Top Slicer VST Plugins
Top Slicer VST Plugins

Top 4+ Slicer VST Plugins 2022

We have created for you a rating of the Best 4 Slicer VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Looperator
  2. HY-Slicer
  3. Bliss
  4. Initial Slice

1. Looperator


Enter the FX Matrix!
Looperator chops up your audio and turns it into something new. In the process, you can dispose of the classics like Filters and Reverbs, but also trippy Loop and Vinyl manipulations.

Looperator makes you sound as if you worked on your track for hours and hours and really all it took was a click of a button.


  • 16-Step Sample Slicer
  • Looper with Reverse Mode
  • Time Stretch & Talkbox Filter
  • Recall presets with MIDI notes
  • Independent Control for left/right Channel
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Intelligent Random
  • 5 Parameters per effect and step

Plug in and let Loose!

Looperator unites two concepts: you can re-arrange the material with the Slicer and place effects with surgical precision. Right from the start, we aimed at a tool that is easy to handle and produces favourable results.

The preset tools make creating of rolls, loops and stutter edits, that can be fiddly to build in a DAW, a matter of a few mouse clicks.

And when inspiration has left the room, the smart random algorithms with detailed programming options will generate sequences with a high chance of sounding balanced and useable.

Extensive MIDI Integration & Modest on your CPU
Looperator can be triggered in sync with the DAW’s transport controls, or via notes from a MIDI track. In a classic DJ setup, it syncs with your DJ software.

You can assign complete effect sequences to MIDI notes – this way you can trigger individual patterns. This gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to applying magic to audio signals in a live environment.

Find a boring drum loop! In under a minute, you’ll have something sounding not only completely different, but truly compelling.

It’s undemanding on your resources, so running a number of instances and incorporating the results into a broader project is a truly effortless process.

The Beauty of Under-the-Hood Editing Power
Despite its simple interface, Looperator is a surprisingly deep plug-in if you really dig in.

Each effect holds its individual parameters (5 settings), each of which can be controlled by one of 20 selectable and adjustable envelope shapes, a simple automation-ready parameter dial, an envelope follower, or a randomiser.

Much of the time, you won’t need to go any further than the ready-made steps, but when you do, the four user-defined steps per track give you full and precise control of vital effect parameters on a per-step basis.

When it comes to animating lively sequences on a detailed level, the possibilities are literally endless.

Dynamics and Depth
The processing chain runs from top to bottom and you can alter the order of the six lanes by a simple vertical drag–and–drop.

If for example, the Slicer is below FX1, then the results of FX1 will be included in the slices as you sequence them—after which they’ll be filtered, looped and processed through FX2 and the envelopes.

Each effect module has an individual dry/wet and the global mix control boasts 6 different setups.

All UI elements put the spotlight on the task at hand and directly respond to every user action with visual feedback.

Take a Peek at the Manual, or Don’t…

Don’t overthink it! Looperator allows unlimited undo steps. This security encourages experimentation. Silence your critical voice, paint some patterns, and when it sounds good, save the preset.

Features and logic will become apparent through use and you’ll hear for yourself that Looperator’s output of new ideas from the first moment is intoxicating.

From subtle enhancements to spectacular effect pyrotechnics: Looperator’s expressive potential quickly approaches the character of an instrument.

Sounds & Presets

Rearrange your groove..!

Looperator comes with over 300 presets, ready to instantly transform your sounds. The factory library is categorised, making it easy to tell at a glance what sort of sonic role each set of patches is best suited to.

2. HY-Slicer


It’s a sample slicer with a step sequencer and fx chain. You can slice loaded samples and then trigger them with the internal step sequencer.

Main Features:

  • Sample Slicer
  • Step sequencer for triggering sliced sample
  • File browser
  • Groove Editor
  • Re-orderable FX Chain
  • Pattern chainer
  • Re-scalable plugin window
  • Randomizer
  • Preset manager

With just a few clicks, you can load in and get immediately started slicing up sounds. Browse for your audio files, and once you’ve found the one you want to work in, try out the Auto Slice feature. Otherwise, of course this plugin can be used to Manually Slice up your sounds.

Simple set the size of your auto slices, for example if you wanted to slice your loaded sample into 16, simply set this quantity and let the Sample Slicer take over. But there truly is more to this than just automatically slicing your sounds. You can even assign this process to the step sequencer for trigger control.

And for even more control and depth, you can also control step slicing in the step slice arranger.

This plugin offers so much more however. The Randomizer comes with some incredible features that allow you to really mix up, rotate, duplicate, and set all controls for your Step Parameters at once.

The Groove Editor comes to you with a ton of knobs to help you set the timing shift that occurs in each step. You can make your own swing/shuffle behavior by using this editor. You can also even load up grooves via midi files.

The FX Chain is involved to offer 7 effects that can be ordered and re-ordered to your preference. You can change the order of the FX Chain just by dragging and dropping, it’s very intuitive!

This unique slicer plugin offers so much more than what you can see at face value. Dig deep and discover the depth of HY-Slicer today!

3. Bliss


discoDSP “Bliss” is a simple but powerful sampler with some extremely creative features.

Bliss’ VSTi Sampling feature can automatically create sampled instruments from patches on any VST instrument, which is a pretty useful feature if you’re working with CPU-hungry synth plugins that bog down your sessions.

But that’s not all Bliss has to offer. In addition to its highly customizable Envelopes, Filters and LFOs, it features a built-in Wave Editor for making powerful sample-level adjustments to your source material, 8 automatable Macro Controls, Parameter Morphing and 7 great Effects to add that final touch to your masterpiece!

The Ultimate Sampler & VSTi Recorder For Audio Manipulation Junkies!

“Bliss” is an incredibly sophisticated Sampler and VSTi recorder for Audio Units and VST hosts featuring a number of outstanding features for audio manipulation junkies:

  • A scalable & theme-able GUI
  • VSTi sampling
  • 8 automatable Macro controls
  • Dual zero delay feedback filters
  • Sample editor
  • 7 built-in effects
  • Flexible modulation
  • Parameter morphing
  • Offline resampling quality using 512 points SINC algorithm
  • Highest offline resampling quality using 512 points SINC algorithm

“Bliss” opens up a world of possibilities for audio manipulation and real-time granular effects control. Import any sound you like (including existing VSTis!) and mangle them beyond all recognition to create your own signature sound!

    • 32 / 64-bit VSTi / Audio Units compatibility.
    • Built-in VST host / VSTi sampling (freezing). Record your favorite VST without any sound quality loss!
    • Built-in wave editor.
    • Scalable and theme-able GUI.
    • Morphing (velocity-dependent parameter control) / automatable zone parameters.
    • 128 Programs with unlimited zones.
    • 32-bit floating point based wavetables.
    • Full MIDI Input triggering control.
    • Up to 64 voices polyphony (multilayered zone sampling engine).
    • Oversampling voice generation: up to 4x oversample factor.
    • Selectable interpolation engines: up to 512 points SINC interpolation.
    • Full mono / poly / legato operation.
    • Glide with auto-switch control.
    • 4 voices Unison with detuning.
    • Dual Zero-Delay Feedback filters.
    • 24dB / Oct filter modes: Lowpass / Highpass / Bandpass 1 / Bandpass 2 / Notch /
    • Peaking / Disabled. Stepping-free Cutoff / Resonance and Drive parameters.
    • Velocity and Keyboard tracking to the Cutoff parameter.
    • 8 assignable Macro knobs. Multiple controls can be assigned to each.
    • Independent amplitude / modulation envelope / LFO and filter settings.
    • 2 sync-able LFOs with configurable Phase.
    • Stepping-free modulation sends / pitch bend / modulation to morphing wheels.
    • ADSR amplitude and modulation envelope.
    • ADSR envelope filter / pitch assignable (both bipolar).
    • Wow effect: Rock Da Disco.
    • Soft clipper to tame the output.
    • Stereo rotation effect.
    • High quality chorus / delay / reverb.
      Selectable Pre Post Effects: Bit reducer, Phaser, Distortion.
    • Chorus / Delay / Reverb sends, settable for all or individual zones.
    • Built-in wave editor with full undo history.
    • Zoom up to 1:1 resolution.
    • Selection of Left, Right or both channels for editing.
    • 7 Loop types (one shot / forward / bidirectional / backward / forward w/sustain /
    • crossfade / static).
    • Clipboard: Cut / copy / paste / mix paste / sample / trim.
    • Amplitude: Fade in / fade out / normalization / mute / insert silence.
    • Effects: Reverse / Invert polarity / Swap channels / Remove DC.
    • Cues / Loop edit / Auto-slice to tempo / transients.
    • Automatable zone parameters / cue / loop points.
    • Automatable start / end / loop points.
    • Auto / drum mapping when multiple files are opened at once.
    • Internal new program/bank formats with lossless encoding.
    • LUA scripting engine for program loading: add new file formats easily.
    • Samples: .WAV / .BWF / .AIFF / .AIF / .FLAC / .OGG / .MP2 / .AMR / .AC3 / .QT / .
    • ADTS / .MP3 / .M4R / .3GP / .MPA / .SD2 / .MPEG / .M4A / .MP4 / .MOV / .SND / .
    • AIFC / .CAF / .M4B / .3G2 / .MP1 / .AAC / .AU.
    • Programs: .AKP (AKAI S5000-S6000) / .EXS / .SFZ / .DLS / .SF2
    • (SoundFont2) / .XRNI (Renoise Instruments)
    • Programs: .SFZ / ZBP programs and ZBB banks (24-bit lossless FLAC) / Encrypted ZBP and ZBB for 3rd party soundware.
    • Samples: 16-bit WAV (24-bit when saved as SFZ)
    • The ultimate sampling tool that opens up a world of possibilities for sophisticated audio manipulation!

So What Can I Do With “Bliss”?

With it’s unparalleled flexibility “Bliss” opens up a whole new world of audio manipulation possibilities for your next track, thanks to it’s array of unique features including:

  • A Comprehensive Sample Editor
  • Multiple Envelopes, Filters & LFOs
  • Flexible Morphing and Macro controls
  • Multiple Effects
  • The completely unique VSTi Recording capability.

This is an incredibly sophisticated, yet easy to use plugin that lets you take any sound and mangle it beyond all recognition to create your own signature sound!

4. Initial Slice

Initial Slice

Loop Slicer

Initial Slice is a loop slicer and beat making plugin. Load audio loops via drag and drop to slice, loop, reverse, pitch shift or even time stretch them. Initial Slice also comes with multiple built-in piano rolls so you can create sequences right in the box. On top of this, there is an advanced drum sequencer, bass sequencer, playlist editor, 4 effect racks (each with 11 built-in effects) and lots of top quality content.

Over 300 Loops

Initial Slice comes with over 300 loops and over 300 beat starters, as well as over 160 drum samples. Initial Audio have prepared a demo beat for every loop in Initial Slice, easily selected by clicking the “Beat” button that comes next to every preset in the library window. This makes it a perfect plugin for producers looking for new content and ideas to inspire their next hit song.

Initial Slice has been designed with content creators in mind. Lots of features have been added that help with making unique content that stands out. These features enable creators to quickly make a demo beat faster than ever before, really showing off their content to full effect.

Create your own libraries, drum patterns and beat starters and share them with others or even sell them online. Initial Slice saves all samples and drum sounds you use into the project file, users don’t have to deal with files and folders but can simply load new content via drag and drop.

Quality Matters

Initial Slice is powered by Zynaptic’s Artificial Intelligence-driven time-stretch algorithm ZTX which is one of the best the world has yet to offer and can handle multitimbral audio like no other. Loaded as a plugin in your DAW everything will be in sync and set to tempo. Initial Slice is a high-quality, easy to use tool for music producers as well as a great platform for content creators to share content with other music producers all across the globe.


  • Over 300 royalty-free factory samples including beat starters and drum patterns.
  • Main editor which lets you slice, time-stretch, pitch-shift, loop, reverse and gate your samples.
  • 3 effect racks and 1 master rack
  • Built-in slice sequencer allowing you to program slice patterns
  • Built-in advanced drum sequencer
  • Built-in bass sequencer / sample player
  • Built-in playlist allowing you to create quick arrangements
  • Built-in sample library allowing you to access your drum kits and sample packs in the box

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Top Slicer VST Plugins
Top 4+ Slicer VST Plugins 2022
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