Top ThaLoops Software VST Plugins
Top ThaLoops Software VST Plugins

Top 4+ ThaLoops Software VST Plugins 2021

We have created for you a rating of the Best 4 ThaLoops Software VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Templetone
  2. Solution Urban Vault
  3. Hortator
  4. Pulse

1. Templetone


The Ultimate Hip-Hop Production Plugin – Featuring a Vast Collection of Hip-Hop Sounds.

Choose between wild drums, bizarre 808’s, sorrow vocal chops, synthwave’y keys or fractious percussion instruments. All in one plugin.

Our focus is to deliver Top 40 sound to you. That is why we have built Templetone.

Featuring 106 instrument presets organised into 6 main groups: drums, bass, keys, percussion, vocals and various world instruments.

Templetone virtual instrument features:

  • A virtual instrument for Hip Hop music production.
  • 106 instrument presets.
  • ThaLoops signature layering method for organic and analog feel.

20 bass and kick presets programmed across 5 octaves. Turn on the glide and play crushing bass rhythms on the lower octaves. Try higher octaves and bring the catchy melodic vibes.

Beaty Rhythmz loops re-mastered using analog gear. Then, meticulously chopped and turned into 25 tempo labeled, MPC style drum loop presets. Fun to play, flawless groove creation.

Ethnic Shots
Handpicked and nourished from Ethnic Hip Hop Shots sample pack. Featuring 21 one-shot, key labeled world instrument presets. Featuring samples of koto, tanpura, native flute, guqin, dizi, cumbus, bulbul tarang, dotara, gobijen, ruan, sitar and suling. Samples are programmed across 12 pads. Creating catchy hooks is easy.

Ethnic Voices
ThaLoops signature female vocal samples from the Ethnic Voices series. Featuring 10 presets of one-shot, key labeled vocal chops (12 samples per preset). As heard on songs by SIA, Jessie J, Phantogram and many more.

Created from scratch. 20 multi-layer key instrument presets. Designed for deep pads and beautiful chord progressions. Features “Stress” and “Enrich” knobs to easily adjust the energy of the sound. Balance between analog and organic sound layers.. Build your sound.

10 hybrid percussion instrument presets. Designed to play both one-shot samples and multi-layer percussive notes simultaneously.

Create original melodies filled with rhythmic energy. Each preset includes 12 one-shot live percussion samples from Danjarous Percussion series + multi-layer melodic percussive instrument to play across 4 octaves.

2. Solution Urban Vault

Solution Urban Vault


  • A virtual instrument for generating Hip Hop, Trap and Timbo riffs
  • 91 innovative dual presets (182 instruments total)
  • ThaLoops signature layering method for organic and analog feel
  • A B musical phrases in the classic making beats on pads style
  • Myriad of never heard before sound combinations

Modern Old Skool Sampler
Urban Vault sound library combines the character of the old school, crate-digging, dirty, damaged audio feel that beatmakers love from one-shot sample format with the modern layering method provided in SOLUTION sampler to get the powerful merged sound.

  • Timbo, Chad Hugo Style Riff Sampler
  • 91 innovative dual presets (182 instruments total)
  • ThaLoops signature layering method for organic and analog feel

Animate Sound to Your Taste
Solution Urban Vault features a collection of 91 dual presets delicately crafted for the creation of authentic hip hop riffs. Add life to your beats by injecting organic and analog elements to your hooks with ThaLoops signature layering method. Solution Urban Vault integrates seamlessly with your favorite DAW and effects plugins enhancing your beat-making workflow.

Riffs, Hooks, and Melodies
Generate choppy riffs, catchy rhythmic hooks, or background rhythmic noises with dual presets designed for an easy question and answer type phrasing. Create call and response type of beats instantly.

3. Hortator


ThaLoops is bringing you the Hortator – virtual instrument plug-in of a big bass drum. The drum sound is so versatile that it can be used in every genre.

Add the tribal feel to hip hop beats, add suspense if you are film scoring, or make soulful rhythms for ballad song production.

Hortator Main Features

  • 6 Types of kicks
  • 5 Types of snare samples.
  • Each kick and snare type has up to 12 velocity layers to provide realism and authenticity.
  • Layer Hortator with drum loops, or use it solo.

The plug-in is programmed to be played with a MIDI controller.

Kick samples from C1 to F1. Snare/side stick samples from F#1 to A#1. Each kick and snare type has up to 13 velocity layers to provide realism and authenticity while playing the drum with a MIDI controller.

Assign a separate stereo output through the combo menus “Kick out” and “Snare out”. That way users are able to apply plug-in effects to the sounds separately. We suggest using parallel compression track on “squashed” settings to add modern energy to the sound.

Either layer HORTATOR with drum loops, or use it solo. There are no limits or a specific genre. Have fun making music!

4. Pulse


Welcome to the Pulse

In collaboration with Grammy Winning music production duo Mojam – ThaLoops presents PULSE. Multi format solution for hip hop drum loop creation.

PULSE features a virtual instrument plug-in, that comes with a collection of 792 drum samples. Also presets for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NN-XT, EXS, Halion and Ableton Drum Rack are provided. Moreover, 220 MIDI drum loops are included to inspire the creation of amazing rhythms. Change the tempo, edit the patterns – the rhythm is yours!

With a robust collection of modern drum samples and pro-grade midi loops, PULSE refreshes contemporary Top 40 production sound to keep you in the groove of tomorrow. After extensively exploring today’s dominant hip hop, rnb and trap vibes, PULSE provides you with snares that punch, kicks that knock and rhythm patterns that are up-to-date with Top 40 production standards.

Hip hop drums + more

Exclusive drum kit designed by the Grammy Award winning production duo MOJAM

  • Naughty Boy / Emeli Sandé / Craig David / KSI / Sam Smith

11 multi format drum kits


792 premium drum samples and 220 MIDI drum loops

  • HIP-HOP, RNB & TRAP genres

Loops and samples

  • 220 midi loops
  • Hip-hop, RnB and Trap genres
  • 792 drum samples
  • 11 drum kits
  • Midi loop initial tempos include : 87bpm, 92bpm, 97bpm, 102bpm, 132bpm, 137bpm, 139bpm, 140bpm, 144bpm, 148bpm, 158bpm (Thanks to midi format, tempos can be changed without losing audio quality)

Drum Kit Presets

  • Mojam Kit
  • Bounce Kit
  • Classic Kit
  • Mellow Kit
  • Mental Kit
  • Power Kit
  • Space Kit
  • Big Kit
  • Timbo Kit
  • Tunes Kit
  • Wild Kit


  • Battery
  • EXS
  • Ableton Drum Rack
  • MIDI
  • WAV

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Top ThaLoops Software VST Plugins
Top 4+ ThaLoops Software VST Plugins 2021
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