Top Phase Shifter Modules
Top Phase Shifter Modules

Top 7+ Phase Shifter Modules 2022

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  1. Xaoc Devices Kamieniec
  2. Behringer 172 Phase Shifter/Delay/LFO
  3. Roland System-500 572
  4. Doepfer A-125
  5. Doepfer A-137-2 VC Wave Multiplier II
  6. Doepfer A-101-3
  7. Dreadbox Euphoria

1. Xaoc Devices Kamieniec

Xaoc Devices Kamieniec

Effects Module

  • Analog 4/6-stage phaser inspired by the classics of the 70s
  • Simultaneous four- and six-stage outputs
  • Voltage-controlled LFO
  • Additional external modulation input
  • Independent LFO output
  • (2x) Feedback modes
  • Power consumption: +40 mA / -40 mA
  • Dimensions: 9 HP

2. Behringer 172 Phase Shifter/Delay/LFO

Behringer 172 Phase Shifter/Delay/LFO

Behringer 172 Phase Shifter/Delay/LFO; Eurorack module; analog 6-stage Phase Shifter with manual controls for Shift Frequency, Resonance and Modulation Intensity (via internal LFO or CV input); Delay section for Flanger and Chorus effects with manual controls for Delay Time, Resonance and Modulation Intensity (via internal LFO or CV input); LFO with outputs for triangle and inverted triangle waveforms (frequency range: 0.02Hz – 10Hz); Gate Delay with adjustable Trigger threshold, Delay Time (0.3ms – 6s) and Gate Time (0.3ms – 6s); power consumption: 60mA (+12V) / 60mA (-12V); depth: 16 HP; depth: 44mm

3. Roland System-500 572

Roland System-500 572

Module in Eurorack format

  • Phase shifter + delay + LFO
  • Time-dependent multi-effect module
  • Has a 5-stage phase shifter, an analog audio delay, a voltage-controlled gate delay and an LFO
  • The Phase shifter has controls for shifting the frequency or the intensity of the resonance
  • Thus, both subtle and very superficial analog effects are adjustable
  • The Audio Delay has independent controls for controlling the delay time and the resonance (or feedback) and other features. Also very short modulations can be adjusted, which sound like a chorus effect
  • Both the phase shifter and the delay can be modulated either via the internal LFO of the 572 or via external CV signals
  • The ratio between the original and the effect signal can be adjusted via the controller or CV (Control Voltage)
  • The LFO section has a control for setting the frequency as well as output jacks for the normal and inverted output of the signal
  • The gate delay has controls for controlling the threshold, delay time, and gate time for controlling incoming gate signals from external modules
  • Power consumption: 110 mA (+12 V), 90 mA (-12 V)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 81 x 58 x 129 mm
  • Euro bag width: 16 HP
  • Includes 4 screws for installation and Eurorack bus power cable

4. Doepfer A-125

Doepfer A-125

Voltage Controlled Phaser VCP for Modular System A-100

The Module A-125 is a voltage controlled phase shifter.Phase shifting can be controlled either manually or by control voltage. Other controllable parameters are resonance (depth of the comb filtering, timbre), and mix (the amount of the original signal which is added to the phase-shifted signal). The A-125 is used to generate the typical phaser sounds (“jet sound”). Due to the control voltage feature not only the usual LFO-controlled phasings are possible, but even ADSR-, random-, theremin-, sequencer- or S&H-controlled phasings. In combination with the Shepard generator A-191 and further A-125s, “never ending barber pole” phasing effects can be realised.

5. Doepfer A-137-2 VC Wave Multiplier II

Doepfer A-137-2 VC Wave Multiplier II

Eurorack module

  • Generates four phase shifted copies of a VCO signal applied to the audio input
  • Eurorack format
  • Width: 14 HP
  • Depth: 50 mm
  • Power requirement: +30 mA (+ 12V), -20 mA (-12V)

6. Doepfer A-101-3

Doepfer A-101-3

Modular Phaser

  • 12 stage phase shifter
  • Works with so-called Vactrols as phase-shifting elements
  • Width: 30TE / 30HP / 152.0 mm
  • Depth: 65 mm (measured from the rear of the front panel)
  • Power requirements: 50 mA (12 V) / -50 mA (-12 V)

7. Dreadbox Euphoria

Dreadbox Euphoria

Dreadbox Euphoria; eurorack module; analog 8 step phaser module; OTA chips; broadband LFO with FM; vibrato effect; 8 patch points; pseudo-stereo output; 3.5mm jack connectors; power consumption: 58mA (+12V) / 52mA (-12V); width: 10TE; depth: 35mm

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Top Phase Shifter Modules
Top 7+ Phase Shifter Modules 2022
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