Top SoundSpot Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top SoundSpot Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 6+ SoundSpot Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2022

We have created for you a rating of the Best 6 SoundSpot Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. JDakk & French – The Bounce – Melbourne Bounce Sample Pack
  2. Redhead Roman – Total EDM
  3. Essential EDM Sylenth 1 Bank
  4. The Guru Project – Future House Vol 1
  5. Perfect Progressive Vol.1
  6. Rio Lorenzo – Progressive Trance Vol. 1

1. JDakk & French – The Bounce – Melbourne Bounce Sample Pack

Label: SoundSpot
JDakk & French - The Bounce - Melbourne Bounce Sample Pack

After years of international touring and a couple of million frequent flyer miles, JDakk & French are undoubtedly two of the freshest DJ’s & Producers to emerge in today’s EDM scene though have been in the industry for years!

Having previously been hailed for their excellent production work, including official remixes for world-renowned artists like Boy George, they display a remarkable versatility enabling them to play in small, intimate clubs to life-size festivals. Their marathon DJ sets capture their unique character, while their blend of styles, unique bootlegs & turntablism lie in perfect harmony, accentuating the unmistakable beat of the percussions. Their new, perfected sound is conductive to dedicated dance music fanatics and fledgling EDM ears, creating an experience that is enjoyable for listeners from all musical backgrounds.

Throughout the past decade, JDakk & French have been 2 of the pioneers in Electro House. This resulted in the prologue to an important saga for artists and producers, who have chosen this as their way of life. Their evolution through the past years has led them to the pinnacle of the global music scene.

All these years of hard work, absolute dedication, undisputed professionalism and constant evolution in sounds have led this infallible duo to the summit of success, bringing them to securing bookings around the globe; Miami, Ibiza, Dubai, Australia, Estonia, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Canada, the list goes on! JDakk & French represent an invaluable legacy of sound, where their blend of styles is their dogma and the quality their message.

The industry has changed a lot since JDakk & French began. This longevity has allowed them to see EDM from different angles over the years. Their innovative new sounds, coupled with the musical elements that helped forge the EDM genre, will give the world a product they have yet to see in this new age of music.

The Pack Contains

  • – 573 Files
  • – 40 Claps (20 Short, 20 Regular)
  • – 60 Hi Hats (30 Closed, 30 Open)
  • – 20 Crashes, 20 Rides
  • – 20 Drum loops divided into multiple separated stems (100 Loops in total)
  • – 20 Fills (10 Short, 10 Long)
  • – 20 FX (10 Impacts, 10 Risers)
  • – 40 Kicks
  • – 59 Bass Loops (5 Full octave packs)
  • – 20 Drops Loops with Sidechain, 20 Drop Loops without Sidechain + MIDI
  • – 10 Melody Loops + MIDI
  • – 40 Percussion
  • – 20 Presets for Spire, 20 Presets for Sylenth1 (Banks as well as solo presets)
  • – 30 Snares

2. Redhead Roman – Total EDM

Label: SoundSpot
Redhead Roman - Total EDM


Redhead Roman was born in 1992 and is a Producer, DJ, and sound effects designer from Czech Republic. Roman has been the driving force between many a sample pack over the years and has produced a wide range of sample packs for the infamous W.A Productions who have received support from some prominent names in the music industry such as the Futuristic Polar Bears, Austin Leeds & Starkillers to name but a few. Recently Roman has been collaborating with the mighty Austin Leeds who has worked with a plethora of dance musics finest including the legend that is Paul Van Dyk and has release multiple tracks supported by the worlds finest EDM artists.

This sample pack has been painstakingly crafted by Roman and contains everything from big snare drum samples to dirty bass heavy kicks, melodic midi files to awesome sound effects. Whether you’re a budding EDM producer or a seasoned industry veteran, if there’s one pack you need in your library then this is it. The pack will help you to get that professional sound from your next EDM productions time and time again.

The pack contains 670 Files & loops including:

    • 20 Big Snares
    • 30 Claps
    • 100 Cymbals (30 Open Hi Hats, 30 Closed Hi Hats, 20 Rides, 20 Crashes)
    • 20 Drum Loops – each divided into 4 individual stems
    • 5 Folders of Fat tuned big room kicks – each folder contains full octave of samples of the current kick
    • 20 Fills
    • 30 Sound Effects (20 Impacts, 10 Risers)
    • 50 Kicks
    • 40 Melodies – 40 WAV Loops + 40 MIDI Loops (20 Melody, 20 Drops)
    • 70 Percussion (20 Fat, 50 Snappy)
    • 20 Sylenth1, 20 Spire, 10 Serum presets (divided into separated presets as well as complete banks)
    • 30 Snares

10 Vocal loops

3. Essential EDM Sylenth 1 Bank

Label: SoundSpot
Essential EDM Sylenth 1 Bank

We’re proud to announce our latest creation for quite possibly the worlds most famous soft synth… The Sylenth 1.

The banks contains everything you need to create world class EDM sounds.
The preset bank contains only the most amazing and advanced sounds including acid basses and leads, catchy plucks, deep pads, majestic superplucks and a whole bunch of other presets designed to bring a unique and massive feeling to your mixes.

Each sound has been crafted with precise attention to detail to allow your breaks and drops to sound sharper and more powerful.

Product Details:

  • • 120 Sylenth1 VST presets
  • • Multi-genre
  • • 100% Royalty-Free

Please Note:

Sylenth1 is required for this soundset.

4. The Guru Project – Future House Vol 1

Label: SoundSpot
The Guru Project - Future House Vol 1

A MASSIVE 530 files! Including SAMPLES, LOOPS, MIDI FILES & SYNTH PRESETS The Guru Project are the guys behind the world famous Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008, a track which gained the IDMA at the Miami Winter Music Conference and also in the Top 50 Influential Dance tracks of all time. With over 20 releases under their belts including remixes for the likes of Boy George, Tim Berg and many more, along with high profile collaborations (too many to mention), the team certainly know their stuff in the studio and have kindly agreed to produce the sample pack and production kit exclusively for SoundSpot®. The pack contains 530 files including:

  • 30 Bass loops, 30 Bass loops with Sidechain, 30 MIDI
  • 20 Melody Loops, 20 Melody Loops with Sidechain, 20 MIDI
  • 30 CLaps
  • 10 Crashes
  • 20 Full Drum Loops divided into stems – 80 drum loops
  • 20 Fills
  • 20 FX – 10 Impacts, 10 Risers
  • 40 Hi Hats – 20 Open, 20 Closed
  • 40 Kicks
  • 40 Percussion
  • 20 Rides
  • 40 Snares
  • 20 Spire Presets
  • 20 Sylenth1 Presets
  • 10 Toms

All audio files are 100% royalty free, delivered in 24bit quality and have been produced to the high standard the guys are well known for.

5. Perfect Progressive Vol.1

Label: SoundSpot
Perfect Progressive Vol.1

#1 Bestseller

Introducing Perfect Progressive Vol.1

Perfect Progressive Vol.1 is an absolute must have for any aspiring or professional producers arsenal! The pack contains 15 construction kits, perfectly crafted in the ever popular progressive style providing instant inspiration for new tracks.

Perfect Progressive Vol.1 is packed with over 600mb of content including loops & midi files, allowing you to put your own spin on these awesome melodies.

6. Rio Lorenzo – Progressive Trance Vol. 1

Label: SoundSpot
Rio Lorenzo - Progressive Trance Vol. 1


Our progressive trance pack has been brought to you courtesy of Rio Lorenzo. Rio’s production career has spanned over 10 years and has seen him working alongside industry veterans such as Austin Leeds, Ben Nicky & Amy Kirkpatrick to name but a few.

The man behind the Loops

Better known for his part in the duo the D:tox Twins in the late 2000’s, he has performed at some of the worlds top venues and events such as Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound, Goodgreef, Slinky, o2 Academy… the list goes on.

If it’s progressive trance that you produce then this pack is a must have in your production arsenal and contains a huge amount of quality trance samples. Rio has lovingly created all you need to produce the next trance hit, from driving bass lines to uplifting melodies, intricate Drum Samples to Sound Effects this pack has it all.

The sample pack has 530 Files which include:

20 Bass Loops (With and without sidechain) – 40 Files + 20 MIDI
10 Big Snares
30 Claps
20 Rides, 20 Open Hi Hats, 20 Closed Hi Hats, 15 Crashes
20 Drum Loops – divided into 3 versions – Full, No Kick, Top Loop – 60 Files
20 Fills
10 Sound Effects – Impacts, 10 Risers
50 Kicks
20 Melody Loops – divided into multiple versions – 75 files + 20 MIDI
40 Percussion
30 Snares
20 Sylenth1 Presets
20 Spire Presets

As always the sample pack contains the highest quality 24bit royalty free samples

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Top SoundSpot Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 6+ SoundSpot Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2022
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