Top Saucey Audio VST Plugins
Top Saucey Audio VST Plugins

Top 4+ Saucey Audio VST Plugins 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 4 Saucey Audio VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Saucey 808
  2. Saucey Distortion
  3. Saucey Filter
  4. Saucey Saturator

1. Saucey 808

Saucey 808

Saucey 808 is our brand new developed 808 instrument.

Saucey 808 incorporates banging 808 sounds with a slick filter section, crisp distortion as well as a global section that includes Glide, Pitch and Attack/Release functions to build your perfect 808!

This slick software instrument is the perfect 808 bass tool for the modern producer! Get it now!

Saucey Audio – 808 Instrument Overview:

  • 25 Banging 808 presets
  • Slick Filter section (Frequency/Resonance)
  • Crisp Distortion
  • Glide function
  • Pitch function (+/- 99 Cents) for fine tuning
  • Attack & Release functions

2. Saucey Distortion

Saucey Distortion

We’re happy to present the brand new Saucey Distortion plug-in. It comes with two sections:

The first one is the Mode Section which allows you to choose between several EQ settings. The modes give you the possibility to quickly find the right presets for your signal, whether it’s drums, bass, vox or any other signal.

The second section is the Distortion Knob which shows different characters depending on the mode you have chosen.

Saucey Distortion Overview:

  • Go-to Distortion Plug-In for drums, 808, bass and vocals
  • Adds character to your signals fast!
  • 6 different EQ settings (Modes)
  • Easy to use!

3. Saucey Filter

Saucey Filter

We’re happy to present the brand new Saucey Filter.

It combines two of our most used filter characteristics in one plug-in. On the one hand there is the Pre LP. It’s a very light sounding low pass filter. On the other hand there is the Main Filter.

It’s a combination between hi pass and low pass filter refined with a high resonance. Due to its preferences the Saucey Filter comes with only two knobs which let you tweak the filter sound you need in seconds.

The Saucey Filter stands out through its simplicity!

Saucey Filter Overview:

  • Go-to filter for full mixes, loops and one shots
  • Adds character to your track fast!
  • Two different filter characteristics
  • Easy to use!

4. Saucey Saturator

Saucey Saturator

Saucey Audio is ready to release their next plug-in, designed to help you add warmth and harmonics to your mixes.

The all new Saucey Saturator is a warm sounding saturation plug-in.

It comes with two sections: The Saturation knob and the Punch knob!

Saucey Saturator Overview:

  • Warm sounding saturation plug-in
  • Adds warmth and harmonics
  • Additional Punch section

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Top Saucey Audio VST Plugins
Top 4+ Saucey Audio VST Plugins 2021
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