Top Reaktor Ensemble Free VST Plugins
Top Reaktor Ensemble Free VST Plugins

Top 1+ Reaktor Ensemble Free VST Plugins 2022

We have created for you a rating of the Best 1 Reaktor Ensemble Free VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. DelaSaurus

1. DelaSaurus

by: 2321


DelaSaurus is a stereo delay unit that won’t sound like any typical delay, as it gives the possibility to modulate its delay time with a wide range of LFO shapes.

Crank up the feedback to 150% generating hyper saturated, never ending feedback loops. There are 7 LFO main shapes ‘selectable’ via a wide slider that permits not just select them, but to continuously fade between waves shapes, plus there is a SLEW parameter that allows you to soften the edges of the LFO shape, giving even more sonic possibilities. DelaSaurus is an audio effect that can be used for any sound purpose. It can be delicately used as a tape delay or detuning effect, but also for hardcore random driven feedback loops, percussive, glitchy and wobbly delays or weird wave shaping.


Amount of incoming signal to be routed to the delay unit, the sound is amplified in a non linear human ear friendly way. Maybe you would think “isn’t it the same as the WET parameter?”… Nope! It’s placed before the feedback loop! Start to fiddle about with over 100% feedback and the FEED we’ll become your friend!


Speed of the LFO, from not working at all (0Hz) to beginning of audio range (20Hz).


SLEW is a slider for smoothing out the edges of the LFO. Most of the LFO waves have sudden jumps that can create wonderful glitchy clicks, but if clicks are not desired, but augmenting the SLEW they’ll be softened out, but SLEW is not just there to avoid digital clicks, in fact, it can also be used for generating organic percussive sounds.


With the WAVESHAPE slider it is possible to smoothly choose your LFO shape. There are 7 wave shapes (from left to right): Sine, Triangle, Descending Saw, Rectangle, Sample & Hold Noise, Soft (brownian) Noise and Ascending Saw. The slider allows to fade between wave shapes, this means that not only the basic 7 shapes are there, but also any other ‘in between’ hybrid waves are usable. The selected wave shape is realtime visible on the big centred monitor.


Amount of DRY and uneffected sound to output. The signal is amplified in a non linear human ear friendly way.


Feedback. Amount of audio signal that will be fed back to the delay line, from no signal (0%) to never ending hyper saturated and remodulated delay loop (150%). A wave shaper is inserted into the feedback loop, this saturates the signal when overdriven but also avoids distortion when FB knob is over 100%. The FB knob is the only knob that has red dots around the normal green ones. These red dots indicate ‘over 100%’ feedback range, the dangerous zone. If your knob is exactly positioned on the first red dot, this means that you’re at 100% so take care where you go from there!


Amount of time delay to be applied to the fed signal. The delay range goes from a minimum of 0.001 seconds to a maximum of 1 second delay. The DEL knob will always be the minimum from where the modulation will start. This means that if DEL is at minimum and LFO is full, the modulation range will be from 0.001 seconds to 1.001 second, or if the DEL and the LFO are both at maximum, the modulation will never push the delay time to be less than the time set on the DEL knob.


The LFO knob controls how much the LFO will modulate the delay time, from a minimum of nothing to a maximum time of one second. The modulation will always be in summed to the basic delay (DEL knob).


Amount of WET, effected, or if you wish effected sound to the output. The signal is amplfied in a non linear humar ear friendly way.

System Requirements

  • This version of DelaSaurus is a Reaktor Ensemble (.ens).
  • You require the free Reaktor Player, or a registered copy of Reaktor to run DelaSaurus. (Reaktor 5 is required).

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Top Reaktor Ensemble Free VST Plugins
Top 1+ Reaktor Ensemble Free VST Plugins 2022
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