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Top 27+ Sci-Fi Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth presets 2022

We have collected for you the Top 27 Sci-Fi Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth presets and Sampler Patches to Loopmasters.

Samples list navigation:

  1. Phatmospheres
  2. Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol.2
  3. Aethers 01
  4. Sci Fi FX
  5. Space FX
  6. SOR Transformation
  7. Fragments 01
  8. Overloud Fx
  9. OB-6 Bass Soundscapes
  10. Music In Motion: Hybrid Foley
  11. Spaces
  12. CFA-Sound Futured E-2 Expander
  13. Pulsar – Experimental Soundscapes
  14. Dreamlike Textures
  15. Synthmorph – Galactic Trip for Retrologue
  16. Omniscape
  17. Synthmorph – Zebralette MARS
  18. The Saga – Cinematic Sounds
  19. Sci-Fi Soundtracks
  20. Space Odyssey
  21. Dystopia
  22. Noise Texture Loops
  23. Landscapes
  24. Sci-Fi Chronicles
  25. IQ Samples – Sci-Fi Cinematic
  26. Vocode Galactica

1. Phatmospheres (Prime Loops)

by Prime Loops

Phatmospheres (Prime Loops)

It’s time to raise hell! Or, if that might be a bit much, “Phatmospheres” gives you the tools to do some serious hair-raising: Over 40 thoroughly selected dark textures, eerie ambiances, mighty soundscapes and droning atmospheres provide new and unheard-of levels of deepness, drama and suspense for your productions.

These 24bit “Phatmospheres” come ready-formatted out of the box to simply drag and drop into your favourite hardware or software – it’s never been so easy to create sounds and layers of such gravitas. Over 350mb mega-rich sound creations including a folder with more than 20 rhythmical and beat-mapped soundscapes ranging from 74 to 140 bpm provide an outstanding multitude of moods and effects which are suitable for many different genres.

Bring on the ultimate evil with fearlessly constructed sonic doomsday devices that appeal to any kind of phobia: Unleash biting sonic sandstorms, create darkly shimmering, ice-cold space ambiances, raise good old armageddon with ultra-bleak effects, abduct your listeners to the depths of subterranean caves or the emptiness of vast spaces.

“Phatmospheres” takes inspiration from the timelessly futuristic creations of legendary soundtrack composers – layer sounds and voices into a post-modern cacophony like Walter Murch did in THX 1138, wallow away on the analogue spree of effects and atmospheres that enhanced Jerry Goldsmith’s score to the unforgettable Logan’s Run or enter the wicked, twisted worlds of David Lynchian eeriness king-pin Angelo Badalamenti.

All sounds in this absolutely royalty-free selection have been brewed up exclusively for Prime Loops – these soundscapes are engineered to awe-inspiring perfection, coming in crystal-clear 24-bit quality, complete with great panoramic stereo effects for added goose-bump pleasure.

  • 24 Bit quality
  • 375Mb
  • 24 Drones and Phatmospheres
  • 20 Rhythmical Soundscapes

2. SFX Collection 02 (Wave Alchemy)

by Wave Alchem

SFX Collection 02 (Wave Alchemy)

3. Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol.2 (Loopmasters)

by Loopmasters

Radiophonic Synth Workshop Vol.2 (Loopmasters)

The crazy Synth Professor and his team have been hard at work to bring the 2nd in our Radiophonic’s Synth Workshop Series, this time the synthesizer aficionados have wired up the analog monsters to produce epic sequences and mind altering textures, so don your space suit and ready yourself for warp factor nine as we enter the parallel universe of Modular Synthesis…

Using free running LFO’s and long envelopes to modulate the expressive analogue voices of synthesizer legends such as Elka Synthex, Oberheim 4Voice, Roland System 100, Korg Mono/Poly and Octave Cat. This pack is all processed through genuine vintage reverbs and delays along with valve equalization to bring out the best sonic qualities from these classic hardware synths. 

Expect to find a whopping 1.3Gb of 24bit quality soundscapes featuring 73 long evolving textures of Inter Galactic Space Drones, Broken Chimes and Bleeps, Machined FX, Scrambled Secret Messages, Huge Evolving Textures, Sci-Fi Backdrops, Long Sweeping Pads. This soniferous electronic adventure is perfect for chopping, cutting, pitching, reversing or just plan dropping straight into any cinematic edged production.

If you’re looking for Sonic Bullets from Analog Vintage Synths that have inspired FSOL, Orbital, Leftfield, Biosphere, The Orb, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and Vangelis, then you need to check out Radiophonics Synth Workshop vol2 today!

  • 24Bit Quality
  • 1.35Gb
  • 73 Long Evolving Textures and Sequences

4. Aethers 01 (Loopmasters)

by Loopmasters

Aethers 01 (Loopmasters)

Loopmasters join forces with Ultimae records and Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA, for an outstanding royalty free sample collection of atmospheric sounds and field recordings dedicated to electronic music producers worldwide.

AETHERS 01 contains all the ingredients you need to create huge immersive soundscapes, hypnotic backgrounds and intense drum structures that will evolve and modulate throughout your productions.

The distinct sonic universe of AETHERS fuses a peaceful introspective ambient mood with industrial sounds and comes packed with Electronic Glitchy Beats, Unconventional Processed Synths and Real Field Recordings, Glittering Ethereal Pads, Immersive Drones, Cyclic Atmospheres, Futuristic Rhythms and Cinematic Textures.

Producers can expect to find 50 exclusive field recordings by Vincent using a Nagra Technology recorder and an NT4 Rode microphone to capture audio snapshots from around the globe including New Delhi, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Paris, Saint-Malo, Chicago and London. Each recording is an audio time capsule that will add a wonderful organic sound to your productions, the occasional audio bug or outtake purposely left intact for compelling listening.

The beats section features intense IDM rhythms that combine crunchy grains with irregular clicks and edgy percussion sounds. Also included are over 100 unique one-shot elements including Loud Kicks, Crispy Snares, Dirty Crystal Hi Hats, Undefined Short Noises, and consequences of insolent routings.

Kit List: Nagra Technology recorder, Rode NT4, Plectrum Vital Arts, Nord Rack 2 Nordlead, Blofeld Waldorf, A3000 Yamaha, Battery 5, Razor, Kontakt & Skanner NI, TC Electronic Powercore 6000 Unit and some secret tools.

In detail you can expect a whopping 3.17GB of 24Bit 44.1Khz samples including 11 Ambient things, 29 Ethereal Atmospheres, 23 Interferences, 26 Dark & Deep Loops, 24 Drone loops, 34 Ethereal Loops, 105 Drum Shots, 50 Drum Loops, 50 Field recordings 169 Rex2 Files and 90 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats.

The Collection is also available in Apple Loops and Ableton Live Pack versions to purchase separately.

This exclusive collaboration between Ultimae Records, AES DANA and Loopmasters is an incredibly deep collection of powerful atmospheric soundscapes for producers working within Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, Cinematic, Electronica, Drone, Space Music, Field recordings and Post Rock. Check out the demos and sample AETHERS 01 TODAY!

Format Options Explained:

  • Zip(main) format includes Acidised Wav and Rex2 Loops – all single (non looping) sounds and Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, NNXT, EXS24  soft samplers.
  • Apple Loops format includes Apple Loops and Rex2 Loops – all single (non looping) sounds and Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, NNXT, EXS24 soft samplers.
  •  Ableton Live Pack format includes Pre Warped Wav Loops and Rex2 Loops – all single (non looping) sounds and Sampler Patches for Ableton Sampler. Comes as a .Alp File only for use within Ableton Live.
  • Wav Loop Pack format includes Acidised Wav loop content only.
  •  If in doubt we recommend you purchase the Zip(main) format which is usable with nearly all music applications and software.
  • 3.17GB
  • 24Bit 44.1Khz 
  • 11 Ambient things
  • 29 Ethereal Atmospheres
  • 23 Interferences
  • 26 Dark & Deep Loops
  • 24 Drone loops
  • 34 Ethereal Loops
  • 105 Drum Shots
  • 50 Drum Loops
  • 50 Field recordings
  • 169 Rex2 Files 
  • 90 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats.
  • BPM: 90 – 120

5. Sci Fi FX (Zenhiser)

by   Zenhiser

Sci Fi FX (Zenhiser)

Welcome to Zenhiser’s “Sci Fi FX” sound library, one of the most in depth sound effects library we have created which fits perfectly along side our Transformer FX, Movie Impacts & Movie Stabs sound packs. Inspired by some of Hollywood’s biggest Sci Fi blockbusters, Sci Fi FX takes audio drive and sound manipulation to a whole new level.

We covered the main elements for both Music Producers and Movie / Game creators which means “Sci Fi FX” sounds contain 96 khz wav clarity for optimum performance and unrivalled original sounds for aural gratification. Crafted entirely from scratch these FX sounds will absolutely blow you away, dark, mysterious, futuristic and downright incredible. Trust us when we say this is the SFX pack everyone needs.

“Sci Fi FX” sound effects pack consists of over 600 sounds and zip’s in at just over 2.6GB, that’s a huge chunk of SFX awesomeness, all ready to use straight out the virtual box.

We’ve included Atmosphere’s, Booms, Dark FX, Engine SFX, Glitches, Explosions, Impacts, Metal FX, Risers, Stinger FX, Swooshes, Whooshes and even some Wobble FX! As you can see Sci Fi FX is one serious tool and a very complex SFX pack.

  • 24 Bit 96khz
  • 2.6GB
  • 15 atmospheres
  • 40 FX
  • 14 Dark FX
  • 11 Engine FX
  • 13 Glitch FX
  • 20 Explosion FX
  • 12 Impact FX
  • 59 Metal FX
  • 26 Rise FX
  • 34 Servos Stutter FX
  • 74 Stinger FX
  • 40 Swoosh & Scrape FX
  • 94 Woosh FX
  • 42 Wobble FX

6. Space FX (Industrial)

by Industrial

Space FX (Industrial)

Launch your productions into the far reaches of the electronicsphere with Space Fx, a dazzling set of Audio and NI Massive Presets from Industrial Strength Samples and the sky-rising production talents of Adam Pollard aka Multiplier.

Space Fx is Massive in every way. Clocking in at more than 2 Gig, you’ll unearth a heavy collection of fast-flying Risers, entrancing Ambient Textures, bold Falls, wild Space Effect Loops, and fully effected Drum Shots of the edgiest variety. With a wide range of NI Massive Presets, you can expand these sounds ad infinitum, layer audio to create new textures, and craft custom effects to your ears’ content.

Apply these tripped-out sounds to any style including EDMTechno, DnBBass MusicHardcore, DubstepExperimental and beyond. Ideal for original electronic tracks and remixes, this versatile pack also applies unique detail and definitive character to sound design projects, gaming and soundtracks.

This set was meticulously produced by Adam Pollard aka Multiplier. Drawing from diverse influences from Dubstep to Electro, Trap, Big Room and more, the young producer has quickly established himself in the dance music world with an expansive style that continues to shuck boundaries, defy the limits of genre, and capture the imagination of a rising fanbase worldwide.

Headlining shows internationally, Pollard has played alongside and received support from such names as Calvertron, Electrixx, High Rankin, Heartbreak, Le Castle Vania, Crizzly, Nerd Rage, Dani Deahl, SaBBo, Kev Willow, and Essbeedee. With early releases rising on Beatport’s highly-respected Secret Weapons chart, Multiplier’s debut EP STFU also reached #5 in the Trackitdown Dubstep chart and #10 in the Breaks chart, and his releases have charted in record stores along the way. Catch his original releases on Straight Up! Music, Columns of Knowledge Recordings, Relentik Records, Mash It Up! Cologne, and Bit Rowdy Records.

Pollard’s spirited dedication to his craft and ceaseless energy fuels the self-starting fire to shape the sounds of the dance floor. His own label Relentik Records represents the multi-faceted spectrum of electronic music. Catch his Waffle House EP on High Chai Recordings, stacked with bangers and containing elements of 8-bit, Electro, Progressive, and Dubstep.

Space Fx brings the fire to you DAW with 44.1 kHz24-bit Wav and Apple Loops files crafted to clean, sonic perfection. Highly adaptable, this pack sits pretty in NI Massive and Battery 4.

The edge of space is expanding, and we’re measuring it right here: multiply your Fx and knock your tracks out of this world.

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 2.44GB
  • 69 NI Massive Presets
  • 12 NI Battery Kits
  • 50 Apple Loops
  • 192 Mechanical Perc FX
  • 12 Mechanical Perc Kits
  • 16 Space Ship FX
  • 64 NI Massive Audio files
  • 32 Water Based FX
  • 10 Top End Noise Fx
  • 40 Perc Loop FX
  • 48 Reverse Reverb Tails
  • 105 Risers
  • 10 SFX Shots
  • 8 Scary Atmos
  • 1 Atmo Loops

7. SOR Transformation (Resonance)

by Resonance

SOR Transformation (Resonance)

Fan of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megan Fox? Well, we’re not gonna deny Megan couldn’t make it, however, the actual Transformers crew has never been better captured on audio!

Have a listen to the demo and see for yourself why we think this is probably the most epic industrial / machine / robo sound collection ever. We promise: you’ll still be able to hear every single screw move on the autobots. Plus we securely attached some decepticons for all who like it even darker.

More specifically, you may experience complex impacts, hydraulic movements, robotic vocal manipulation, breathtaking atmos, drills, shutdowns, startups, synth machines, user interfaces, heavy drums and fat basses.

Every single sound is produced with the utmost attention to detail and multi-purpose ready, including Computer Games / Film / Cinematic Compositions and of course Music Productions such as Dubstep, Techno, Drum n Bass, Breakbeat and similar.

Starting from the very first bit this massive sample collection is meticulously processed using the latest sonic technologies, and is provided as easy-access folders.

Full Pack contains 879 Samples inkl. 140 selected Bonus Samples from previous SOR releases.
ALL Demo Sounds are included in the pack.

Available in two versions: 96 khz: 3,12 GB of 24bit WAV files and 44,1 khz: 1,45 GB of 24bit WAV files Zip(main)

Download the free Taster pack for more information and to try out these great samples in your DAW!

  • 24 Bit 44.1Khz
  • 3.12GB
  • 879 Samples
  • 072 Atmos
  • 027 Bass
  • 044 Cyborg / Vocalized
  • 038 Cyborg FX
  • 019 Drill
  • 122 Drum (Element & Percussion/Snare/Kick/Crash/Hat)
  • 008 Demo Drumloops (140bpm) & Vocals
  • 009 Electromagnetic Field
  • 060 FX Mix
  • 065 Hydraulic Movement
  • 035 Complex Impact
  • 038 Pass By (Whoosh sounds)
  • 067 R2-D2 Tribute
  • 021 Shutdown
  • 013 Startup
  • 018 Sub
  • 026 Synth Machine
  • 017 Transmission
  • 040 User Interface
  • plus 140 selected BONUS Samples!
  • 25 Soft Sampler Patches for EXS24 & Kontakt

8. Fragments 01 (Loopmasters)

by Loopmasters

Fragments 01 (Loopmasters)

Loopmasters welcome back Ultimae Records for a brand new collection of incredible atmospheric Loops and One Shot samples perfect for all electronic styles of music including Ambient, Soundtrack, Drum & Bass, Downtempo, IDM and Electronica.

Fragments 01 is a futuristic collection of deep and dark sound experiments designed by Vincent Villuis (AES DANA) the producer who created the incredible Aethers 01 collection & Mihalis Aikaterinis (MIKTEK) and features folders of Atmospheres (long evolving loops), Drum Elements (one shot percussion sounds), Heavily Processed Rythmic Loops and a folder of Unique Audio Interferences that will add sonic depth to your music productions.

Most of these sounds were created with several types of contact microphones and scanners (Coil pick-ups), picking up electronic signals generated by the internal sounds of smartphones, laptops and magnetic fields from Wi-Fi transmitters and high-voltage lines all carefully captured and then restructured and harmonized to offer an incredible palette of Abstract Interferences, Massive Distorted Impulses, Electroshock  Ricochets, Reverberating Transients and a solid series of Heavy Drum Sequences.

The atmospheres in this collection are fully loopable so extending sections to fit your production is not an issue and finding the right tone for your track is made simpler with each loop key labelled for harmonic mixing.

In detail you can expect to find 947Mb of 24Bit 44.1Khz Loops and sounds including 41 long Atmospheric Loops, 43 Drum Loops, 13 HiHats, 10 Snaps and Claps, 21 Industrial Kicks, 44 Coil Sounds, 28 Atmospheres of interferences, 68 Rex2 Files and 114 ready to play patches for soft samplers.

Vincent and Mihalis have spent several months locked down in the studio preparing this second release and the wait has been worthwhile, Fragments 01 is a Swiss Army Knife for any electronic producer searching for otherworldly sounds that have been regenerated from real world sources. Check out the demo and download the free to use taster samples then get ready to sample Fragments 01 TODAY!

  • 947Mb
  • 24Bit 44.1Khz
  • 41 long Atmospheric Loops
  • 43 Drum Loops
  • 13 HiHats
  • 10 Snaps and Claps
  • 21 Industrial Kicks
  • 44 Coil Sounds
  • 28 Interferences
  • 68 Rex2 Files
  • 114 Sampler Patches
  • BPM: 90 – 111

9. Overloud Fx (Loopmasters)

by Loopmasters

Overloud Fx (Loopmasters)

Loopmasters present Overloud FX – an outstanding collection of cinematic one hit samples featuring metallic hits, epic impacts and a world of industrial-sized sounds. Overloud FX is suitable for your productions in Music, Film and TV and comes 100% royalty free!

Overloud FX has in excess of 400 hits with sonic elements covering the full frequency range, from lowly sub booms to metallic highs – with after effects and post production applied to give them that professional shine and instant usability.  Don’t be surprised to hear industrial-sized water tanks, large containers, dystopian impacts and even heavy metal hits… with no guitar in sight!

Each sound has been filtered and refined to bring studio-quality FX to your tracks. These serve as ideal impacts, downshifters and risers – giving a greater flow to your arrangement and adding immediate gravitas to any track. As well as the samples, 20 Sampler patches are included with each sound grouped on the keyboard, ready to be used in your daw.

In detail expect to find 636MB of content with 412 individual 24-Bit samples. The FX categories are: 25 Dark, 10 Distorted, 10 Dystopian, 15 Epic Drum, 25 Factory Metal, 12 Hard & Dirty, 30 Heavy Metal, 20 Horror, 10 Hybrid, 40 Industrial, 50 Large Container & Fuel Tank, 20 Low, 23 Metal Movement, 25 Monster Trailer, 10 Plastic Water tank, 30 Reversed, 20 Scifi, 10 Sub Boom, 12 Tiny and 15 Wreckages. 20 Sampler patches are included for NNXT, Sfz, Halion, Kontakt and Exs24. This pack is available in multiple format see the tech spec for details.

Turn the tension up with Overloud FX!! Check out the demos above and log in to your Loopmasters account to get your hands on a free taster pack! 

  • 636 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 50 Large Container Fx
  • 40 Industrial Fx
  • 30 Heavy Metal Drop Fx
  • 30 Reversed Fx
  • 25 Dark Fx
  • 25 Factory Metal Fx
  • 25 Monster Fx
  • 23 Metal Movement Fx
  • 20 SciFi Fx
  • 20 Horror Fx
  • 20 Low Fx
  • 15 Epic Huge Drum Fx
  • 15 Wreckage Fx
  • 12 Hard & Dirty Fx
  • 12 Tiny Fx
  • 10 Distoretd Fx
  • 10 Dystopian Fx
  • 10 Hybrid Fx
  • 10 Water tank Fx
  • 10 Sub Boom Fx
  • 20 Soft Sampler Patches

10. OB-6 Bass Soundscapes (Black Octopus)

by  Black Octopus

OB-6 Bass Soundscapes (Black Octopus)

Transport yourself to a spaceship a million light years away; march into battle with a hundred-thousand bloodthirsty orcs; fly through the clouds in a state of eternal blissful. These are just some of the moods captured by the mighty OB-6 Bass Soundscapes sample-pack, produced by Diamaudix Audio.

A soundtrack composers dream, this pack boasts an impressive 3+ hours of evolving analogue soundscapes, utilizing the full power of the modern-day-classic OB-6 Analogue synthesizer. “Forgotten Nebula”, “Insectoid Invasion”, and “Dimensional Transformation” are some of the names given to the individual sounds, each labelled with key information.

Pristine analogue signal flow is used in the recording to ensure the highest quality audio, recorded and treated at 4X sample rate (176.4 kHz), before conversion to the final 44.1 kHz product.

Whether you’re a composer for games or films, an artist looking to add some memorable atmospheres to your techno track or dubstep breakdown, or just an enthusiast of never-been-heard sounds – OB6 Bass Atmospheres is not to be missed!

Sample pack download contains

  • 384 Long-evolving, analogue, bass atmospheres
  • 3+ hours of audio
  • 3GB+ of original content

Produced by Diamaudix Audio

  • 384 Long-evolving, analogue, bass atmospheres
  • 3+ hours of audio
  • 3GB+ of original content

11. Music In Motion: Hybrid Foley (Soundsmiths)

by Soundsmiths

Music In Motion: Hybrid Foley (Soundsmiths)

Music In Motion: Hybrid Foley is a collection of sounds specifically designed for motion design. Here at Soundsmiths we specialise in creating sound and music for animation & live action films. We work with brands like Nike, Pepsi, Kia Motors, Hennessy and many others to create music and sound that interacts with images in new and interesting ways. We created this library with the exact same outlook. The sounds themselves are suitable for a whole array of genres, your imagination is your only limit!

Our designer Pete spent a huge amount of time, banging, shaking, stretching, twisting and rubbing a vast amount of materials which were then recorded and meticulously edited and processed into over 750 high quality sound fx files.

These were then mangled, chopped, stretched and twisted into unique loops ready to be dragged straight into your chosen DAW.

Packed full of 24bit percussive insanity, texturally rich bass lines, organic musical loops and unusual fx. All of our content has been key tagged and expertly programed for your convenience.  Whether you are creating music for image and need interesting sounds to interact with your picture or you simply want to add a unique touch to genres such as Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Future Garage, Future Trap, Chill Out and Ambient then look no further.

  • 24bit / 48Khz
  • 868.8mb
  • 49 Musical Loops
  • 28 Fx Loops
  • 15 80 Bpm Balloon Percussive Loops
  • 15 80 Bpm Metal Percussive Loops
  • 14 80 Bpm Paper Percussive Loops
  • 12 80 Bpm Wood Percussive Loops
  • 2 107 Bpm Metal Drum Percussive Loops
  • 3 107 BPM Toy Snare Percussive Loops
  • 16 107 Bpm Balloon Percussive Loops
  • 16 107 Bpm Metal Percussive Loops
  • 13 107 Bpm Paper Percussive Loops
  • 8 107 Bpm Wood Percussive Loops
  • 14 120 Bpm Balloon Percussive Loops
  • 17 120 Bpm Metal Percussive Loops
  • 12 120 Bpm Paper Percussive Loops
  • 11 120 Bpm Wood Percussive Loops
  • 752 Edited Foley Sounds (Balloons, Chains, Metal, Misc, Mouth Noises, Paper, Plastic, Toys & Wood)
  • BPM: 80 – 120

12. Spaces (LP24 Audio)

by LP24 Audio

Spaces (LP24 Audio)

LP24 is extremely proud to present the latest and very highly anticipated collection—Spaces.

What’s included in Spaces?

Spaces includes 344 professionally crafted loops and expressive sound design. Find a variety of sonic dimensions, all of which are emotive, powerful, and guaranteed to ignite your creative output. The average loop length os Spaces is 16 bars. Additionally, 16 epic odysseys are included, all of which are over 100 bars in length.


  • lush deep pads
  • organic melodies and chords
  • analog warmth and saturation
  • droning walls of sound
  • rhythmic sequences
  • emotive soundscapes
  • epic cinematic progressions
  • shapeshifting tonal patterns
  • evolving multilayered textures
  • immersive nature recordings
  • earth shaking bass lines
  • structured rhythmic elements
  • otherworldly sound abstractions

Spaces takes the traditional sample pack to unprecedented levels through LP24’s attention to detail and unique blend of gear, and sound-creation proficiency. We left no stone unturned, using both analog and digital greats such as the Alesis Andromeda (Spacey, right?) Moog Voyager XL, Korg MS20, Dave Smith OB-6, Roland Juno 106, Roland JP8000, Novation Supernova, Eventide Space, Eventide TimeFactor, Strymon BlueSky, various Moogerfooger pedals, acoustic guitars, bells, vocal recordings, custom CDP Batch processors, etc etc…

We promise Spaces will add instant depth and inspiration to your project!

Take it from us—we understand the modern musician and we know what it takes to get inspired and get creating right away. Grab Spaces today!

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 2.96GB
  • 27 Deep Bass Loops
  • 40 Drone Loops
  • 43 Enviroment Loops
  • 16 Epic Odysseys
  • 181 Movements & Progressions
  • 37 Rhythmic Sequences
  • BPM: 70 – 120

13. CFA-Sound Futured E-2 Expander (Resonance)

by Resonance

CFA-Sound Futured E-2 Expander (Resonance)

Futured E-2 Expander – the second episode of the futured soundset series by CFA-Sound.
This amazing soundset contains 100 ambient sounds – epic athmospheres, velvet pads, evolving soundscapes and crystal clear synth-sounds.
Ideal for ambient, chillout, filmscore and also for epic trance-athmos. Feed yur massive with this sounds – and you will see a new side of your massive.
All sounds coming with complete macro-control allocation for maximal usability and fast manipulations.
  • 100 NI Massive Presets
  • suitable for ambient, filmscore & trance
  • complete macro-control allocation
  • KSD & NMSV format
  • sorted in categories

Requirements:Native Instruments Massive v1.5.1 or later

  • 100 NI Massive Presets
  • suitable for ambient, filmscore & trance
  • complete macro-control allocation
  • KSD & NMSV format
  • sorted in categories

14. Pulsar – Experimental Soundscapes (Loopmasters)

by Loopmasters

Pulsar - Experimental Soundscapes (Loopmasters)

Loopmasters proudly present Pulsar Experimental Soundscapes – a jaw-dropping sample bank of cutting-edge atmospherics and evocative melodics. Join us on a journey of deep experimental waveforms primed and ready to be centre stage in your next cinematic masterpiece 100% royalty free!

Pulsar Experimental Soundscapes comes packed with loops, one shots and sampler patches, all just itching to be dropped into your DAW for maximum ambient inspiration. Over 120 loops are included ranging from drums, basses, warped live instruments, to electronic synths and pads. There is no doubt that this collection will ignite a passionate sonic exploration. Each loop has been expertly produced to squeeze every nuance and character, converting plain recordings to ethereal soundscapes.  The scope to use these sounds across multiple genres is incredible weather it’s for epic intros for DnB, Dubstep, or combine sounds to build the perfect monumental downtempo, or Cinematic Chillout productions. The beauty of Pulsar lies in its flexibility – the sheer quality means it fits in just about anywhere.

Find a totally impressive selection of over 280 SFX one shots including expertly crafted drum hits, mesmerising SFX hits, plus basses, atmospheres, vocals, synths and pads, all designed to complement each other straight out of the box, so you’re ready to craft audible landscapes from the word go. What’s more – each sound has been carefully mapped to soft sampler patches for the most common formats (NNXT, Halion, ESX24, Sfz and Kontakt), all ready to be played on your favoured MIDI keyboard or instrument at once!

At tempos from 87-169bpm, Pulsar Experimental Soundscapes is a professional audio toolbox perfect for Film, TV and Games as well as IDM, Ambient, Downtempo and any other chillout genres!

In detail, expect to find 1.42 GB of content overall, with 415 Wav files in total, all 24Bit and 44.1kHz. 126 loops in total are divided between, 30 Drum Loops, 27 Top Loops, 20 Bass Loops, 20 Instrument Loops, 16 Synth Loops and 12 Pad Loops. 289 one shots are divided between 138 Drum Hits, 32 Fx, 30 Bass Hits, 30 Synth Hits, 20 Atmospheres, 20 Vox Hits and 19 Pads. Additionally, there are 145 Rex2 Files and 106 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, ESX24, Sfz and Kontakt.

Pulsar Experimental Soundscapes is an interstellar selection of audio wonder that will add depth and space to your productions. Check out the demos and log in to try a free taster pack for yourself!

This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready.  More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here

  • 1.42 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 30 Drum Loops
  • 27 Top Loops
  • 20 Bass Loops
  • 20 Instrument Loops
  • 16 Synth Loops
  • 12 Pad Loops
  • 138 Drum Hits
  • 32 Fx
  • 30 Bass Hits
  • 30 Synth Hits
  • 20 Atmospheres
  • 20 Vox Hits
  • 19 Pads
  • 145 Rex2 Files
  • 106 Soft Sampler Patches
  • BPM: 87 – 169

15. Dreamlike Textures (Sample)

by Sample

Dreamlike Textures (Sample)

Sample Diggers are proud to unveil Dreamlike Textures, an otherworldly collection of thick and atmospheric sounds that are sure to drench your compositions in emotive and beautiful soundscapes. The lofty heights of ethereal ambiences await you, so come and drift away with this 100% royalty free selection!

Featuring a healthy 800 MB+ of sonically inspiring soundscapes, including ambient pad loops, atmospheric Chill one-shots & samples, textured Downtempo synth loops and soft sampler patches. We’ve even thrown in over 250 professional MIDI files so you can see what makes our loops tick. Whether you aim to manufacture a sonic universe, add ambience to your moving picture or give your intros a cinematic edge, Dreamlike Textures will deliver time and time again on all fronts.

With loops swelling out between 90-174bpm and in a range of keys and styles, this collection will work seamlessly with Ambient, Downtempo, Soundtrack and other Chill genres, but also serves as a great atmospheric element to a range of dancefloor genres.

In detail, expect to find 806 MB of content, with all Wav audio recorded at 24Bit & 44.1KHZ. 167 loops are split between 118 Pad Loops and 49 Textured Synth Loops. Also included are 88 Atmospheres, 88 Soft Sampler Patches (for NNXT, Halion, EXS24, Kontakt and Sfz) and 256 Midi Files.

Check out the demos above, and log in to download a free taster pack now. Join us on a trip to Dreamlike Textures! This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready.  More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here: 

  • 806 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 118 Pad Loops
  • 49 Textured Synth Loops
  • 88 Atmospheres
  • 88 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 256 Midi Files
  • BPM: 90 – 174

16. Synthmorph – Galactic Trip for Retrologue (Resonance)

by Resonance

Synthmorph - Galactic Trip for Retrologue (Resonance)

Galactic Trip for Retrologue is the first release of the Synthmorph brand containing over 120 presets and 15 special Synhtmorph MIDI sequences for Steinberg Retrologue 1 and Retrologue 2 virtual analog synthesizer.

The Galactic Trip for Retrologue soundset and the corresponding Synthmorph sequences are the result of the passion driven by Steinberg’s amazing virtual analog software synthesizer, the Retrologue.

These pack contains presets for both Retrologue 1 and Retrologue 2 separately.

The focus was on the creation of sounds that are a bit different, unusual compared to bread-and-butter presets and have an immediate organic style thanks to the extreme modulation capabilities of Retrologue. Nearly all presets make use of the Retrologue specialty lesser known: the extensive modulation wheel morph (and aftertouch of course). The idea was to be able to use them in any genre (it depends on the musicians who plays the sounds after all), however they fit instantly for cinematic, game and electronic styles.

To stretch it further, the set contains 15 special Synthmorph MIDI sequences that show the real power of this instrument, combining the complex internal modulations with the external human interaction in the form of advanced controllerism. As these are essentially ubiquitous MIDI files, users are encouraged to modify, twist them and experiment in their own style, using their DAW.

All presets and Synthmorph sequences are 100% royalty-free.

Content Details:

• 126 Retrologue 1 presets

• 114 Retrologue 2 presets

• all presets are categorized and tagged in native .vstpreset format

• 15 Synthmorph sequences for Retrologue 2 in MIDI and mp3 formats

• Detailed PDF manual and usage tips

Preset Categories:

• 15 Bass

• 4 Drum

• 12 Musical FX

• 1 Organ

• 11 Sound FX

• 20 Synth Comp

• 32 Lead

• 19 Pad patches

Requirements: Steinberg Retrologue 1 or 2 running in compatible DAW

  • 126 Retrologue 1 presets
  • 114 Retrologue 2 presets
  • all presets are categorized and tagged in native .vstpreset format
  • 15 Synthmorph sequences for Retrologue 2 in MIDI and mp3 formats
  • Detailed PDF manual and usage tips
  • Preset Categories:
  • 15 Bass
  • 4 Drum
  • 12 Musical FX
  • 1 Organ
  • 11 Sound FX
  • 20 Synth Comp
  • 32 Lead
  • 19 Pad patches

17. Omniscape (Black Octopus)

by Black Octopus

Omniscape (Black Octopus)

Diamaudix Audio returns with “Omniscape”: a monumental achievement in soundscapes and ambient audio, with 800-hours of sound-engineering devoted to its enduring, and evolving, sonic textures.

Omniscape began as procedurally-generated commands (programmed in Max MSP) conducting the analog components of the OB-6 synthesizer. The best of these recorded sounds were acoustically treated, and individually mastered, for a truly inimitable result.

Over 8-thousand sounds were initially recorded, but months of selection and refinement left only the best of the best: a colossal anthology of 1120 samples, exceeding 9-hours in total length.

Omniscape is a perfect tool in the creation of soundtracks for films or games, and contains sound suitable to almost any musical genre or ambient mood. Composers, designers, musicians, and media-makers can all add Omniscape to their virtual tool-belt.

Added to a cinematic score; woven into the story of a video game; throw, side-chained, into a breakdown: Omniscape’s samples offer instant, compelling depth to any audible creation. Omniscape is available as a complete bundle, or individually, as categorized, below.


  • 1.1 Hours of audio
  • 128 samples
  • A compilation of atmospheric, epic, largely-pitchless sounds


  • 1 hour of audio
  • 128 samples
  • Unnerving, inciting, often-scary audio, aimed at the evocation of tension and suspense.


  • 2.2 hours of audio
  • 240 samples
  • Calming, rejuvenating frequencies, with a massive presence.


  • 1.8 hours of audio
  • 240 samples
  • Airy, thought-provoking audio, with revelatory ambience.


  • 1.5 hours of audio
  • 192 samples
  • A collection of inconceivable sonic treasures from an aeon yet to be.


  • 1.5 hours of audio
  • 192 samples
  • Reverberations from the heart of delirium, pressuring on the boundaries of the sane.

18. Synthmorph – Zebralette MARS (Resonance)

by Resonance

Synthmorph - Zebralette MARS (Resonance)

Synthmorph has announced the release of Zebralette MARS, a soundset for the free Zebralette synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Synthmorph’s next pack is Zebralette MARS, a soundset for the free u-he Zebralette synthesizer. This compilation contains 70 presets and 15 highly tweaked Synthmorph MIDI sequences in order to create some modulation magic not easy to achieve any other way.

The Syntmorph MIDI sequences are morphing transitions which affect not just standard synth parameters, but alter multiple other synthesis and effect attributes simultaneously. This gives a special animated organic character and mood for the final audio.

These sequences might provide a pleasing starting point for further sound design experimentation (as you can modify every aspect of these MIDI files!) and also a faster way to write unique music. If you are into the broadcast, film, television or game industry you may find that darker mood among the MIDI sequences that matches to your actual need.

Of course there is still plenty of presets ready to use for electronic / dance genres as well, prepared with multiple articulations by the use of the modwheel and aftertouch controllers.

Zebralette MARS features:

• 70 categorized presets in native .h2p format

• Included 14 Arp, 7 Bass, 12 Key, 8 Lead, 12 Pad, 5 Seq and 12 SFX presets

• 15 Synthmorph morphing sequences both in MIDI and mp3

• Detailed PDF manual with usage tips

  • u-he Zebralette Synth Presets
  • 70 categorized presets in native .h2p format
  • Included 14 Arp, 7 Bass, 12 Key, 8 Lead, 12 Pad, 5 Seq and 12 SFX presets
  • 15 Synthmorph morphing sequences both in MIDI and mp3
  • Detailed PDF manual with usage tips

19. The Saga – Cinematic Sounds (Black Octopus)

by Black Octopus

The Saga - Cinematic Sounds (Black Octopus)

Welcome to The Saga – Cinematic Sounds! Be prepared for an epic journey, where the fire and brimstone rage on, and the ice covered mountains lead the way! This sample pack is truly an adventure in-and-of itself, where you will find full orchestra loops, cellos, violins, piano, and copious amounts of strings to help bring a life of their own into your cinematic creations.  Along with the grandiose strings and orchestra samples and loops, there are full song starters provided, giving you even more elements to use that already work perfectly together.

But the journey must continue, and if you move further beyond the legendary strings and pools of orchestra, you will find bionic synths and godly electronic elements, to make your cinematic score or song into something entirely original and unique and keep the emotions flowing. Keep the movement energized with heroic bass lines, or bubble under the deep caverns with melodic Arps and edgy Leads.  It’s all there, ready to assist you in the quest.

Inspired by movies and composers alike; such as Hans Zimmer, James Horner,  Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, and movies like Gladiator, Avatar, Start Trek and Lord Of The Rings to name a few.

Grab The Saga – Cinematic Sounds today, and dive into an odyssey of epic proportions!

  • 17 Full Loops
  • 106 Instrument Loops
  • 3 Full Song Starters (42 stems total)
  • 15 String Ensembles
  • 38 Synth, Bass and Pad Loops

20. Sci-Fi Soundtracks (Soul Rush)

by Soul Rush

Sci-Fi Soundtracks (Soul Rush)

The sound of a dystopian metropolis at dusk. Synth saturated frequencies and low-slung rhythmic textures drenched in a brilliant kaleidoscope of 80s nostalgia and future technologies.

Introducing ‘Sci-Fi Soundtracks,’ the latest sonic vision from Soul Rush Records. Imagined by an unwritten science fiction film, ‘Sci-Fi Soundtracks’ is a diverse, professionally curated product overflowing with future-retro music making potential. An exclusive product focused on helping any music maker craft the perfect visionary film soundtrack, devise a late night electro-tinted warehouse jam or compose a brooding ambient masterpiece dedicated entirely to space travel. This is a truly diverse and exciting product which captures an incredible level of emotionally charged synth-heavy inspiration, and 100% ready for your creative intuition.

Confidently inspired by the brilliant works of S U R V I V E (creators of the Stranger Things soundtrack) Tangerine Dream and German synthesizer pioneer Klaus Schulze, the collection of loops and one shots within the ‘Sci-Fi Soundtracks’ product encapsulate the best 80s retro synthwave styles with a much more future facing idealism. A perfect product for producers across a diverse range and style. 80s revivalists, house music magicians, drum & bass producers, and spaced-out experimentalist will all find the perfect inspiration within. Anyone who wants to get lost in the ether, twist brains with incredibly captured analogue synth-work, and delectable drum loops for tracks of any shape and size.

Found within the product are an assortment of 4 and 8 bar loops resulting in an array of articulated synth lines (35), arpeggios (21) and basses (23) recorded direct from analogue hardware. The product also includes FX loops (37), melodic loops (20), percussion loops (15) and atoms (32). Fans of one shots can select over 70 bass, melodic, percussion and synth sounds. Produced with a diverse and creative array of musical styles in mind, ‘Sci-Fi Soundtracks’ is an essential piece of music making magic for every producer whose music is geared towards the future and inspired by the past. Now open your mind, embrace your imagination… and get started.

  • 1GB
  • Four and eight bar .wav loops


  • Synth 35
  • Atoms 32
  • FX 37
  • Bass 23
  • Arpeggios: 21
  • Melodic 20
  • Percussion 15

One shots:

  • Bass 15
  • Melodic 15
  • Percussion 15
  • Synth 30
  • BPM: 80 – 90

21. Space Odyssey (Engineering)

by Engineering

Space Odyssey (Engineering)

“Space Odyssey” is the latest installation by german based Sub Label “Engineering Samples RED”.

Packed with over 630 MB of sci-fi driven and dystopian colored sounds & loops this pack is entitled to match the highest standards and needs of Sound Designers and Music Producers worldwide.

Including 4 Folder with galactic Atmospheres, Extrasolar Synthesis, cosmic FX and Inspiration in cutting edge quality, recorded using the finest equipment, composed and selected with the highest artistic claim.

Most of the sounds & Loops are coming from analogue Synthesizers like our Moog Sub 37, Moog Mother 32, Behringer Model D, Roland Juno-6, Roland System 100 & Arp Odyssey.

  • 4 Folders
  • 40 Extra Solar Synthesis
  • 20 Atmospheres
  • 20 Cosmic FX
  • 20 Inspiration
  • 100 WAV Loops & Sounds at all
  • 120 BPM
  • 44,1 kHz / 24 Bit
  • 100% royalty free

22. Dystopia (Loopmasters)

by Loopmasters

Dystopia (Loopmasters)

Loopmasters are proud to present Dystopia, a futuristic and cinematic collection of the finest in sound design. Drawing influence from the imagined ruins of an impending society, Dystopia brings a mysterious and atmospheric sound to your library 100% royalty free.

Over the course of a whopping 2.98 GB, Dystopia brings everything you’ll need to meticulously detail your audible creations, with thick pads, resonant synths, massive atmosphere samples, encapsulating drones, and complex arp loops all available for weaving rich and thick sound tapestries. Combined with the infinitely precise drum and percussion sounds included and some super cinematic SFX and you’re well on your way to crafting a unique piece of music, whatever your preferred style.

With loops rolling out between 120-144bpm, this collection will work harmoniously in downtempo, cinematic and ambient music, alongside any other atmospheric styles of music.

In detail, expect to find 2.98 GB of content with all audio recorded at 24Bit & 44.1KHZ. There are 94 synth loops, 69 percussion loops, 56 guitar loops, 51 drum loops, 44 bass loops, 18 arp loops, 13 atmosphere loops, 10 drone loops and 1 noise loop. One-shots included are 108 drum hits, 66 grain synth hits, 62 FX, 21 synth hits, 10 bass hits, 6 guitar hits and 5 bass multis. Also included are 356 Rex2 files, 123 soft sampler patches (for Halion, NNXT, EXS24, Kontakt and SFZ) and 10 Kong.

Check out the demos above and log in to download a free taster pack now. This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here:

Produced by veteran Sound Designers Aneek Thapar (VibrationsDramatic Cinema seriesLive DowntempoNeo Soul) and Tom Solace  (ex-chief of the Ampify Sample Label and creator of countless bestselling sound packs).

  • 2.98 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 94 Synth Loops
  • 69 Percussion Loops
  • 56 Guitar Loops
  • 51 Drum Loops
  • 44 Bass Loops
  • 18 Arp Loops
  • 13 Atmosphere Loops
  • 10 Drone Loops
  • 1 Noise Loop
  • 108 Drum Hits
  • 66 Grain Synth Hits
  • 62 Fx
  • 21 Synth Hits
  • 10 Bass Hits
  • 6 Guitar Hits
  • 5 Bass Multis
  • 356 Rex2 Files
  • 123 Soft Sampler patches
  • 10 Kong
  • BPM: 120 – 144

23. Noise Texture Loops (ModeAudio)

by ModeAudio

Noise Texture Loops (ModeAudio)

‘Noise Texture Loops’ is ModeAudio’s latest Mini Packs release, bringing you a super-concentrated dose of a particular type of sonic inspiration for less – this pack delivers 50 sparkling sound effect loops, fizzling with the vibrancy and bustle of everyday life!

From simmering rain textures and sweeping winds, to the mellow rhythms of granulated bells and the dusty clang of distant machinery, we’ve drawn on our extensive collection of field recordings to present you with a far-reaching selection of soundtrack-ready audio.

An equal split of 25 hypnotic noise loops and 25 crackling granulations brings you all the tools required to both distress and finesse the texture within your next music production!

From blurred metallic resonances to dense clouds of fragmenting real-world atmosphere, we’ve included a deep choice of sonic canvasses upon which to paint your next slice of Ambient bliss.

The complete sound collection is infinitely loopable, regardless of tempo, which is set at a default of 120 Bpm for ease of use, allowing you to choose just how brief or lengthy your textural journey will end up.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip – get moving with ‘Noise Texture Loops’ today!

  • 50 WAV Texture Loops

24. Landscapes (Loopmasters)

by Loopmasters

Landscapes (Loopmasters)

Loopmasters are proud to present Landscapes, an expansive and cinematic selection of futuristic sci-fi soundscapes with a heavily technical sonic palette that marries the organic with the synthetic. Look no further for immense, world building audio delivered 100% royalty free.

Landscapes comes with a massive 1.45 GB of content – designed explicitly to inspire vision, with a sound arsenal that will give rise to a particularly unique theme in your music.  Awe-inspiring synth work and gargantuan drones pair superbly to create an unparalleled sense of futuristic space, whilst traditional instruments such as guitars and organs provide a gorgeous sense of modern juxtaposition. Textures, pads and FX can all be used to expand on the ambience, and to create your Landscape.

This collection will work harmoniously in cinematic, downtempo and ambient music, alongside any other atmospheric styles of music.

In detail, expect to find 1.45 GB of content, with all audio at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. there are 53 synth loops, 46 percussion loops, 31 bass loops, 27 organ loops, 25 drones, 16 guitar loops, 2 pad loops and 1 texture loop. One-shots are 39 hats & perc hits, 23 textures, 14 bass hits, 11 FX and 8 organ hits. You will also find inside 201 Rex2 Files.

Check out the demos above and log in to download a free taster pack now. This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here:

‘Produced by Aneek Thapar and Pete Lambrou (VLMV) at The Glasshouse studio and Nice Weather For Airstrikes studios.’ 

  • 1.45 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 53 Synth Loops
  • 46 Percussion Loops
  • 31 Bass Loops
  • 27 Organ Loops
  • 25 Drones
  • 16 Guitar Loops
  • 2 Pads 
  • 1 Texture
  • 39 Hats & Perc Hits
  • 23 Textures
  • 14 Bass Hits
  • 11 Fx
  • 8 Organ Hits
  • 201 Rex2 Files
  • BPM: 110 – 140

25. Sci-Fi Chronicles (5Pin Media)

by 5Pin Media

Sci-Fi Chronicles (5Pin Media)

5Pin Media and acclaimed sound designer/engineer Adam Pietruszko team up again to bring you the cosmically phenomenal Sci-Fi Chronicles. 

Steeped in a range of influences from the greatest 80s sci-fi movie, to it’s recent sequel combined with the classic sci-fi anime Hollywood remake involving ghosts, this powerful cinematic collection will appeal to producers of Synthwave, Synth-pop, Electronica, Ambient, Cinematic Scores and Documentaries alike.

Sci-Fi Chronicles comes in three main parts – Music, Effects (FX) and Drums as demonstrated in the associated audio demos available for preview above. For those wishing to seek out sounds from only one of the three parts, they will be pleased to learn that they can purchase the individual parts in addition to the complete collection.

SFC teleports in at 2.4 GB with a total 728 loops and 180 one-shots available in both Acidized WAV and Apple formats split between 80bpm and 105bpm tempos. Note that the music loops are available in both wet and dry versions for added flexibility – for more detail see the Tech Specs below.

Adam Pietuszko hails from Warsaw where he teaches synthesis and sound design at the Academy of Audio Engineering. At the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology his teaching covers sound synthesis, acoustics, electroacoustics, digital audio theory and music production. He has been a member of The Association of Sound Engineers in Poland since 2009. His journey in electronic music began in 2003 when he started spinning vinyl in Warsaw clubs, later turning to synthesizers and production. He is the creator of numerous award winning sample libraries and synthesizer sound banks focusing on the field of cinematic effects, picture scoring and electronic music. He combines analog and digital synthesizer techniques with percussion and field recordings, as well as physical modelling and experimental audio creation. His works also include tutorial videos on synthesizer programming and sound design.

  • 24Bit Quality
  • 2.4 Gb



  • 54 Arp@80bpm (27dry/27wet)
  • 53 Arp@105bpm (25dry/28wet)
  • 52 Bass@80bpm (25dry/27wet)
  • 50 Bass@105bpm (25dry/25wet)
  • 40 Keys@80bpm (20/dry/20wet)
  • 40 Keys@105bpm (20/dry/20wet)
  • 50 Lead@80bpm (25dry/25/wet)
  • 49 Lead@105bpm 24dry/25wet)
  • 46 Pad@80bpm (23dry/23wet)
  • 46 Pad@105bpm (23dry/23wet)


  • 112 @80bpm
  • 120 @105bpm


  • 6 Alerts@80bpm
  • 5 Alerts@105bpm
  • 5 Motion@80bpm
  • 5 Motion@105bpm


  • 10 Accents
  • 10 Atmospheres
  • 10 Booms
  • 10 Buildups
  • 10 Chimes
  • 10 DronesHi
  • 10 DronesLow
  • 10 Electronics
  • 10 Falls
  • 10 Glitch
  • 10 Impacts
  • 10 Pierces
  • 10 Risers
  • 10 Sweeps
  • 10 Textures
  • 10 Transmissions
  • 10 Winddowns
  • 10 Windups
  • BPM: 80 – 105

26. IQ Samples – Sci-Fi Cinematic (IQ Samples)

by IQ Samples

IQ Samples - Sci-Fi Cinematic (IQ Samples)

IQ Samples are proud to present –  Sci-Fi Cinematic sample pack!

Sci-Fi Cinematica is a huge high-quality collection of more than 800 samples crucial for movie and music production.

Besides you can use them as a game sound kit, the samples can easily be processed by such as FMOD, Wwise, and others.

Sci-Fi Cinematica is a great base for sound design in commercials and other types of videos.

And of course, it may become an incredible creative reinforcement for your songs and musical production allowing you to add more colors and textures to the sound.

Discover 549 elements for sound design. Sci-Fi Weapons / Mechanical Steps / Hits / Bleep FX / Footstep / Braaam FX / Bass Shot FX / Glitch FX / Sword FX / Turbine FX /Textures FX / Mechanics Slices / Slime And Squishes / Crackles / Monsters / Drones / Foley. Music production elements – 100 – Heavy Snare One Shots, 15 – Horror Guitars, 50 – Bass Shot FX, 20 – Kick, 21 – Melodic Atmosphere Loops, 40 – Pulse Loops, 10 – Melody Loops, 21 – Crispy Lead Loops.

This sample pack is a great ready-to-go solution for any musical or sound design challenge you may be facing. Just pick up the sound you need and add it to your project right away!


  • 2.06 Gb
  • 44.1 / 24 Bit
  • Tempo – 120 BPM
  • 40 Sci-Fi Mechanical Steps
  • 40 Sci-Fi Weapons
  • 40 Sci-Fi Hits
  • 130 Sci-Fi Bleep FX
  • 15 Footstep Sci-Fi Shots
  • 100 Heavy Snare One Shots 
  • 15 Horror Guitars
  • 40 Braaam FX
  • 50 Bass Shot FX
  • 25 Glitch FX
  • 11 Sword FX
  • 23 Turbine FX
  • 40 Textures FX
  • 10 Mechanics Slices
  • 15 Slime And Squishes
  • 20 Crackles
  • 60 Monsters
  • 30 Drones
  • 10 Foley
  • 20 Kick
  • 21 Melodic Atmosphere Loops
  • 40 Pulse Loops
  • 10 Melody Loops
  • 21 Crispy Lead Loops
  • Total: 834
  • BPM: 120

27. Vocode Galactica (Loopmasters)

by Loopmasters

Vocode Galactica (Loopmasters)

Loopmasters are proud to present Vocode Galactica, a fully comprehensive collection of vocoder samples that have been generated on strictly classic and authentic equipment by leading voice encoder expert Joe Grandberg. This 100% royalty free samples will inject a true retro feel into your tracks to fit with the budding resurgence of this sound, inspired by Egyptian Lover, Dominance Electricity, Newcleus and more!

Joe Grandberg is an experienced sound engineer, musician, composer, songwriter, and producer with a wide range of musical skills and recording experience. Joe has more than 20 years of sound design and recording experience, including audio sequencing, editing, mixing, sampling, time stretching, working with loops, synthesis types and techniques, vocoding & vocoder theory, sound design/manipulation/FX generation, turntablism as an art form (scratching, mixing) and dynamic filtering concepts & applications.

This collection features sounds captured and processed with all of the finest hardware available, including the SVC-350 Vocoder, EMS Systems 2000 Vocoder Mark II, SM58 Microphone, 4033a Microphone, 501 Preamp, 511 Equalizer, EQ-27 Equalizer, 5-Band Parametric Equalizer, LA-2A Compressor, SH-1 Synthesizer, Arp 2500 Eurorack Synthesizer & Filter Modules and 802VLZ4 8-Channel Mixer.

Over the course of 412 MB of content, Vocode Galactica brings you a plethora of genuine vocoded sonics, with vocal loops, vocoded drum loops, FX phrases, robot phrases, scratch loops, synth loops and much more all included alongside bonus midi files and sampler patches. These samples will work synonymously with electro, hip-hop, house, synthwave, synth pop and many more. Pick this one up to ensure you’ve got the most creative collection of vocoder samples on the market today!

In detail, expect to find 412 MB worth of content recorded at 24Bit & 44.1KHZ. There are 101 Vocoder Vocal Loops, 31 Vocoded Drum Loops, 15 Vocoded Synth Loops, 6 Drum Loops and 1 Scratch Loop. One-shots are 37 Robot Phrases, 30 Fx Phrases, 14 Fx Words, 12 Vowel Hits and 8 FX. Also included are 16 soft sampler patches (for Kontakt, NNXT, EXS24/Sampler and SFZ) and 14 Midi files.

Check out the demos above and log in to download a free taster pack now. This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here:

  • 412 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 101 Vocoder Vocal Loops
  • 31 Vocoded Drum Loops
  • 15 Vocoded Synth Loops
  • 6 Drum Loops
  • 1 Scratch Loop
  • 37 Robot Phrases
  • 30 Fx Phrases
  • 14 Fx Words
  • 12 Vowel Hits
  • 8 Fx
  • 16 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 14 Midi Files
  • BPM: 90 – 150

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