Top New Frontiers Audio Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top New Frontiers Audio Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 3+ New Frontiers Audio Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 3 New Frontiers Audio Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Spektrumsynth
  2. Razor X V1.1

1. Spektrumsynth


Spektrumsynth is a powerful Reaktor synth with a wide variety of capabilities. It features multiple synthesis technologies combined into one instrument: Wavetable, FM, subtractive, granular and noise shaping.

Performance is enhanced with 4 “Interaktor” modules, which are a combination of arpeggiator and step sequencer.

With huge modulation routing capability, over 65 target parameters can be controlled simultaneously with recordable movement paths performed on the Animator Pad.
Individual synthesizer sections can be controlled from a split keyboard, or stacked for complex and wonderful combinations.

Modulation ranges can be controlled by other modulators, similar to the “Sidechain” functions of Massive.

Multiple filter types include FM-capable Pro52 filters. Signal paths are very flexible to access the filters.


    • Wave-table synthesis with signal routing to 5 filters (based on a modified OKI Computer instrument)
    • Granular synthesis with independent multimode filter
    • 2 Solo mono/poly synthesizer modules with oscillator sync, 2 arpeggiators and 2 separate multimode filters
    • FM synthesis
    • Individual noise generator module with filter
    • Mixer for separate filter signals
    • Independent Unison voice stacking and detuning options for wavetable and Solo sections
    • 6 Individual (5 polyphonic, note-independent) panning modules for filter output signals, with pan modulation
    • 16 envelope generators (4 are synced multi-breakpoint EGs, similar to “performance modulators” in Massive)
    • 8 mono LFOs, 8 polyphonic LFOs
    • 6 step-sequencers
    • Sample and hold with field source sweepable between 2 LFOs and noise
    • Stunning modulation routing with 20 modulation patchers, 16 with side-chain range-modulation
    • 2-dimensional modulation targeting
    • Full parameter automation and MIDI controller assign
    • 2 chorus processors, dual synced delay and reverb effects
    • Numerous internal (hard-wired) modulation connections
    • Loaded with presets and tutorial examples
    • 4 individual portamento controls for wave-table, Solo 1 2 and FM/Sync
    • “Humanized” vibrato option: adjustment for vertical pitch offset of LFO sweep

New Features:

    • addition of 4 “Interaktor” transposer/sequencer/arpeggiator modules, original design by Chris List
    • addition of polyphonic, recordable “Animator” pad: simultaneous control of up to 67 parameters
    • Animator can be controlled by external MIDI or internal modulators, and is velociity-sensitive
    • Animator control from modulators can be key-independent for constant running
    • addition of Granular and/or Filtered Granular signal to Solo Filters
    • addition of Prophet-type lowpass filters in Solo, Multimode and Noise Filter sections
    • addition of 2 Formant Oscillators in Solo Oscillators section
    • addition of Frequency Modulation of Solo Filters
    • Solo Filters 1 and 2 have parallel/series routing with modulation control
    • additional routing assignment options
    • gate switches to over-rule Interaktor and Arpeggiator gate repetition in LFOs and Envelope Generators
    • better voicing options, including independent unison modes for all sound sources
    • independent “Split” keyboard voicing options for all sound sources
    • many new presets
    • anti-aliasing waveform oscillators in Solo Section
    • specifications may change slightly as upgrades are released

2. Razor X V1.1

Razor X V1.1

RAZOR-X: Enhanced Programmability for Reaktor’s Razor

All new update in v1.1 featuring the following upgrades:

  • Various bug fixes and interface modifications
  • Reactivation of 3-D Display
  • Upgrade to CLOCK LFO master function for Gate Pulser

+ Added functionality:

  • CLOCK LFO speed division modulation from Sequencer Y
  • S+H Output control for Animator Velocity
  • S+H Output control for Animator Smoothing
  • S+H Output control for Animator Speed
  • Sequencer X output to Animator X Path Amplitude
  • Sequencer Y output to Animator Y Path Amplitude
  • large Animator Display on Razor-X’s B Panel
  • addition of Gate Pulser Animator Path trigger function
  • S+H Shift and Multiply knobs now also modify incoming Animator control
  • new presets in bank 11, “Sample and Hold and New”
  • updated User Guide for Version 1.1

Check out the demo videos in the playlist below to see RAZOR-X in action!

Razor-X is an enhanced version of the great additive Reaktor synth Razor by Native Instruments, and can have a variety of uses in music production. The enhancements add a new layer of programmability to make sound design easier and more powerful. The Recordable Animator Pad enables any Razor parameter to be controlled by the X/Y pad, enabling very subtle transformations of multiple parameters simultaneously. Pad movements can be recorded and played back polyphonically, with velocity control over speed and output range. This can lead to really fluid sonic transformations where each note is unique in the polyphonic blend.

The Sample-and-Hold section provides a modulation source based on classic S+H behaviour. The Razor-X S+H system enables polyphonic cyclic patterns, mixed with randomness, to be merged together on the S+H Input pad and sent to any target in Razor. This enables some very unique rhythmic event patterns, assisted by the Clock Pulser, which fires synchronized trigger events to the Envelope Generators.

The Razor-X routing enables the Animator Pad to control the S+H, or the other way around. To round off the enhancements, 2 step-sequencers have been added, which can control any target by routing through the Animator, or control the Animator and S+H pad positions, depth and lag.


  • 250+ amazing presets
  • Animator Pad: control of multiple modulation targets simultaneously
  • Recordable, scalable, polyphonic and interactive paths on Animator Pad
  • Gate Pulser module for adjustable-length note retriggering
  • 2 multi-purpose Step Sequencers
  • Innovative Sample and Hold section for modulation pattern creation
  • 2 multi-purpose multi-waveform LFOs
  • Modulators are all inter-connected for flexible routing

250 Presets:

  • Smooth Transforming Pads
  • Experimental Rhythms
  • Sample-and-hold patterns
  • Sequencer patterns
  • Pulsing patches
  • Combined Modulator patches
  • Tutorials and Initialization patches

Requirements & Additional Info:

  • Requires Reaktor 5.9.3 and Razor 1.5
  • CPU recommendation: minimum 2.8 ghz
  • Minimum buffer size: 512
  • Reaktor control rate: 800 or 1600hz
  • Lower the polyphony voice amount if you are using a slower computer and experience problems
  • Reaktor and Razor Ensemble are products by Native Instruments they are not included in this download.



200 Presets and Ready-to-use Modulation Tools Features:

-Sample and Hold system: source of cyclic control patterns and randomness
-Recordable Animator pad: control of all parameters from X/Y pad
-Sequencer-X and Sequencer-Y: control of any parameter including Animator and S+H
-2 multi-waveform multi-purpose LFOs
-External Gate Pulser to fire envelopes with DAW clock sync or free-run timing
-Independent Sample and Hold Clock with speed modulation
-200 Presets and tutorial examples
-Intuitive and easy-to-use Graphic User Interface
-User Guide with all elements explained clearly

ANIMATOR FOR PRISM contains the regular Prism Factory Presets, along with 6 new folders of presets utilizing the additional functions.

  • fully assembled, ready to use expansion kit .ens file for Reaktor Prism
  • requires Reaktor 5.93 or higher and a NI Prism License

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Top New Frontiers Audio Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 3+ New Frontiers Audio Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021
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