Top ShamanStems Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top ShamanStems Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 10+ ShamanStems Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 ShamanStems Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Witch House
  2. Wonky Bass
  3. Analog Percussion 2
  4. Electro
  5. Mutant Percussion
  6. The Eerie Tapes
  7. RAGE: Trap Metal
  8. Organic Ambience & Textures
  9. Soulful Beach House
  10. Ghetto Traxx

1. Witch House

Witch House

ShamanStems next serum preset pack has arrived. This is Witch House.

An enchanting blend of ethereal synth-pop keys, reese and hoover baselines, spaced-out drum machines, angelic goth-inspired choirs, ecclesiastic organs, anthemic trance leads and celestial bells, immaculately bound together by an ardent infatuation with the occult.

Pack Contents:

  • 78 Serum patches
    • 19 Serum Bass patches
    • 25 Serum Pad patches
    • 11 Serum Keys Patches
    • 7 Serum Bells Patches
    • 13 Serum Lead Pacthes
    • 4 Serum Synth Patches
  • 36 Wav Drum Loops
  • 59 Wav Drum Shots
  • 14 Melodic Construction Kits
  • 51 Wav Melodic Loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 224
  • 648 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Serum 1.308

2. Wonky Bass

Wonky Bass

Craving for some of that sweet, creamy bass, so phat it’s almost good enough to eat? Our monstrously delicious Wonky Bass is here to serve! Feast yourself on these savory 430+ Moog, Doepfer, Korg, Elektron and Yamaha bass hits, tenderly baked through analogue outboards, imbued with savory EQ and sprinkled with light saturation for the extra pep.

Don’t forget to make room for desert! 30 Ableton Projects are putting those oneshots to good use, also provided as wav construction kit loops, and the cherry on top, a custom Ableton Effect Rack designed to season those buttery bass morsels to your desired taste.

You will discover 433 bass hits created using only high-end analog and digital hardware, key-labeled where applicable , split into acidic, creamy, edgy, pitchy and misc folders.

Furthermore, you will find 30 wonky house and techno construction kit folders, 88 bass loops in total, 125-127 Bpm and their respective Ableton Live Projects, so you’ll have access to the midi files and effects section, allowing you to use them as templates for new projects.

There’s a custom made Ableton Effects Rack inside, plus 16 presets, employing bit-reduction,saturation,low boost and glue. You will also find the Ableton Project file for the demo, bass parts only.

Note: Demo contains drumloops not present in this pack.

Pack Contents:

  • 24 bit 44.1 Khz Wav
  • Ableton Live 9.7.5+
  • 31 Ableton Live Projects
  • 1 Ableton Live Effects Rack
  • 16 Ableton Live Effect Rack Presets
  • 433 Wav Bass Hits
  • 88 Wav Bass Loops
  • 1 Ableton Live 9.7.5 + Pack

Total Number Of Files:

  • 570
  • 320 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Ableton Live 9.7.5 +

3. Analog Percussion 2

Analog Percussion 2

1280+ all analog percussive oneshots oozing with warmth and punch, recorded from highly sought after synths and drum machines from Elektron, Moog, Doepfer, Analogue Solutions and Acidlab, rigorously organized in 19 Ableton Live 9.7.6+ racks and put to good use in 23 Live Projects.

23 Live Projects are included : 10 projects designed for 117 -125 Bpm House and 13 projects for 124 -135 Bpm Techno and Electro. Each project has been rendered as construction kits as well, totaling 142 WAV drum loops.

Note: The demos showcase unprocessed sounds from this pack except for the e-piano loops present in the Main Demo.

Pack Contents:

  • 24 bit 44.1Khz Wav
  • Ableton Live 9.7.6 +
  • 388 Mb
  • 1470 files
  • 195 Kicks
  • 118 Hihats
  • 78 Snares
  • 57 Claps
  • 47 Rimshots
  • 94 BleepBloop
  • 21 Claves
  • 87 Clicks and Transients
  • 39 Cowbells
  • 66 Cymbals
  • 67 Highperc
  • 57 Midperc
  • 114 Lowperc and Toms
  • 41 Subs
  • 60 Resonant and Zaps
  • 145 Weird and
  • 142 Drum Loops
  • 19 Ableton Live 9.7.6 + Drum Racks
  • 23 Ableton Live 9.7.6 + Demo Projects

Total Number Of Files:

  • 1470
  • 388 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Ableton Live 9.7.6 +

4. Electro


Due to the scarcity of pure Electro sample libraries, the Shamans have decided to create a collection that pays tribute and stays true to the classic works of Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins, James Stinson, Gerald Donald, Underground Resistance, AFX, AUX88 and DMX Krew.

A total of 171 drum loops expertly programmed on analog and digital machines, with tempos ranging from 126 to 138 BPM are present in the pack, accompanied by 23 alien and machine-made soundscapes, 227 drum hits, 36 arps and sequences + 36 MIDI, 23 pads + 23 MIDI, 20 bass loops + 20 MIDI.

Please Note: Some loops present in the demo have been treated to compression and reverb in post production, whereas the loops in the collection are recorded as dry as possible.
Pack Contents:

  • 171 Drum Loops
  • 23 FX
  • 36 Arps Loops Wav
  • 36 Arps MIDI
  • 23 Pad Loops Wav
  • 23 Pad MIDI
  • 20 Bass Loops Wav
  • 20 Bass MIDI
  • 227 drum hits

Total Number Of Files:

  • 565
  • 472 MB

5. Mutant Percussion

Mutant Percussion

An unfortunate experiment has had the ShamanStems laboratory exposed to critical levels of radiation. The surviving scientists managed to contain the area but their Elektron apparatuses have been permanently damaged, becoming unstable and unpredictable: otherworldly auditory renderings have been appearing and disappearing throughout the precipices in a seemingly uncoordinated fashion.

These peculiar sounds have been carefully recorded, edited and arranged as to perhaps provide an insight into the events that have transpired.

A bonus 8 full Demo Drum Loops are present as wav files, with variants for each machine, offering you 64 Loops in total. Plus we’ve included 8 Ableton Live Projects for each demo loop where you can edit the racks, MIDI grooves or automation. There are 16 template projects for those who want a quick start with a specific rack, or the full drum kit containing all 15 racks.
Pack Contents:

  • 1466 Oneshots – 24Bit, 44.1Khz Wav
  • 123 Toms
  • 100 Claps
  • 55 Claves
  • 99 Cowbells
  • 160 Cymbals
  • 101 FM percussion
  • 125 Snares
  • 127 Hihats
  • 222 Kicks
  • 221 Quirky percussion
  • 64 Piercing percussion
  • 69 Shakers
  • 64 Demo Loops
  • 1 Ableton Live 9.7 + Pack
  • 15 Ableton Live 9.7 + Racks
  • 8 Ableton Live 9.7+ Demo Projects
  • 16 Ableton Live 9.7+ Template Projects

Total Number Of Files:

  • 1569
  • 1.56 GB zipped

Software Requirements:

  • Ableton formats require Ableton Live 9.7+

6. The Eerie Tapes

The Eerie Tapes

Taking inspiration from the classic Silent Hill games, this collection mirrors the eerie ambience and sense of nostalgia engraved in the Tokyo based Japanese-horror series’ groundbreaking soundtrack.

Uncover grainy atmospheres, weightless pads, misty pianos, sedated trip-hop drums, deranged illbient textures, industrial percussion and angsty guitars, all tracked on cassette and reel-to-reel tapes.

Pack Contents:

  • 18 Atmosphere Loops
  • 45 Atmosphere Shots
  • 34 Drum Loops
  • 111 Drum Shots
  • 19 Industrial and Metallic Loops
  • 44 Industrial and Metallic Shots
  • 33 Melodic Loops
  • 31 Melodic Shots
  • 37 Texture Shots

Total Number Of Files:

  • 372
  • 962.5 MB

7. RAGE: Trap Metal

RAGE: Trap Metal

Exorcise your inner demons with our extreme trap metal collection swarming with furious guitar riffs, disturbed horror textures, damaged drums, piercing metallic impacts, distorted 808 bass hits and tormented screams.

‘RAGE’ elaborately fuses Industrial Hip-Hop, Horrorcore and Hard Trap with Nu-Metal, Grindcore, Death Metal and Digital Hardcore, interspersed with nuances of Black Metal, Post-Punk and IDM.

Pack Contents:

  • 72 Drum Loops
  • 29 Guitar Loops
  • 17 Horror Loops
  • 26 808 Shots
  • 71 Drum Shots
  • 47 Metallic Impact Shots
  • 23 Scream and Growl Shots

Total Number Of Files:

  • 285
  • 416 MB

8. Organic Ambience & Textures

Organic Ambience & Textures

Fresh, vivid and incredibly detailed organic soundscapes galore in ShamanStems’ latest offering, perfect for livening up your music, creating FX transitions, sound design, game audio, ads, film and video. With over 2 hours of pristine quality recordings and totaling an impressive 4 GB + in size, the team has set to create an all-encompassing source of natural ambiences, scouting forests, rivers, lakes, swamps, mountains, plains, parks, cities and villages to find and capture an extremely diverse organic sonic palette.

The ambience files go as high as 3 minutes long, ensuring plenty of variance and slicing material for your samplers. Some transient heavy bits have been excerpted from these ambience and placed in the ‘Single Hits’ folders for fast and easy access.

Inside you will find a vast number of outdoor and studio recorded crunch and rustle sounds featuring leaves, branches, shells, rocks, bubbles, grains, beans, nuts, paper, cloth and various other materials. The sounds of cafe’s, parks, citadels, churches, night-time traffic, farmers markets, schoolyards and reverb-filled halls make the ‘Cities and Crowds’ folder shine.

If you’re looking for the sounds of the elements, thes files are also present: different rain textures abound, winds, boiling water, fire, fizz, steam. You’ll hear vibrant bird-songs, dog barks, and swamp creatures. To top things off, various hums, footsteps, rattles can be found in the ‘Misc’ folder.

Note: The demo contains melodic and drum loops not present in this pack, the library contains field recordings only.
Pack Contents:

  • 43 Cities and Crowds Ambiences
  • 59 Cities and Crowds Single Hits
  • 22 Creatures Ambiences
  • 49 Creatures Single Hits
  • 53 Crunch and Rustle Textures
  • 125 Crunch and Rustle Single Hits
  • 48 Elemental Textures
  • 51 Elemental Single Hits
  • 14 Misc Ambiences
  • 18 Misc Single Hits

Total Number Of Files:

  • 482
  • 4 GB

9. Soulful Beach House

Soulful Beach House

ShamanStems are back with another summertime hit collection, packed with crisp, cutting edge drums, live percussion, soulful keys, warm baselines and soothing pads. Following the footsteps of their Rooftop House pack, released a few years back, which ignited the creativity of bedroom producers and major label artists alike, allowing their loops and sounds to reach an audience in the hundreds of millions, Soulful Beach House is now up for grabs, providing infinite inspiration for aspiring and well-established artists.

Inside you will discover a total of 190 laid-back and vivid Drumloops: 41 Full, 41 Strip, 39 Top, 39 Hihats, 30 Perc plus extra 44 Top Loops, recorded at 115, 118 and 120 BPMs, rigorously EQ-ed and processed to provide a solid back-bone for your hit track. You will also find 96 Melodic loops split into 19 construction kit folders, each one containing full mix and separate parts, including warm analogue and live slap bass, dusty rhodes, FM e-pianos and keys, dreamy analogue pads and soulful chords, plus the according MIDI file for each loop.

Organic percussion plays a major part in nailing that beach house sound , therefore 63 live and sequenced bongos, darabanas, cabasas, ganzas, congas, agogos, tambourines , cowbells, shakers and claves are present to satisfy your percussive needs. Some percussive instruments can be used as sound effects as well, you will find them played in outlandish ways in the Sound FX section, along with seashore field recordings, digital birds, reverbed xaphoons, snaps and cymbals, 50 in total. To top things off, 371 drum and percussion hits are provided as well: 221 live, synthesized or layered percussion, 40 kicks, 58 hihats, 18 claps, 22 snares and 12 toms.

Pack Contents:

  • 880 24 bit, 44.1 Khz Wav
  • 190 Drumloops
  • 96 Melodics loops
  • 66 MIDI Melodics
  • 63 Percussion Loops
  • 371 Drum and Percussion Hits
  • 50 Sound Fx
  • 44 Top loops and Add-ons

Total Number Of Files:

  • 880
  • 980 MB

10. Ghetto Traxx

Ghetto Traxx

ShamanStems get down and dirty with Getto Traxx, having conjured up the grittiest, toughest house and techno loops imaginable. Paying tribute to the early days of Chicago Ghetto House and pushing things forward by taking notes from the ever inspiring and vibrant Paris, London, New York and Berlin underground scenes, this collection will satisfy all your needs for high-octane, forward-thinking dance music.

Mr.G, DJ Funk, DJ Deeon, Radio Slave, Bambounou, Jimmy Edgar and labels Rekids, ClekClekBoom, Hessle Audio, Ultramajic and Trip are responsible for providing the inspiration in creating this library.

There are a whopping 190 Drum Loops inside created with vintage rhythm boxes from Roland, Korg, Boss meet state-of-the art drum machines like the Elektron Analog RYTM and Elektron Machinedrum all dirtied up and damaged via analog distortion, tube overdrive and EQ pedals. Full, strip, percussion and top versions present. You’ll find 76 Melodic Loops: Bass, stabs, chords, pads, pianos, music cuts and many more, expertly filtered and colored using high-end effects pedals from Strymon and TC Electronic!

Find even more inspiration with 51 Old school alien fx from EMU, Roland and Yamaha passed through extreme EQ settings. Lastly we’ve provided 198 raw and gritty drum hits and 43 Captivating rhythmic vocal cuts, precisely sliced and bit reduced using Bastl Instruments’ Micro Granny.

All loops recorded at 127 and 129 BPM, key labelled where applicable.

Pack Contains:

  • 190 Drum Loops
  • 76 Melodic Loops
  • 198 Drum Hits
  • 43 Vocal Cuts

Total Number Of Files:

  • 558

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Top ShamanStems Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 10+ ShamanStems Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021
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