Top HD Instruments VST Plugins
Top HD Instruments VST Plugins

Top 2+ HD Instruments VST Plugins 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 2 HD Instruments VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. NoteMatrix 2
  2. ZoneMatrix

1. NoteMatrix 2

NoteMatrix 2

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pick up your drum controller and get straight to the playing part? Instantaneously get access to your favorite sounds, mapped, as soon as you select a track in your DAW?

Well, now you can!

NoteMatrix 2 is an elegant and sophisticated Kontakt addon, comprised of a 16-cell matrix.

Version 2 New Features

  • New modern GUI
  • Added a Fixed Velocity slider
  • Added a Shift Velocity slider
  • Enhanced MIDI Learn functionality.
  • Added various new keyboard shortcuts.

It grabs incoming MIDI notes from your pad controller (or any other MIDI hardware), and swaps them in real-time with other MIDI notes and channels of your choice. Most importantly – it saves your mapping withing your DAW/Kontakt Multi!

NoteMatrix 2 basically gives your Pad Controller a whole new life. By simplifying the integration process, it’s just becomes super useful!

Key Features

  • Easy recallable MIDI mapping that matches your hardware and software quickly and painlessly.
  • Eliminate all reliance on external Hardware MIDI Editors/Drum maps/preset flipping.
  • Eliminate the need to reprogram your MIDI hardware physically.
  • Fixed/Shift velocity sliders for each Cell.
  • Play melodic instruments on your Pad/Drum Controller using the length knob.
  • Big clear MIDI monitor to track your MIDI data.

2. ZoneMatrix


Create, Control and Play Kontakt like never before!

Build multis on the fly and perform anything from trios, quartets to fully blown orchestras!


  • Trigger multiple instruments simultaneously across different key and velocity ranges.
  • Transpose instruments on the fly to create chords/intervals/textures.
  • Use the Octaver to play massive chords and melodies.
  • Set fixed velocity values or shift velocity around. Zone dependent Polyphony Limiter.
  • Zone dependent Polyphony Limiter.
  • Fine tune your MIDI control using the built in CC Filter.
  • Mix your multi with the built in MIDI learnable mixer.
  • Use 8 different independent, key switched scenes for the ultimate performance!
  • Extensive MIDI Learn functionality and Hotkeys for ultimate workflow.
  • If used inside a DAW, ZoneMatrix can be used to control other VSTi’s.
  • ZoneMatrix presets for swift recall.

ZoneMatrix offers a new dimension of creativity for Kontakt users worldwide!

ZoneMatrix contains eight independent Zones. A Zone correlates to a kontakt instrument.

Click a Zone Button to switch it On/Off. The Incoming MIDI data is then routed to all active Zones. Each Zone can shift/remap/multiply the incoming MIDI data in a variety of useful and creative ways. The modified MIDI data is sent to Kontakt instruments and determines how/what/when they’ll play.

There are four main pages available in the Upper Zone. Each represents a different MIDI aspect.

  • The Keyrange page is where you set your keyrange and note values assignments.
  • The Velocity page is where you set your velocity assignments.
  • The CC Filter page is where you can filter out MIDI CC’s.
  • The Mixer page is where you mix your multi.

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Top HD Instruments VST Plugins
Top 2+ HD Instruments VST Plugins 2021
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