Top Producer Life Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top Producer Life Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 3+ Producer Life Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 3 Producer Life Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Bass Emphasis
  2. Massive Krunch
  3. Percussive Ambience

1. Bass Emphasis

Bass Emphasis

‘Bass Emphasis’ is the beginning of a fantastic new sample series aimed at producers with a passion for bass!

If you like your music to focus on beautifully big bass sounds and thumping MIDI lines then this pack is ideal for you. Our music-makers have a ton of experience and professional releases, these samples have been expertly created and curated. Ready to be dropped straight into your existing creations, or used as inspiration for a new project. There’s plenty here to give your music some bang.

The samples included have been inspired by the crunch of electro, the underground sounds of house, and other bass music genres.

The raw versions are a lot simpler, great for producers that want to layer up and have more control of the content. The wet loops can be used as they are, and demonstrate how the raw loops can be pushed further to create an even bigger sound.

The MIDI files for all of the loops are included. So if you like a bass but think it could do with a tweak, then take control. Or maybe you like the melody but need it in a different key. You can dive in and edit the MIDI files to taste.

And don’t just stop there. Many of the loops are intended to be cut up and made into something new. Try chopping out your favorite couple of beats in the sample, line it up with some others, and you will soon hear the result. Complextro producers know all about this!

Pack Contents:

  • 24-Bit Quality, 48000Hz
  • 37 Wet Bass Loops
  • 33 Raw Bass Loops
  • 19 Wet Lead Loops
  • 19 Raw Lead Loops
  • 10 Drum Loops
  • 10 Fx Hits
  • 54 MIDI Loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 182
  • 560.2 MB

2. Massive Krunch

Massive Krunch

‘Massive Krunch’ is a collection of presets for Native Instruments’ Massive. Aimed at producers looking for a modern, crunchy electro sound.

Our music creators have carefully crafted these presets with bass-heavy genres in mind. Inspired by dubstep and electro house, this pack delivers a combination of cutting basses and serious synths that pack a lot of beef. Use them alone or layer them up, either way, these sounds demand attention.

Each preset has at least 4 macros programmed in to change up the sounds and add effects. Leaving a few empty slots for you to program with your own macros if you’re feeling experimental.

We recommend you tweak and layer more than one preset together to create a bigger and more unique sound.

The Wav loops come in two versions; raw and wet. The raw files are an example of each preset and demonstrate some of the macro controls. They can be used straight away and are great for producers who want more influence on the processing of the sample loop.

The wet files push things a step further. Taking the dry samples and adding more layers to them to create a huge sound. These are ready to be dropped directly into your productions.

Use alongside the included MIDI files to further layer and customize the sounds in any & every way you please.

Like a bassline but not the preset? Then grab the MIDI file and start layering your own choice of our ‘Krunchy’ presets to create your own unique style.

Pack Contents:

  • 24-Bit Quality 48000 Hz
  • 122 – 140 Bpm
  • NI Massive Presets
  • 27 Bass presets
  • 16 Lead presets
  • 43 Raw/dry Wav loops
  • 43 Wet Wav loops
  • 10 Bonus Wav loops.
  • 43 MIDI files

Total Number Of Files:

  • 139

Software Requirements:

  • Requires Massive 1.5.1+

3. Percussive Ambience

Percussive Ambience

‘Percussive Ambience’ ​is an experimental percussion sample pack. Inside you will find an assortment of 125 Wav loops split into 4 categories.

Everything from busy percussion to textural drones, there’s plenty here to fill out your tracks.

Our music makers created these sounds for soundscapes and cinematic music, but you’ll be amazed how well these work in other genres.

These sound absolutely fantastic in Techno, IDM, Industrial and a variety of other electronic songs. Just check out the demo song for some inspiration.

Pack Contents:

  • 24-bit quality 48000 Hz
  • 128 & 125 bpm
  • 125 Wav loops
  • 30 ambient loops
  • 30 distorted loops
  • 52 percussive loops
  • 13 bass loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 117
  • 776.4 MB

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Top Producer Life Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 3+ Producer Life Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021
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