Top Soundyan VST Plugins
Top Soundyan VST Plugins

Top 2+ Soundyan VST Plugins 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 2 Soundyan VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Zanza & Kalimba
  2. Interstellar Waterphone

1. Zanza & Kalimba

Zanza & Kalimba

ZANZA & KALIMBA – The unique kalimba sampled virtual instrument

Multi layered sampling in 24 bits using highest quality preamps with ultra low noise gave it a super realistic sound.

In this plugin the zanza do have resonant box as opposed to kalimba which does not. Also zanza has the buzzing piece of sheet metal on every playing rod. This creates subtle, high pitched buzzing.

The kalimba has more mellow and clean sounds and they complement each other perfectly together.


  • Two different lamellophone instruments were used to create this plugin
  • 1.36 GB of uncompressed audio data
  • High quality, 24 bit stereo samples
  • Multi layers sampling techniques provide rich and natural feeling.
  • Basic sound control parameters – ADSR, Filters, Offset
  • Plugin pitch control and pitch-wheel range control.
  • CC Automation learn
  • MTS-ESP support
  • Available as AU, VST3 and a standalone application

2. Interstellar Waterphone

Interstellar Waterphone

The Soundyan’s Interstellar Waterphone 1.2 is an extraordinary virtual instrument plugin.

Three different physical waterphones were recorded to make an audio source for this plugin.

Control over sound by multiple parameters

The Interstellar Waterphone plugin has many diferent parameters for sound control

  • Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release envelope
  • Sample start offset
  • Low-pass and high-pass filters

Virtual Bow

Interstellar Waterphone has a “Virtual Bow” knob, that can play sounds and generate midi data, that will go out of your plugin and can be recorded by a DAW software.

  • Steps
  • Offset
  • Bow velocity
  • Velocity randomness

The recordings were made with high quality equipment such as the Sanken 100kHz, Shoeps MS pair and specialized contact microphones. Ultra fine preamplifiers were necessary to capture the loud transients and beautiful, subtle reverberations.

Sounds are arranged in six sound sets.

Now it is compatible with MTS-ESP, the new product of cooperation between ODDSound and Aphex Twin.

Get ready for extreme pitch shifting and scale morphing on the fly! This system is a perfect match for the Interstellar Waterphone.

If you wish to create awesome soundscapes and sonic textures it is very likely that you will go for the Interstellar Waterphone.

The instrument also provides very interesting melodic possibilities and crazy percussive sounds in the “Dark Chimes” sound set.

  • The UI is very intuitive and handy.
  • CC learning with two clicks in standalone version.
  • The “Virtual Bow” feature – generate MIDI with CC.
  • Control over the bow noises and transients with the use of Offset and Attack parameters.

Pitch bend in the given range – from a micro tone up to 12 semitones (an octave). Full support for MTS-ESP, a microtonal tuning system tool from ODDSound and Aphex Twin.

New in 1.2.2:

  • Added tune knob that can tweak the sound pretty hard if needed.
  • Now it is easy to move the sound files anywhere you like and setup the Interstellar Waterphone plugin to use them.

Unique sounds recorded on professional equipment suited for cinematic recordings.

The sounds of the waterphone are very complex. They have sharp transients and long reverberating sustain which is very subtle and rich with harmonics. These sounds are singing and enchanting but also thunder-striking and whispering in the next moment.

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Top Soundyan VST Plugins
Top 2+ Soundyan VST Plugins 2021
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