Top Sample Station Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top Sample Station Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 10+ Sample Station Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 Sample Station Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Ultimate Drum Fills 3
  2. Rises, Drops & Impacts 3
  3. F*** Me I’m Famau5!
  4. Glitch Vocals
  5. Deep House Disclosed 2
  6. Liz Melody Vocals 2
  7. After Dark Techno
  8. Future Bass House
  9. Epic FX Drops 2
  10. Swedish House Loops

1. Ultimate Drum Fills 3

Ultimate Drum Fills 3

Back with the latest installment from our best selling drum series Ultimate Drum Fills 3. Inside you will find 600 eclectic drum fills of live drums, groovy fills, Fx filled beats and techy fillers for use in all your electronic music productions. Ultimate Drum Fills 3 encompasses live, programmed, analog and digital sounds to give you more choice and flexibility to get the exact vibe you are looking for your tracks. All loops are in super high quality 24 bit Wav format ready to slip in to your productions.
What’s in the Pack?

  • 600 WAV Drum Fills
  • 124/128/140 BPM
  • Analog/Digital
  • 525 MB Unzipped

2. Rises, Drops & Impacts 3

Rises, Drops & Impacts 3

Sample Station presents part 3 of their FX-dedicated collection, packed with over 1GB of insane risers, dancefloor-devastating drops and speaker-banging impacts that will fit almost any electronic genre. Rises, Drops & Impacts 3 has been specially crafted to help you achieve the biggest builds and dirtiest drops possible for your productions. Our team of professional sound designers have created 600 essential transition tools in both 128Bpm and 140Bpm to cover the majority of your club track needs. Whether you make thumping techno, slamming electro, pumping progressive or dirty Bass music, these impacts, risers and drops are ready to slot straight into your tracks.
Pack Contains:

  • 200 Drops
  • 200 Impacts
  • 200 Risers
  • 128 & 140 BPM
  • 1.09 GB Unzipped

3. F*** Me I’m Famau5!

F*** Me I'm Famau5!

Inspired by the mainroom sounds of Deadmau5 and David Guetta, Sample Station deliver 270+MB of beats, basslines, music loops, FX and drum hits built to rock the biggest dance arenas. Sample Station is ready to take the dancefloor by storm with killer big-room beats, incessant synths, melodic basslines, hooky music loops, huge FX and more in this one-stop-shop of house music inspiration.

This collection contains 40 beefy basslines, 10 pumping drum loops, 60 slick synth lines, 10 speaker-smashing FX and 50 chunky drum hits – all honed and optimised to rock the biggest rigs straight out of the box. All loops and hits are offered in 24-bit Wav format and the loops are also offered in Rex2 format.
Download contains:

  • 40 Basslines
  • 10 Drum Loops
  • 60 Synth Lines
  • 10 FX
  • 50 Drum Hits
  • 130 Rex Loops
  • 278MB (unzipped)

4. Glitch Vocals

Glitch Vocals

200+ filthy vox loops are waiting for you in this brand new pack, FX-soaked phases and glitched utterances custom cut, pasted and processed to bring your tech, electro or progressive house productions to life. Optimized to bring that infectious vocal element to your productions, Sample Station have whiled away hours in the studio pitching, glitching and tweaking professional quality vocal recordings into filth-injected vox workouts. Presented in pristine 24-bit Wav quality, each loop has been painstakingly processed to ensure a seamless fit in the mix of your next dancefloor dub.

Please note: The demo includes beat and musical elements that do not appear in the pack. This pack contains vocal samples only.
Download contains:

  • 213 Vocals
  • 212MB (unzipped)

5. Deep House Disclosed 2

Deep House Disclosed 2

Keep ahead of the game with our second installment of the #1 chart topping pack Deep House Disclosed. Deep House Disclosed 2 returns to forge nu-school house beats with garage riffs and tribal elements. Create tracks with essential swinging beats, hook-laden leads and sub-rolling bass-lines that have been pioneered by current scenesters: Disclosure, Route 94 and Duke Dumont.

Load your DAW with these ready to drop construction kits or use the individual loops to enhance your existing productions. Over 1.7GB of pure Deep House loops to take your productions to the next level reaching the high standards required of labels such as Hot Creations, Toolroom and Defected.
What’s in the Pack?

  • 5 Construction Kits 122 BPM
  • 5 Construction Kits 124 BPM
  • Key and BPM Labeled
  • 119 Wav Loops
  • 1.74 GB Unzipped

6. Liz Melody Vocals 2

Liz Melody Vocals 2

Liz Melody returns with part 2 of her vocal pack series and it’s a killer! 1.15GB of huge main room vocal performances split into 10 different songs structured for ease of use in your productions. This massive pack covers multiple genres, so no matter what style track you are creating there are plenty of options for your music. From Dubstep to Tech house and Electro to Pop you will love this 100% royalty free vocal pack from Liz Melody.

Please Note: The demo track contains musical elements NOT contained in the pack. The pack contains vocal samples only.
Download Contains:

  • 10 Songs
  • Leads
  • Ad-libs
  • Backing Vocals
  • Harmonies
  • 37 Wav loops
  • Between 123BPM & 140BPM
  • 1.15GB unzipped

7. After Dark Techno

After Dark Techno

Sample Station’s first Techno outing brings a dark, deep yet grooved out tech sound with this latest release, After Dark Techno. 250MB of ready to go loops and samples created by Sample Station’s full time production team. From tribal tech to the heavy big room sound this collection will appeal to producers across the whole tech scene. After Dark Techno plays host to rolling deep bass lines and subs, hypnotic head nodding leads and synths, funky crisp percussion, full bodied pounding drum rhythms and top loops, section lifting FX and moody Atmospheres.
Product Contains:

  • 20 Bass Loops
  • 20 Synth Loops
  • 20 Drum Loops
  • 20 Percussion Loops
  • 20 Tops Loops
  • 20 Music Loops
  • 20 FX
  • 10 Atmospheres
  • 50 One Shot Drum Samples
  • All loops are presented as 24-bit Wavs and are tempo-synced at 126bpm.
  • 255 MB unzipped

8. Future Bass House

Future Bass House

Future Bass House is Sample Station’s latest sample pack offering our users the best in loops and samples for producers in the Bass House, Future Garage and Deep House scene. Over 260MB of key labeled loops, all Sync’d at that perfect 126BPM tempo that makes these tracks shuffle and groove. Followers of scenesters such as Disclosure, Jamie Jones and The Flash Mob will find endless options for their creative direction with this collection of professionally crafted loops and samples.

Drum loops come ready to be produced and tweaked or break them down into each part for ultimate creativity in your drum programming. Sub rollin’ bass lines add that essential pump that keeps the bottom end smashing those sound systems. Lead synths and Vox loops that supply that all important hook for ultimate peak time track making. Piercing, soundscape FX that will help you arrange your track sections with wild and crashing white noise and effect laden swooshes.
Pack Contains:

  • 130 Wav Loops
  • 126 BPM
  • 266 MB Unzipped

9. Epic FX Drops 2

Epic FX Drops 2

Back once again for the renegade masters! Sample Station is ready to present the second installment of Epic FX Drops! Here we pay close attention to that very moment in every dance floor and chart topping track that can make or break your production… the DROP! This pack contains over 500MB of professionally crafted loops that are ready to roll and drop straight into your favorite DAW.

All loops are BPM synced at 128BPM and music loops are key labeled for ease of use. Whether you need a Snare-Ramp, Rising-Vocal, Escalating-Lead, Kick-Crescendo or Insane-FX you will find the perfect loop in this hefty collection of audio weapons. Split into 10 construction kits, you can use all the loops together for full on breakdown mayhem or mix and match from different kits to craft something more tailored to your individual needs.
What’s in the Pack?

  • 10 construction kits
  • 65 Wav Loops
  • 24-Bit
  • 128 BPM
  • 516 MB Unzipped

10. Swedish House Loops

Swedish House Loops

Swedish House Loops contains 10 huge Swedish House construction kits containing lazer reaching Lead Synths, dancefloor pounding Bass Lines, hooky Arps, intense Risers and explosive impacts. All the musical and effect elements you need to compose your next killer Swedish House production are contained in this professionally crafted pack. Over 200mb of Hi-quality 24bit Wav loops coupled with midi files to give you all the options.

Please Note: There are no drums in this collection. Demo contains drum samples from Future Sound Of Swedish House 1 & 2 from Sample Station.
Download Contains:

  • 10 Construction Kits
  • 62 Wav Loops
  • 20 MIDI Files
  • 2006 MB Unzipped

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Top Sample Station Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 10+ Sample Station Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021
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