Top Touch Loops Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top Touch Loops Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets

Top 10+ Touch Loops Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2022

We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 Touch Loops Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

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  1. Reel To Reel Grooves
  2. Cinematic Synths
  3. Vintage Drum Machines
  4. Soulful Drum Grooves
  5. Dystopian Love
  6. Taped Melodies
  7. Future Beats
  8. Piano Noir
  9. Street Beat Elements
  10. Jazz Guitars

1. Reel To Reel Grooves

Reel To Reel Grooves

Introducing Reel To Reel Grooves. Timeless, iconic and oozing with grit, each one of these incredible live hip-hop drum samples are packed with the true essence that makes up an inspiring drum break. 

From the saturated tape tones to the rolling ghost notes and shuffles, each loop is brimming with character and will fit perfectly against any Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi or Soul track it touches.  Let’s find out more..

Inside this huge collection of drums breaks you’ll find three clear tones:

Originals – Beautifully mixed & incredibly detailed but without the dense tape processing.  A little lighter on its feet, these loops will work perfectly when the bass or sub is holding down that low end.

Taped – Full fat goodness.  These loops have been run to tape and offer more weight, saturation and blown-out beauty.  These will be the driving force of your track.. killer!

FX – Processed with analog delays, spring reverb tanks and rich effects.

Style-wise we’ve covered tempos ranging from 75-150 so expect double-time madness, Dilla-inspired Boom bap breaks, spring-driven dub elements, iconic hip-hop grooves, drums fills and so much more.  We’ve also sampled the kit so you’ve got those clean one-shots ready for your samplers!

So, if you’re looking to add some live drums to your collection then this is the one.  Tonal perfection, outrageously well performed and super flexible, this collection swings!

Pack Contents:

  • Loops: 300
  • One Shots: 28
  • Tempos: 75-150 Bpm
  • Styles – Live Hip-Hop Drum Samples, Spring Loaded Classic Breaks, Boom Bap Rhythms & More.

Total Number Of Files:

  • 328
  • 459.1 MB

2. Cinematic Synths

Cinematic Synths

Cinematic Synths showcases the finest moments of classic 80’s film soundtracks referencing the greats of The Running Man and the stunning modern presentation of Stranger Things.

This all analogue sample pack offers a true insight into the world of film score, soundtracking and tension building from the sub heavy stabs to the ethereal piano sounds we all know and love.

Divided down into 5 incredible construction kits that are all in the same key and tempo, this beautifully flexible 80’s sample pack offers endless combination options allowing you to build tension, place sound beds under dialogue or evolve the scene into epic, groundbreaking moments of true soul and passion.

Inside this cinematic epic you’ll find gritty, evolving pads and leads that utilize Zariis’ stunning collection of classic Juno’s, J3XP’s and MS20’s, rolling analogue bass lines and phrases, classic tension building strings, Steve Vai inspired guitar licks, driving arpeggio phrases, classic 80’s drum machine grooves and so much more.

You’ll also find a bonus folder of 30 evolving soundscape loops that tie in perfectly with the construction kit, safe in the knowledge that each will work perfectly with the next!

So, if you’re a fan of classic 80’s cinema, would love to explore the world of film score or have been drawn in to the mesmerising world of Stranger Things then this one is for you my friend – impeccably produced and truly inspiring!

Pack Contents:

  • Loops: 126
  • MIDI: 60

Total Number Of Files:

  • 180
  • 1.2 GB

3. Vintage Drum Machines

Vintage Drum Machines

Vintage drum machines does exactly what it says on the tin, and my goodness it does it well. A truly timeless collection of vintage drum machine one shots samples processed in the true Touch Loops style; lashings of analogue warmth and grit! Sampling old and rare drum machines, we’ve squeezed out every last drop of power to ensure each hit slams as hard as the last. Perfect for creating classic sounding breaks or modern system crunching trap and techno, every producer needs this collection in their sample artillery, so what are you waiting for?
Pack Contents:

  • 450 files
  • 10 Vintage Drum Machines
  • 450 Drum One Shots
  • Featuring: 606, 707, 808, 909, MPC1000, E-MU Drumulator, Linn LM-1, Linn LM-2, Roland CR-78, Roland R-8 MKII

Total Number Of Files:

  • 450

4. Soulful Drum Grooves

Soulful Drum Grooves

Coming in at almost 600 loops, Soulful Drum Groove is our most accomplished, skilled and soulful drum loops pack to date.

Featuring incredible live drum breaks, beautifully performed snare rolls, swinging vibey hip-hop tinged loops and endless amounts of vibe and style.

Inspired by the sounds of Yussef Dayes, this eclectic drum collection shows just how expressive you can really get when sat behind a beautifully tuned  drum kit.

Leaning on jazz influences as well as quicker breaks beats and jungle styles, this vast collection provides numerous options allowing you to develop your tracks in a way that only a live session drummer could.

From simple hi-hat patterns to more off kilter and off grid fills and breaks, creating your perfect performance is as easy as it is rewarding.

With each loop perfectly recorded and mixed through our top end in-house analog selection of outboard and mic’s, each sample is mix ready and waiting to be dropped into your DAW of choice.

For extra flexibility, we’ve also included a ‘Spring’ version showcasing that touch of vintage flavour from our favourite spring reverb unit.

So, if you’re looking to dig into the stylish world of Hip-hop, Jazz & Soul then this ones a must have.

Pack Contents:

  • Loops: 596
  • Tempos: 85-130 Bpm
  • Styles – Jazz, Hip-Hop & Soul drum breaks, drum fills and grooves.

Total Number Of Files:

  • 596
  • 672 MB

5. Dystopian Love

Dystopian Love

Dystopian Love digs deep into the world of rich analogue synthesis, lush gated reverbs and emotive 80’s nostalgia.

Referencing the iconic Blade Runner series but showcasing it’s own unique twist, this expansive collection of 80’s synth samples, expertly programmed beats and driving sub bass will give you the edge your tracks have been crying out for.

First dig into this collection will show our in house producer working at the top of his game.

From the extensively tweaked batch of analogue synths and hardware to the expertly mixed hip-hop tinged beats, this sample pack takes the context of Dystopia and throws it upside down.

Creating new genres that nod to the past whilst also moving forward, we just know this pack will help you develop your OWN SOUND! 

Inside you’ll find soaring synth leads and arps, emotive chord progressions, rolling hip-hop styles beats, nostalgic chord loops and so much more.

Oh and of course there are drum ones shots and MIDI for all chords and leads meaning the options are endless.  We just know you’ll be creating music that shapes the sounds of the future.

Pack Contents:

  • 99 Loops
  • 47 One Shots
  • MIDI: 47
  • Tempos: 75-115 Bpm

Total Number Of Files:

  • 193
  • 337 MB

6. Taped Melodies

Taped Melodies

Taped Melodies digs deep into the world of soulful chord progressions, delicate piano performances, stunning gear selections and only the finest four chord loops + MIDI.  

Spread across not one but ALL keys, these stunning chord loops are also accompanied by the finest piano MIDI files meaning endless chord options are available at any given moment.

Inside this pack, you’ll find over 100+  chord progressions spread across all loops. Divided down into the 12 keys, you’ll find WAV loops options covering classic Rhodes tones, upright pianos, analogue synths, Mellotron loops and so much more.

If the sound or key isn’t right for you then worry not, we’ve included the MIDI meaning you can get inside the loop, change the key, adjust the tempo or figure out the theory behind these stunning chord progressions.  Maximum flexibility and endless inspiration. 

So, if you’re looking for an instant solution for getting out of the rut, getting the ideas flowing, or finishing that next track then this one is for you.

Never again will you need to worry about not having a starting point in your chosen key and as is the power of MIDI, you can tweak to your heart’s content and create iconic chord progressions that will stand the test of time!

Pack Contents:

  • Loops: 120
  • MIDI: 120

Total Number Of Files:

  • 240
  • 281 MB

7. Future Beats

Future Beats

Future Beats is an exploration into the creative, the playful and the futuristic. Referencing Hip-Hop, Trap, Beat Scene and beyond, this exquisitely produced sample pack mangles each individual influence into a fresh genre unlike no other. One swift glance at the demo and it’s clear to see what’s on show; a producer with a love for soul, groove, patience and clearly firing at the top of their game!

Fused inside this audio masterpiece you’ll find classic Hip-Hop beats, future bass rhythms, earth shaking subs, driven 808’s, immaculately sculpted synth samples , soul and jazz tinged keys, trap influenced hat patterns, lush bending chords movements and class by the bucket load.

Whether you side by Odesza, adore Flume or place your allegiance to Kaytranada this collection has all the tools you’ll need to raise your productions to that next level. There’s also a huge batch of beautifully crafted one shots to ease the cravings of your sampler of choice. A stunning collection that guarantees to stand the test of time and is ready to go with all samples mixed and mastered straight out of the box.
Pack Contents:

  • 204 Loops
  • 101 One Shots
  • 10 Midi

Total Number Of Files:

  • 325
  • 710 Mb

8. Piano Noir

Piano Noir

Piano Noir digs deep into the emotive and beautiful world of the Rhodes piano and live upright.

Design specifically for Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi & Soul, these character driven samples offer endless character, style and inspiration.

From the nostalgic vinyl crackle to the soul driving sounds of tape each sample has been handcrafted to ensure they’re ready to go at any given moment.

Nestled inside this sample delight you’ll find straight Rhodes chords progressions, freeform jazz inspired licks and moves, elegant lead lines and extended chords for that extra layer of style and embellishment.

With flexibility and usability at the front of what we do, we’ve included MIDI for every loops ensuring maximum opportunity for exploring the nuances of every chord as well as the ability to adjust key & tempo. 

So, if you’re looking to add some originality to your beats, gain a collection of incredible song starters or embellish your half developed tracks then this ones for you – simply stunning!

Pack Contents:

  • 50 Wav Loops
  • 50 MIDI Loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 100
  • 90 MB

9. Street Beat Elements

Street Beat Elements

Inspired by the sound worlds of J Dilla, Kenny Beats, Lo-Fi and classic 90’s era Hip-Hop, Beat Street Elements is the quintessential beat makers selection.  

From the classic bump and swing to the cassette driven saturated texture, each one of these authentic Lo-Fi hip-hop drum samples has been expertly produced, mixed and is 100% ready to go!  From the minimalist boom bap tones to rolling 808’s, each beat comes in two forms, cassette driven and original meaning saturation levels, texture & hiss are all under your control.

Digging inside this driving selection of beats you’ll find hard hitting 808 patterns, classic Dilla inspired rim shots and snares that fully smack, live and processed drum machine hits, organic percussion elements and so much more.

Divided down into 2 folders we’ve included:

Beats: As god intended.  Straight out the DAW, full spectrum, full fatness.

Cassette: Driven into our Fostex x-77 4-track cassette recorder.  Extra low mid and sub bump, hiss & saturation.

So, whatever type of hip-hop you make from rolling trap to soulful grooves, this collection will fit perfectly in your beats and stand above those stale old drum collections.. this one bumps!

Pack Contents:

  • Loops: 106
  • One Shots: 31
  • MIDI: 18

Total Number Of Files:

  • 155
  • 273.7 MB

10. Jazz Guitars

Jazz Guitars

Whimsical, dreamy and truly inspirational. Jazz Guitars is a magical journey into the sample treasure chest that is ambience, jazz, future bass and cosmic electronica.

This beautifully charming sample pack takes the listener on a journey into a world unlike no other. Fun time synths dance against the jazz tinged Rhodes loops, skatty arpeggios sore and amaze whilst the beats offer some grounding to a pack of extraordinary delights.

Created in house by our favorite resident sound designer, this pack offers a sense of tranquility and calm, allowing your compositions to take the listener on an incredible day-dreaming journey. Inspired by the works of Tennyson, Anomalie, Noname and Ametsub but with it’s own unique twist, this delicate and delightful sample pack will instantly bring a smile to your face.

Inside you’ll discover otherworldly synth passes, skatty dancing arpeggio’s, warm analogue subs, jazz tinged licks and chord progressions, delicious foley based drums, bendy synth chords and a huge selection of wonderful beats and percussion loops.

So if you’re looking for a collection of sounds that sets you apart from the crowd then this ones for you – an absolute delight and pleasure each and every time.

Pack Contents:

  • Loops: 192
  • One Shots: 113

Total Number Of Files:

  • 150
  • 588.3 MB

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Top Touch Loops Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets
Top 10+ Touch Loops Samples, Loops, One Shot, Midi, Synth Presets 2022
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