Top Studio Tronnic Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top Studio Tronnic Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 10+ Studio Tronnic Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2022

We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 Studio Tronnic Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. New Revolution for Massive
  2. Rivas – Artists Inspiration
  3. Denis Horvat – Noise Ableton Remake
  4. Secret Brazilian Bass
  5. Studio Tronnic – Artist Series Rivasᴮᴿ Vol.2
  6. Brazilian Techno Vocals
  7. Brazilian Bass and Pop
  8. Brazilian Techno Essential
  9. Trance Artists Presets for Spire by Sunset Vol.01
  10. Brazilian Bass Essential

1. New Revolution for Massive

New Revolution for Massive

Studio Tronnic presents ‘New Revolution for Massive’! Inspired by artists such as Alok, Vintage Culture, Shapeless, Vinne and many more, this pack contains 150 specifically crafted Massive presets essential for Deep House and many more. Not only have we included deep house style basses, there’s also plenty of brazilian bass sounds and tones to increase your tracks up and compete with the best. We from Studio Tronnic hope that you do use these great presets, and create some amazing productions.
Pack Contents:

  • 150 Massive presets
  • 102 Bass
  • 04 Leads
  • 03 Drums
  • 12 Plucks
  • 02 Pads
  • 18 Synths
  • 07 FX
  • 02 Sequencer
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 150

Software Requirements:

  • Massive v1.4.0 +

2. Rivas – Artists Inspiration

Rivas - Artists Inspiration

After the great success of his “Artist Series” this talented producer brings another incredible and complete pack, bringing 5 kits very different from everything you’ve ever seen!

Everyone knows the song “Hear me now” by Alok and Bruno Martini feat. Zeeba, a world sucess hit. What if the song had been created by other artists?

Answering this question, Rivas has created 5 versions of “Hear me now” in the style of 6 great DJs of today, they are Brazilians: Vintage Culture, Shapeless, Chemical Surf / Illusionize; and still a version in the South African style Kyle Watson.

Each kit contains project for Fl Studio, so you can dive into the universe of each producer and have a Template following your identity, being able to study all the techniques used to arrive at that characteristic sound, if you do not use Fl Studio, this pack has all elements used like: Presets (Massive, Serum and Sylenth), samples, loops, stems and midis.

With this Pack you will have all the inspiration to start your great tracks, or even realize the desire to have a project of your idol, being able to abuse of your creativity or use any element among the varied possibilities that this pack offers, ready to discover the secret techniques of great artists? This pack is the answer!

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 5 FL Studio Projects
  • 31 Presets
  • 27 Sylenth Presets
  • 2 Serum Presets
  • 2 Massive Presets
  • 81 Wave Stems
  • 64 Wave Samples
  • 6 Kicks
  • 7 Claps
  • 4 Snares
  • 7 Hats
  • 3 Percussions
  • 2 Top Loops
  • 3 Fills
  • 7 Bass Shots
  • 7 Vox/Vocals/Chops
  • 3 Guitars
  • 15 Fxs
  • 17 Midi Files
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 198
  • 1.11 GB

Software Requirements:

  • FL Studio v12.5.1.5, Serum v1.113, Sylenth v2.2.1, Massive v1.3.0, Krush v1.1.0, Kickstart v1.0.9, FabFilter Saturn v1.17

3. Denis Horvat – Noise Ableton Remake

Denis Horvat – Noise Ableton Remake

Ableton Live remake of “Noise – Denis Horvat feat. Lelah”, one of the highlights of Afterlife, great label of the consecrated duo Tale of Us and one of the best selling tracks of the label.

Also became a highlight of success within the genre Melodic House & Techno.

Discover how the track was created, uncover all the mixing decisions, analyze the composition of the song, arrangement and sound design techniques. Certainly a great source of studies.

Learn by deconstructing the project file and then applying the same techniques to reinforce your own music productions.

U-he Hive was the only external plugin used, the others used are all Ableton native plugins. All samples and presets for u-he Hive are included and is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Learn or expand new sound design skills and improve your future productions!

Pack Contents:

  • 1 Ableton Live Project File
  • 22 MIDI Channels
  • 2 Audio Channels
  • 11 U-he Hive Presets

Total Number Of Files:

  • 25
  • 2.7 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Ableton 10.0.3
  • U-he Hive

4. Secret Brazilian Bass

Secret Brazilian Bass

Secret Brazilian Bass has arrived to reveal the mysteries of the production of this genre, bringing synth presets, processing presets, samples, Midis and WAV loops.Inside you will also find high-quality presets created on Sylenth1 and Spire synthesizers with processing presets to further enhance sound quality and sound using plug-ins: Fabfilter Saturn, Fabfilter Pro-Q2, Fabfilter Pro-C2, Fabfilter Pro-L, Fabfilter Pro-MB, Kramer Master Tape and kickstart.

In this way the pack is compatible with any Daw, and for convenience Ableton and Fl Studio users, we organize the processing presets in Racks, so with just one click you will have all processing of each preset in your Daw.

All samples and loops used in the demo are included in the package, this way you will have exactly everything that was used in the creation of the pack at hand, being able to edit, create, modulate to your liking. This package has everything you need to inspire and increase the quality of your productions to raise your tracks to a level you can not even imagine, as well as the convenience and ability to edit sounds.

Pack Contents:

  • 28 Sylenth1 presets
  • 2 Spire presets
  • 30 FL Mixer Track
  • 25 Ableton Racks
  • 18 Fabfilter Saturn presets
  • 30 Fabfilter Pro-Q2 presets
  • 3 Fabfilter Pro-C2 presets
  • 3 Fabfilter Pro-L presets
  • 2 Fabfilter Pro-MB presets
  • 15 Kramer Master Tape presets
  • 12 Wave Samples
  • 10 Wave Loops
  • 31 Midi Loops
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 209
  • 78.9 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Sylenth1 v2.2.1
  • Spire v1.1.12
  • Fabfilter Pro-C2, Fabfilter Pro-L, Fabfilter Pro-MB, Fabfilter Pro-Q2, Fabfilter Saturn
  • Waves Kramer Master Tape v9.91
  • Kickstart v1.0.9

5. Studio Tronnic – Artist Series Rivasᴮᴿ Vol.2

Studio Tronnic - Artist Series Rivasᴮᴿ Vol.2

Rivasᴮᴿ releases his second Artist Series with the incredible quality and talent already known, added to new elements and ideas. The pack brings a fantastic sample pack with a wide variety of Kicks, Claps, Bass Shots, Vocals, Top Loops, Instrument Loops, Drum Kits, Fills and Sfx.

In addition to the bonus of his friends, this time are composed of 95 wave files of the admired DJs/Producers: Bhaskar, Kohen and Metthod, who have shared some of their talent to further complement this pack. The package also has 5 Complete Construction Kits, with 58 wave stems and 19 Midi Loops, made from the samples of this same package, showing the flexibility and the possibilities of use that you can enjoy.

The great differential in this pack is in the diversity of genres in which it covers, traveling through Brazilian Bass, Low Bass, House and Tech House bringing all the great sound influences that predominate in Brazil and are in ascension in the world.

Totally royalty free and compatible with all Daws, for you to use in your productions in the way that you prefer and more favor you.

With all this material you have the ideal opportunity to create, recreate, let your creativity, imagination and emotion flow into your productions, arriving the quality and essence that you always wanted to convey with your music.

Pack Contents:

  • 20 Kicks
  • 21 Claps
  • 5 Open Hats
  • 15 Close Hats
  • 20 Bass Shots
  • 5 Drum Kits:
  • 6 Kick loops
  • 4 Clap loops
  • 2 Hat loops
  • 2 Snare loops
  • 4 Top loops
  • 5 Fill loops
  • 3 Percussion loops
  • 1 Ride loop
  • 2 Sfx loops
  • 1 Crash loop
  • 1 Sub Shot loop
  • 5 Full loops
  • 19 Top Loops
  • 12 Bass loops
  • 13 Vocals
  • 13 Guitar Loops
  • 8 Melody Loops
  • 15 Fills
  • 35 Sfx
  • Bonus WAV Files
  • 9 Bhaskar
  • 27 Kohen
  • 59 Metthod
  • 5 complete Kits
  • 58 Wave Stems 19 Midi Loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 409
  • 1.1 GB

6. Brazilian Techno Vocals

Brazilian Techno Vocals

Studio Tronnic features “Brazilian Techno Vocals”, a striking and well-crafted vocals package inspired by “Brazilian Techno”. Vocals are the big difference in a song, this package contains intense long vocals and FX vocals, carefully processed and selected to have this characteristic monster aspect. Inspired by producers like “Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz, Kalil, Boris Brejcha” and among other great names of the techno, we’re sure we’ve hit the mark.

We’ve also included drum loops (kicks, claps and hi hats) and bass loops to be a starting point for new ideas or complement in the production of great tracks. In short, this package was made to satisfy and inspire growers looking for vocals to include and leverage your productions!
Pack Contents:

  • 9 Vocals Long
  • 22 Vocals FX
  • 17 Bonus Loops
  • 9 Drum Loops
  • 8 Bass Loops
  • 100% Royalty Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 48
  • 111 MB

7. Brazilian Bass and Pop

Brazilian Bass and Pop

Brazilian Bass and Pop is inspired by the great brazilian DJ and Producer Alok, recognized worldwide for his tracks, which has its own built style, mixing Brazilian Bass and Pop, making his songs great hits with millions of plays on streaming platforms.

The pack offers 05 full construction kits separated into individual instrument tracks like Kick, Clap, Snare, Hat, FX, Lead, Bass, Guitar, Brass etc, along with MIDI files for all basslines, leads, guitars, Brass elements and other instruments, so you can fire up your favorite synthesizers and customize at your own taste.

The pack features all Drums in One Shots, so you can create the drums your way, mix, match, remix and adjust anyway you like it.

Construction Kits are a incredibly helpful, like studies source or like an idea for your productions. With them you will have deconstructed tracks where you can work and use your creativity the way you want, creating and recreating innovative tracks.

With all the contents of this 100% royalty free pack, you producer, can abuse of your creativity to make your next productions to shine!

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 113 Wav Loops
  • 40 Drum One shots
  • 34 MIDI Files

Total Number Of Files:

  • 187
  • 408 MB

8. Brazilian Techno Essential

Brazilian Techno Essential

“Brazilian Techno Essential” brings the influence of Techno with a more Brazilian sound with inspiration in DJ / Producers – like Groove Delight, Plastic Robots, Detuned and others with great tracks produced in this style.

The pack contains 8 complete Construction Kits, with stems of each element, plus One Shots, Presets and Midi Loops used in each kit, which will give you everything you need to recreate and implement your ideas in this style.

Each Kit also contains presets used in the pack, made in the plugins: Native Instruments Massive, Arturia Sem V and Arturia Mini V, which are available separately within the Kits and also in soundbank format.

We also organize all Drum One Shots in a Sample Pack with Kicks, Claps e Snares, Percussions, Hihats and Sfx. With all the contents of this 100% royalty free pack, you producer can abuse your creativity to make your next productions!

Pack Contents:

  • 8 Construction Kits
  • 145 Wav Stems
  • 35 Midi Files
  • 3 Soundbanks
  • 19 Massive presets
  • 12 Arturia Mini V presets
  • 4 Arturia Sem V presets
  • 90 One Shots

Total Number Of Files:

  • 305
  • 709 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Massive V1.5.1
  • Arturia Sem V2
  • Arturia Mini V 3.0.0
  • (Includes presets compatible with version 4 and 5 by Arturia Collection, to upgrade the presets is necessary use the Arturia VC4 Preset Updater which is available at this link:

9. Trance Artists Presets for Spire by Sunset Vol.01

Trance Artists Presets for Spire by Sunset Vol.01

Sunset is a Brazilian music producer of Trance recognized worldwide, with releases in great labels of the genre, like FSOE Recordings, Amsterdam Trance, Armim Van Buuren’s Who’s Afraid Of 138?! and others.

He received support from some of Trance’s biggest names like Armim Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten and many others.

Sunset brings his knowledge and experience with sounds inspired from top artists such as Darude, Armin van Buuren, Daniel Kandi, Cygnus X, Sasha & PVD, Ummet Ozcan, Pervanding Call, and many more.

This pack contains 70 top quality presets, innovative and creative ones, for Reveal Sound Spire plugin, includes acid presets, basslines, leads, pads, plucks & sequences.

The pack contains a bonus with Drum Loops including kick loops, clap Loops, hat loops, top loops, percussion loops and full loops, plus 11 kick one shots. The bonus also features MIDI files of Trance’s consecrated tracks.

This pack bring together consolidated and new sonorities that fit perfectly in this style, all you need to produce your new great success.

Pack Contents:

  • 70 Presets for Spire
    • 20 Lead Sounds
    • 15 Acid Sounds
    • 11 Bass Sounds
    • 8 Pluck Sounds
    • 2 Sequence Sounds
    • 3 Pad Sounds
    • 3 Arp Sounds
    • 1 Chord Sound
    • 1 Drive Sound
  • Bonus:
    • 11 Kick One Shots
    • 35 Drum Loops
    • 40 MIDI Files

Total Number Of Files:

  • 156
  • 23.2 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Reveal Sound Spire v1.1.15

10. Brazilian Bass Essential

Brazilian Bass Essential

Brazilian Bass Essential is the first Sample Pack produced by Studio Tronnic that was carefully created following trends of the “Brazilian Bass” movement. Inspiration for these beats comes from  brazilian artists references like Alok, Sevenn, Vinne, Groove Delight, Liu, Ricci, KVSH, Gustavo Mota, and many more. Inside this pack you will find one shots, loops and sfx that will take your tracks to another level. Every good producer knows that using high quality samples is very important to making ones track more powerful, samples are always good.
Pack Contents:

  • 10 One Shot Kicks
  • 20 One Shot Claps
  • 10 One Shot Hats
  • 10 One Shot Percussions
  • 10 122 BPM Top Loops
  • 10 124 BPM Top Loops
  • 10 SFX Downlift
  • 10 SFX Uplift
  • 10 Bass Loops (WAV)
  • 10 Bass Loops (Midi)
  • 10 Melodie Loops (WAV)
  • 10 Melodie Loops (Midi)
  • 5 Guitar Loops (WAV)
  • 5 Guitar Loops (Midi)
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 140

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Top Studio Tronnic Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 10+ Studio Tronnic Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2022
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