Top SPC Plugins VST Plugins
Top SPC Plugins VST Plugins

Top 1+ SPC Plugins VST Plugins 2021

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  1. ArcSyn

1. ArcSyn


ArcSyn is a synthesizer instrument plug-in based on typical analogue synthesizer architecture, i.e., a “virtual analogue” synthesizer.

Unlike many virtual analogues, it doesn’t try and emulate a particular ‘real’ synthesizer, nor does it use 90% of your computer’s CPU time to emulate a filter which can be cloned on a 2″ (5 cm) square PCB with $5 worth of components 🙂 Instead, it takes the “road less well traveled” and explores some unusual avenues of analogue (and digital) synthesis—the sort of capabilities you might find on a well-stocked modular synthesizer, including: unusual waveforms, dividers, logic functions, frequency shifters and so on. ArcSyn also introduces the concept of LFO wave sequencing, allowing extremely complex modulation patterns.

ArcSyn is laid out approximately like a MiniMoog, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to start editing programs and creating interesting sounds, although if you take the time to work out how the LFOs and modulation matrix operate, you’ll be able to create much more complex programs. There’s also a RANDOM button which you can click at any time if you want some instant (not necessarily musical!) inspiration.

  • No samples—all oscillator waveforms are generated from scratch.
  • Many unique waveforms including Sub-harmonics, Bit-Noise and FM Crossfade.
  • Unique LFOs feature wave sequencing and hundreds of unusual waveforms including many random types.
  • Powerful, self-oscillating filters based on the Oberheim Matrix 12.
  • Many unusual filter types like Frequency Shifter, Scramble and Multi-Alias.
  • Smooth, natural sound quality throughout—Oscillators and filters are 4X oversampled, all audio processing is done in 64-bit arithmetic and control signals are updated at 5500Hz or higher.
  • Comes with over 450 programs.
  • MIDI controller learn.
  • Easy program organisation—rearrange programs and folders using your computer’s file system.

You only need to buy one licence for ArcSyn to run multiple versions as they all use the same licence code.

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer.

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Top SPC Plugins VST Plugins
Top 1+ SPC Plugins VST Plugins 2021
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