Top SPF Samplers Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top SPF Samplers Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 9+ SPF Samplers Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 9 SPF Samplers Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Warehouse Techno Drums
  2. Tech House 3
  3. Tech House 4
  4. Chill Wave
  5. Raw Techno Top Loops
  6. Juno 6 Tech House Loops
  7. Massive Deep House
  8. Transcendental Techno
  9. Dark & Twisted Effects

1. Warehouse Techno Drums

Warehouse Techno Drums

Warehouse Techno Drums is packed full of drum loops that are guarantied to get the foundations of any warehouse shaking. There are over 600mb of loops and hits in this mammoth sample pack.

Warehouse Techno Drums contains 650 drum loops and drum hits.
Broken down thats

  • 301 drum loops with top, stripped and percussion variations.
  • In the drum hits folder there are 349 drum hits,
    • 52 claps
    • 52 hihats
    • 50 kicks
    • 50 percussion hits
    • 10 ride cymbal hits
    • 31 snares

While the loops in Warehouse Techno Drums will give your tracks that instant warm, polished feel, its well worth checking out the heavy hitting drum hits to help expand your own grooves.

2. Tech House 3

Tech House 3

Tech House 3 is packed full of groovy tech house drum loops, deep rolling bass lines with a spumous amount of funk injected into them. Lush synth loops and melodic melodies This truly is a Tech House sample pack that provides a wide range of high quality Loops and Hits, giving you everything you need to produce the Tech House, Techno and House music you desire.

Overall in Tech House 3 there are a monstrous 1.33GB of samples, thats over 900 audio loops, hits and midi loops. T. As you can see that is a vast array of material to inspire you into making your next track.

Tech House 3 is inspire by artist such as Ian Pooley, Kink, Eddie Amador, Hot Since 82, Format B, Dusky and many more. Each loop in Tech House 3 is perfectly sculpted to represent these current chart topping artists. So you know if you buy this pack your getting the freshest sound possible

This product contains:

  • 62 bass loops,
  • 201 drum loops (with stripped, top and percussion variations),
  • 120 drum hits,
  • 109 FX hits,
  • 53 music loops, 51 synth loops,
  • 114 percussion loops,
  • 57 top loops,
  • 15 vocal loops
  • 168 midi loops

3. Tech House 4

Tech House 4

For this months sample pack we have decided to investigate the fascinating world of Tech House and in our search we have unearth some unique gems.

Tech House 4 has a colossal collection of jackin drum loops, deep bouncy basslines and incredible leads. This pack will add a true cutting edge to your productions.

The sample pack is broken down into

  • 20 bass loops (with midi)
  • 20 synth loops (with midi)
  • 20 percussion loops
  • 20 drum loops
  • 20 top loops

4. Chill Wave

Chill Wave

Chill Wave provides you with over 900mb’s of loops, hits and midi which is full of nostalgic analog synth sounds, late night beats and euphoric soundscapes. Chill wave is perfect for that spark of inspiration.  Just when you need to set the tone of a track and add that something special to a current track this chill wave is perfect.  Having the MIDI files really expands the potential of the pack. You can assign your own sounds and change keys with ease.

Chill Wave contains:

  • 26 bass loops
  • 113 drum hits
  • 101 drum loops
  • 26 fx hits
  • 26 music loops
  • 26 percussion loops
  • 26 synth loops
  • 26 top loops.
  • 79 midi loops have been included

As you can see this give you a huge bundle of sumptuous chill wave samples to work with. And to give you some more creative control

Total Number Of Files:

  • 450

5. Raw Techno Top Loops

Raw Techno Top Loops

Raw Techno Top Loops delves deep into the underground sound of techno. Each loop in the sample pack has been run through a variety of outboard equipment (Neve 8816, LA2A, Fatso and various others) to give you that analogue sound.

These 100 kick craving top loops are the perfect way to get the foundation of your tracks rolling from the get go. Each loop has been sculpted to provide a great deal of warmth and character that will give you productions that special edge.

  • 100 Temp labeled top loops

6. Juno 6 Tech House Loops

Juno 6 Tech House Loops

After being released in 1982 the Roland Juno 6 has become one of the most influential synths in the music industry. Its warm rich sound has led it to be adored by musicians and producers alike. Here at Spf Samplers we have studied the juno 6 in depth to bring you over 200 sumptuous tech house loops that will take your productions to the next level.

The sample pack is inspired by some of the leading names in Tech House such as Hot Since 82, Jay Lumen, Sante, Dosem, Maceo Plex, Catz N Dogz and many more.

In the collection there are

  • 50 bass loops
  • 20 chord loops
  • 20 pad loops
  • 24 synth loops ( which includes lead lines and arpeggios )
  • 118 midi loops

So why not add some of that vintage spirit to your productions today.

7. Massive Deep House

Massive Deep House

Massive Deep House Presets 3 is bursting with deep rolling bass lines, hot melodic keys, atmosphere pads and warm lead lines. This gives you everything you need to producer genre defining deep house tracks. Also with the presets and midi files there is a huge array of choice to help you tweak and sculpted your our sounds.

Overall in Massive Deep House Presets 3 there are over 200 massive presets and midi loops this is broken down into 30 bass presets, 30 key presets, 10 pad presets, 30 synth presets, 50 bass midi loops, 31 key midi loops and 30 synth midi loops. This as you can see is a huge arsenal of sounds and midi files for you to start producing your next chart topping deep house hit.
Massive Deep House Presets 3 is inspire by artist and labels such as Suara, Maceo Plex, Hot Since82, Leftroom, Hot Creations, Claptone, Dirtybird, Stil Vor Talent and many more.
Please note you will need the latest version of native instruments massive soft synth for the presets to work.

Product includes:

  • 30 bass presets
  • 30 key presets
  • 10 pad presets
  • 30 synth presets
  • 50 bass midi loops
  • 31 key midi loops
  • 30 synth midi loops

8. Transcendental Techno

Transcendental Techno

As the winter months approach our studio team have been hard at work evolving their sound to accompany inevitable darkness. This has seen the team come up with a truly inspiring boundless techno sample pack which is full of thumping beats, dark ominous pads and rolling analog basslines.

Included in the sample pack are:

  • 22 Bass Loops
  • 100 Drum Loops (with stripped, tops and percussion variations)
  • 21 extra percussion loops
  • 21 synth loops and 21 extra top loops

And to you give you even more creative control we have also supplied the midi files for the bass and synth loops.

9. Dark & Twisted Effects

Dark & Twisted Effects

Dark & Twisted FX’s is a mind altering collection of over 300 FX hits and loops that are way above your average FX sweeps and risers. If your looking to add that extra spark and interested to your track transitions then this sample pack is a must have.

Dark & Twisted FX’s is perfect for Techno, Minimal, Dubstep, Drum n’ Bass and anyone looking to get that little bit rawer. A huge amount of outlandish effects processing has been used to add a dark flavor to each hit and loop.

Please note the drums are from spf samplers packs Raw Techno Top Loops and Monster Drum Hits.

  • 300 FX Loops

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Top SPF Samplers Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 9+ SPF Samplers Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2021
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