hands on. The sounds are set to destroy. That’s 11 in Metal Terms. Check the Demo Track if you can survive listening to it for that long. Ouch.

Ambassador21 supplies you with loads of Digital Hardcore, Metal, Guitars, Noise, Smashed up Noise Drums and Killer Hardcore and Industrial Drum Loops that will cut thru any track like a sharp machete. Metal Kore would not be complete without some Signature Drum Hits to crack back into these insane Loops.

This pack is 100% License Free and set for chaos. This heavy handed 24 Bit Audio sample pack will work in any Modern Daw. Or break any Daw. Yeah it’s that ruff. If you’r looking for another Industrial Strength Artist pack. You got it baby.

Netflix Not Included

  • 380Mb
  • 44 Noise Beats
  • 54 Guitars
  • 25 Drum Loops
  • 37 Drum Hits
  • Amount 160 Files
  • BPM: 160 – 180

21. Hybrid Elements (Industrial)

by Industrial

Hybrid Elements (Industrial)

Hybrid Elements is the perfect follow up to Hybrid Grinder. Hybrid Elements offers you loads of inspiration while pushing sounds to the Max.  If you seek audio tools that will take your music to the next level, this is it.

Hybrid Elements is jam-packed with Heavy Kick Drums, Noise, and Effects plus loads of sounds to twist up. Hybrid Elements is loaded up with our trademark Loop Kits for ultimate control of every sound.

Each Kit included One shots, Full Loops, and all the Loops that make up each Kit. You can rework our Loop Kits or combine the Kits to create something fresh and new. Kinda like a shiny new toy but better.

With 164 sounds to play with, This Industrial Strength Micro pack might be small but it packs a huge punch. Hybrid Elements contains ground-up sonics for a great price. How’s 15.95 work for you.

Hybrid Elements features hand-picked Kits and has no fillers. Hybrid Elements offers up all the sounds in the Demo Track and more.

Hybrid Elements is 100% License Free for you to use with no fuss. If you want something new or looking for that follow up to Hybrid Grinder. You found it. It’s right here. Check out the demo and you be the judge.

Hybrid Elements Included.

  • 328 Mb
  • 12 ISR Loop Kits
  • Amount 163 Audio Files
  • 6 Midi Files
  • Amount 163 Files
  • BPM: 126 – 160

22. Rawstyle Madness (IQ Samples)

by IQ Samples

Rawstyle Madness (IQ Samples)

IQ Samples are very proud to present this significant Rawstyle Madness Sample pack!

Inspired by artists such as Digital Punk, Radical Redemption, E-Force, Rebelion, Sub Sonik, Warface, D-Sturb, Act Of Rage, and more!

In detail expect to find 1.38 Gb of wav 24 bit samples at 160 BPM including 32 Powerful Drum Loops, 79 Mad Screeches Loops (39 Dry + 40 Wet), 63 Epic Melody Loops and 50 Corresponding Midi Files, 36 Insane Vocal Phrases (15 Dry + 21 Wet) + Lyrics (18+), 31 Vocal Shouts, 255 Amazing Rawstyle and Hardstyle One Shots (20 Claps, 10 Crashes/Rides, 20 Hihats, 36 Punch Kicks, 44 RAW Kicks + 44 Unmastered Version, 23 Reversed Kicks, 20 Screeches (Dry), 20 Screeches (Wet), 20 Snares), 22 Kick Rolls, 30 Synth FX Fills, 55 SFX, 27 Genre Focused NI Massive Presets, 12 Sampler Patches (Incl. 8 Drum Kits, 1 FX Kit, 1 Vocal Kit, 2 Screeches Kits), 262 Rex2 Files and Pure Rawstyle Madness!

These samples are suitable for artists who want to hear their own tracks at festivals like Dominator, Fatality, Defqon1, Qlimax, Qapital, Supremacy, Decibel and focused on labels like END OF LINE, MINUS IS MORE, NIGHTBREED, ROUGHSTATE, THERACORDS and more.

Check this absolutely insane Rawstyle Madness demo track and grab your copy as soon as possible!!! It will definitely be a powerful addition to your sample collection!

  • 1.38 Gb
  • 24 bit samples
  • 160 BPM
  • 32 Drum Loops
  • 79 Screeches Loops (39 Dry + 40 Wet)
  • 63 Melody Loops
  • 50 Melody Loops (Midi)
  • 36 Vocal Phrases (15 Dry + 21 Wet) + Lyrics (18+)
  • 31 Vocal Shouts
  • 255 One Shots
  • 20 Claps
  • 10 Crashes/Rides
  • 20 Hihats
  • 36 Punch Kicks
  • 44 RAW Kicks + 44 Unmastered Version
  • 23 Revers Kicks
  • 20 Screeches (Dry)
  • 20 Screeches (Wet)
  • 20 Snares
  • 22 Kick Rolls
  • 30 Synth FX Fills
  • 55 SFX
  • 27 NI Massive Presets
  • 12 Sampler Patches (Incl. 8 Drum Kits, 1 FX Kit, 1 Vocal Kit, 2 Screeches Kits)
  • 262 Rex2 Files
  • BPM: 160

23. Dj Mutante – Shades of Hardcore (Industrial)

by Industrial

Dj Mutante - Shades of Hardcore (Industrial)

Industrial Strength Returns with another essential collection from Mutante. Shades of Hardcore covers multiple genres of Hardcore in big Way.

This hard head micro pack features loads of our Trademarked Loop kits to inspire your next creation.

You get a lot of bang for your buck on this pack folks.

You get 100% License Free audio to chuck into your next Hardcore production or remix. Hands down the production is top notch. Shades of hardcore delivers sonics for Main stream, Frenchcore, Up-Tempo, Gabba, Hardcore, Terror and Cross breed. Not bad hey.

All the sounds are made from the ground up as you would expect from this amazing producer and sound designer. Mutante has played at the biggest parties across Europe, Russia and Asia such as Masters Of Hardcore, Dominator, and Hard Shock to name a just a few. He comes from the underground and has made a name for himself by kicking ass and taking no prisoners.  This pack 100% reflects that drive.

His other top selling Industrial Strength Frenchcore packs are essential tools for creating this incredible style. Now expand your next creation with Shades of Hardcore. Mesh the kits the way you want. Fuse into multiple styles, combine with your own music or use these kits to start up your next Hardcore Adventure.

This pack covers a lot of styles of core for an affordable price point.  We know you gonna love that.

If you’re looking to spice up your next idea or just need to add something different in your next production. Head over to our Home page and check out that sick demo track.  Whew

Shades of Hardcore Included.

  • 20 ISR Loop Kits
  • 86 One Shots
  • 20 Full loops
  • 150 Various Loops From Kits

24. Hardcore Kicks & Vocals (Singomakers)

by  Singomakers

Hardcore Kicks & Vocals (Singomakers)

Singomakers is back with a super useful collection of samples suitable for Hardcore, Rawstyle, Hard Dance, Hardstyle, Frenchcore and more.

Wall breaking powerful kicks and hot like Chili Pepper vocals!  Distorted, energized and unique!

A Large variety of Hardcore kicks, Kick constructors (separate Toks and Tales) and Vocals from Aggressive full track sections, short rhymes, hypnotic breakdown talks and attention attracting shouts!

Inspired by artists such as Angerfist, Digital Punk, Radical Redemption, Tha Playah, Act Of Rage, AniMe, Miss K8, Paul Elstak, Neophyte and more!

In detail expect to find 785 Mb of 24 bit samples at 180 BPM including 110 Vocal Rhymes & Intermediary (64 Wet, 46 Dry), 30 Vocal Shouts, 72 Hardcore Kicks + 72 Unmastered Versions, 30 Old School Kicks, 51 Reversed Fx Kicks, 60 Toks, 60 Tails, 74 Bonus Loops From Demo (Synth, Melody, Drum & FX Loops)

Check this insane demo track and grab your copy of Hardcore Kicks & Vocals while it’s HOT!

«Hardcore Kicks & Vocals» sample pack – don’t miss it!

  • 785 Mb
  • 24 bit samples
  • 180 BPM
  • 110 Vocal Rhymes & Intermediary (64 Wet, 46 Dry)
  • 30 Vocal Shouts
  • 72 Hardcore Kicks + 72 Unmastered Versions
  • 30 Old School Kicks
  • 51 Reversed Fx Kicks
  • 60 Toks
  • 60 Tails
  • 74 Bonus Loops From Demo (Synth, Melody, Drum & FX Loops)
  • + Promo & Discount Folder
  • BPM: 180

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