Top Step Sequencer VST Plugins
Top Step Sequencer VST Plugins

Top 5+ Step Sequencer VST Plugins 2022

We have created for you a rating of the Best 5 Step Sequencer VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. HY-Slicer
  2. Thesys
  3. Das Boot
  4. HY-MPS2
  5. Sequi2r EX

1. HY-Slicer


It’s a sample slicer with a step sequencer and fx chain. You can slice loaded samples and then trigger them with the internal step sequencer.

Main Features:

  • Sample Slicer
  • Step sequencer for triggering sliced sample
  • File browser
  • Groove Editor
  • Re-orderable FX Chain
  • Pattern chainer
  • Re-scalable plugin window
  • Randomizer
  • Preset manager

With just a few clicks, you can load in and get immediately started slicing up sounds. Browse for your audio files, and once you’ve found the one you want to work in, try out the Auto Slice feature. Otherwise, of course this plugin can be used to Manually Slice up your sounds.

Simple set the size of your auto slices, for example if you wanted to slice your loaded sample into 16, simply set this quantity and let the Sample Slicer take over. But there truly is more to this than just automatically slicing your sounds. You can even assign this process to the step sequencer for trigger control.

And for even more control and depth, you can also control step slicing in the step slice arranger.

This plugin offers so much more however. The Randomizer comes with some incredible features that allow you to really mix up, rotate, duplicate, and set all controls for your Step Parameters at once.

The Groove Editor comes to you with a ton of knobs to help you set the timing shift that occurs in each step. You can make your own swing/shuffle behavior by using this editor. You can also even load up grooves via midi files.

The FX Chain is involved to offer 7 effects that can be ordered and re-ordered to your preference. You can change the order of the FX Chain just by dragging and dropping, it’s very intuitive!

This unique slicer plugin offers so much more than what you can see at face value. Dig deep and discover the depth of HY-Slicer today!

2. Thesys


The Art of Expression

Step Sequencers are an attractive concept. Machines making music. Who could better awake the genie in the machine than Thesys, the drawing board for step-based music creation?

A refined Randomizer is ready, whatever the current situation, to mutate existing material or to bring a new approach on the table.


  • Powerful 32-step MIDI Sequencer
  • Pitch Recorder
  • Choose and trigger Patterns per MIDI
  • Pattern sequencer for longer passages
  • Real-time Manipulation of the patterns per keyboard
  • Internal Synth
  • Vast Randomizer
  • Independent Loop lengths for all 5 sequencers
  • 18 sequencer lanes
  • MIDI Out and Drag ‘n’ Drop

Generate Pitch
The sequences can simply be painted, but with the random generator and the mutate-function you can easily generate patterns on the fly. Or record the pitch straight from your MIDI keyboard. The internal synthesiser saves you lengthy wiring sessions so you can start straightaway.

Start by setting the root note. When using the scales, no out-of-key note will slip through your fingers.

Below the pitch lane, you’ll see the Velocity (volume) and Gate Sequencer (controlling each note’s length). It’s in these top three sections that you’ll spend the most of your time, programming riffs and arpeggios, then assigning them to patterns.

Detailed Per-Step Control
The fourth step window is home to the Performance Sequencer, which is in fact 5 sequencers in one. Each row offers per-step control over Octave, Pitch Bend (with 20 pre-configured shapes), Chord (for polyphonic sequencing), Note Roll and sequence randomisation of a vast range of other cleverly implemented “humanising” elements to your patterns.

The final lane is the CC modulation section: each step accepts a value of 0 to 127, pumped out to a MIDI CC of your choosing. You can actually run several Modulation sequences simultaneously – up to eight – with all of them controlling different CCs.

Some Action in Real-Time
Up to 16 full patterns can be created within a single project. They can can be sequenced within the Pattern Sequencer (bottom right) or triggered via the Keyboard (set to “Pitch”), where the full length of the keyboard is used to transpose the current pattern. Switch to “Performance” and the keyboard is split into 3 zones: Pattern Select, Action Section and a Range for pitch transposing.

The “Action Section” offers 8 effects that can influence the patterns in real time. Choose from Looping, Half-Time, Re-Trigger or a Tempo Break.

Sequencing Magic
The lanes within a single pattern can be set to operate over different lengths. You could have pitches cycling over 16 steps, while velocity cycles over 15 steps and a modulation lane is used to sweep a synth filter over 29 steps.

The end results can yield some fascinating interactions between these different step-cycle lengths and an almost endless evolution of the pattern. If you thought step sequencers were only capable of creating repetitive fixed patterns, think again!

There’s More… Internal Synth for Idea Sketching on the fly & MIDI Export

Yes, Thesys also comes with its own synthesiser, it is perfectly capable and very useful if you just want to develop a few quick ideas.

In its VST2 and AAX versions, Thesys is fully MIDI-out capable. As an Audio Unit, it can be plugged as a MIDI FX to trigger other AUs. In the 1.5.1 Update, we implemented MIDI Export. Just drag and drop from within Thesys to your host or simply save the file to your desktop. Quick and easy!

Send melodies, controller data and program changes. Save patterns to a MIDI file.

No other MIDI sequencer offers you the ease and power of Thesys. It is 100% MIDI compliant – the ultimate MIDI sequencing solution. Use Thesys on your iPad to control multiple apps or external hard- and software!

3. Das Boot

Das Boot

Realistic Stomp Generator

Like its brothers, El Clapo and Le Snappet, Das Boot can generate super-realistic foot stomps, from a single spoiled baby to a stadium filled with sports fans waiting for Queen to rock them.

Meticulously recorded with three mic positions and packed with the same powerful features found in El Clapo and Le Snappet, Das Boot gives you full control of mic placement, width along with compression and EQ. Of course, there’s the ever-popular Slop control that lets you adjust how tight your loose your stomping will be.

Das Boot also features a CPU-saving round-robin setting and a 12-step sequencer that lets you create up to 12 patterns.

Das Boot is designed to make it simple to create stomp tracks of any size. From a single stomp to an entire crowd, you determine how the stomps sound.

You determine the group size. You determine how sloppy they are. You control the microphone mix. We sampled multiple stompers at multiple layers and a bunch of round robins, from 3 different mic perspectives. The result is natural-sounding stomps no matter how large the crowd.

Control with MIDI or the built-in step sequencer that lets you automate between 12 user-created patterns.


  • Easily generate ultra-realistic foot stomps, from a single angry baby to a stadium filled with sports fans.
  • Great for music and film post-production.
  • Three adjustable mic positions; close/mid and room.
  • Close and Room mic controls each feature a fully adjustable compressor with mix knob, 4-band EQ, and width control.
  • “Slop” control lets you adjust how much beer your sports fans have had.
  • Simple, straightforward interface with access to advanced controls including velocity-sensing MIDI curve control, panning, timing, layer, and CPU-saving round-robin settings.
  • Built-in step sequencer for easily creating complex (or simple) patterns.

4. HY-MPS2


The brilliant team behind HY-Plugins is back with their next product. HY-MPS2.

It’s a block based step sequencer. There are 8 step sequencer blocks available, and those sequencer blocks are controlled by a block chainer.

The Block chainer triggers sequence blocks in any order. This is the core of this plugin.

Main Features:

  • 8 sequencer blocks
  • 4 modulation units
  • 5 modulation engines
  • Re-scalable plugin window
  • Randomizer
  • Preset manager

There are 4 modulation units available, each unit has 5 different modulation engines.

  • LFO
  • Prob LFO
  • Step LFO
  • Multipoint Envelope
  • Sample & Hold

You can modulate internal sequencer parameter; and control external midi parameter by these modulation units.

5. Sequi2r EX

Sequi2r EX

Sequi2r EX is the latest incarnation of SEQui2R which includes all Sequi2r 1.2 Factory Sounds, all expansions (1, 2 and 3) plus the new Expansion 4, “Fingers and plectrums”

SEQui2R EX’s engine has been updated to V1.3 and includes some new features such as:
• 2 new Sub Layers, One per Sound Source.
• The user can choose 2 additional sounds and decide at what velocity they will play instead of the main sound source, for a total of 4 sound sources per phrase.
• 100 new Sounds Sources and many new snapshots/presets
• Updated random notes direction.
• New convolution reverbs types.

SEQui2R ‘s Features:

• Two separate sound engines with 660 sound sources.
• All four Expansions included.
• 11.35GB NCW File compressed.
• One additional Sub Layer per Sound Engine brings a total of 4 sounds per Phrase.
• 8 programmable phrases per patch, with step-able Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Pitch Bend, Volume and and Pan.
• Key/Scale Control keeps your phrases in the desired scales and keys. Major, Minor, Diminished and Whole-tone scales are provided.
• 10 User programmable scales available per patch.
• Portamento, Stutter and Ornamento per step.
• Reverse-able and Random notes per step.
• Randomisation of Sounds, StepFX and phrases.
• Import and Export of Phrases plus StepFx and User Key/Scales.
• MIDI Notes Midifile Drag & Drop export.
• Includes Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Convolution Reverb per engine and a Master Digital Reverb.
• Selectable LP or HP master Filters per engine.
• Automate-able Step effects, even at a phrase level.

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Top Step Sequencer VST Plugins
Top 5+ Step Sequencer VST Plugins 2022
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