Top Utility Free VST Plugins
Top Utility Free VST Plugins

Top 10+ Utility Free VST Plugins 2022

We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 Utility Free VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians

VST list navigation:

  1. Cassette Transport
  2. Panipulator 2
  3. GroundControl
  4. GŌN
  5. 4U+ BlindTest
  6. Tonespace
  7. RYMCast Genesis VGM Player
  8. Guitar Pickup Selector
  9. MRecorder
  10. vPlayer

1. Cassette Transport

by: Wavesfactory

Cassette Transport

Free Tape Start / Stop Plugin

Cassette Transport is a free audio plugin effect that simulates the sound of tape speeding up and slowing down. It also includes noises from the physical buttons and rotor of a real Cassette unit. Perfect for sound design.

Play and stop times can be adjusted independently to a maximum of 8 seconds. This plugin is also able to sync the values to the host tempo.

A Perfect Team

Cassette Transport has been designed to be the perfect companion for Cassette, our vintage tape emulation plugin. Having a transport control was a common request for Wavesfactory, so they decided to make it available for everyone.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.7
  • Windows 7
  • 64 bit only
  • AAX, AU, VST and VST3 formats

2. Panipulator 2

by: Boz Digital Labs

Panipulator 2

Panipulator 2 is an update to the extremely simple and useful tool created at the request of Brandon Drury at Recording Review. It is an essential tool for checking how your mixes will translate to different systems. Best of all, it’s available for free.

Even though you spent considerable time and effort getting your mix to sound amazing on your monitors, there is still one very important question: What will it sound like playing at a theme park? or at the dentists office? or on your old radio? What if they wired one of the speakers backwards?

As much as we’d like to think that everyone is listening our music in stereo, the truth is that many many people are listening in less than ideal environments. Panipulator lets you hear what your mix will sound like in those environments so you can be sure that your mixes will translate across all systems.

What will your mix sound like summed to mono? Flip a switch to find out. What if someone wires their system so that they can only hear the left channel? Flip a switch to hear what that sounds like. What if they reverse the wiring on one of their speakers? Flip a switch to find out to see how that will affect your song. These are all common scenarios, and the last thing you want to do is find out is that your mom’s voice, that you thought was buried in the mix, pops out when played over the loudspeakers at Nordstrom.

Panipulator will barely make a dent in your CPU usage, so there is no reason that this plugin should not be a default on every single song you mix.

System Requirements

  • Windows (32/64 bit): VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native
  • Mac (32/64 bit): AU, VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native

3. GroundControl

by: Ginger Audio



GroundControl is a free virtual audio driver that allows applications to pass audio to other applications and record audio that’s coming from your system.

There are 3 options available – 2 channels, 16 channels, and 64 channels:

The GroundControl Cube application allows you to monitor GroundControl’s driver’s output through your computer’s internal speakers or headphone output.


  • Route audio between applications
  • Record your system sound
  • Monitor your virtual driver
  • Up to 192khz support with zero latency

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.13 – 11 (Big Sur/M1 compatible)

Please note: this software is not compatible with Windows.

4. GŌN

by: MAAT


Get this refined, no–cost stereo goniometer plug-in!

GŌN :: Cross-Platform Plugin

A free, universal visualization plug-in for stereo bus masters.


Available for all major plug-in formats, including VST 2, VST 3 and AAX for macOS and Windows plus Audio Units for macOS, GŌN (rhymes with “lone”) is a free software goniometer that authentically replicates an analog oscilloscope experience while keeping complexity at bay.

This “phase scope” plugin quickly conveys global trends and troubles, with a visual out-of-phase warning built-in. Plus, an optional autogain feature ensures that you’ll see an understandable display with a very wide range of input amplitudes.

Usable metering is essential for any engineer, and GŌN’s options are equally practical, with a notable absence of controls. Unlike an oscilloscope, GŌN’s lack of any knobs or switches means its straightforward user interface contains only a single button, the preference’s gear icon at upper right. Control over gain, focus, “phosphor” colour, drawing style and persistence are all there in the preferences, and everything can be saved as a personal preset.

All of GŌN’s functionality is wrapped in an information-rich yet visually unobtrusive user interface that occupies only a small slice of screen real estate. Likewise, the plug-in is very “lightweight” demanding an absolute minimum of CPU resources so it won´t slow down your host.


  • Essential – GŌN delivers indispensable visual monitoring.
  • Light Weight – GŌN is economical of both screen real estate and host computer resources.
  • Universal – GŌN works on macOS and Windows, across all modern plug-in formats.
  • Low Cost – GŌN is free! That’s right! It’s another way of introducing you to all the good stuff that is being built at MAAT…

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.9 – 10.15 (Universal Binary 2) (64-bit only)
    Windows 7 and newer (32 & 64-bit)

Supported Formats

  • AAX Native (Pro Tools 10.3.10 and newer)
  • AU, VST 2 & VST 3
  • Sample rates from 44.1 to 384 kHz

5. 4U+ BlindTest

by: HOFA-Plugins

4U+ BlindTest

The HOFA 4U+ BlindTest allows you to objectively compare equipment (e.g. plugins) inside your DAW. Only if you compare objectively, will you get the best sounding result.

We often get distracted by appearance or names: we think we hear differences that do not exist – simply because of the connection between visual and auditory perceptions. Therefore, we unconsciously often compare the expectations we have of a product, rather than the actual sound character.

In order to avoid this problem, we have developed a reliable blind test so you can concentrate on what is important: the sound!

Simply insert 4U+ BlindTest as the last plugin on every track that you want to compare. The track that is SOLO’d in 4U+ BlindTest will play. All other tracks are muted.

The Shuffle Button

Click on “Shuffle” to anonymise the tracks and put them in random order. Now you can switch between the signals to compare them objectively. Assign a rating from 0 to 5 and write down comments about your aural impression. The names of the tracks can then be revealed again.

You can use the shuffle mode multiple times. This way you an average, creating your personal sound study. The comments can be displayed together so you can compare whether your aural impressions were the same every time.

To make sure that the results are really objective…

… there is a peak level display and a gain control for every track, so you can make sure the volume differences do not influence your decisions.

… the GUI is freely scalable, so that you can use it to hide anything on your screen that may influence your decisions like your DAW’s mix window.

You might not want to compare all tracks at once. Simply drag unused tracks to the “INACTIVE” section. This can be used to sort out tracks during a test run.


  • Objectively compare your equipment (e.g. plugins) in your DAW
  • Shuffle mode that anonymises the tracks
  • Loudness compensation
  • Rating system and comment field
  • Compare up to 3 tracks

Note: The freeware is identical to the full version, except for the number of possible tracks.

System Requirements

  • HOFA Plugins work with Windows 7/8/10, Vista and WinXP, as well as Intel-Mac from OS X 10.6.
  • Audio Unit, VST, VST3, RTAS and AAX, 32 and 64 Bit.

HOFA Plugins are tested constantly on the following DAWs:

  • Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab, MOTU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Magix Samplitude/Sequoia, Avid Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Presonus Studio One, Cockos Reaper, FL Studio

6. Tonespace

by: Mucoder


Mucoder: Tonespace

Chord Generator and Visualizer

What is Tonespace?

  • A chord generator and visualizer
  • Displays chords and scales on a grid, making it easy to understand their structure
  • Displays chords on a piano keyboard, making it easy to play them
  • Supports 39 chord types, 25 chord voicings/inversions, 21 scales, 18 keys, and 50 different grids
  • Accepts easy, single-note MIDI input for triggering or viewing chords
  • Can output chords over MIDI to your favorite synth
  • Acts either as a VST or Audio Unit plugin for your DAW, or as a standalone application

How Do I Use It?

  • Audition and play chords while you move the mouse around in a grid-like space – or use a traditional MIDI keyboard instead
  • Learn how musical scales and keys work, and how chords relate to these, using the simple octave-based spaces
  • Discover how chords map onto surprisingly simple geometric shapes in the more advanced spaces
  • Use chord-generation algorithms to fit chords to scales and keys automatically
  • Trigger chords from monophonic midi input and record the played chords using midi output

System Requirements

  • Available as VST, AU or standalone app
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Now with 64-bit support

7. RYMCast Genesis VGM Player

by: Inphonik

RYMCast Genesis VGM Player

Genesis VGM Player

Genesis 35:1-15: Revive Us Again

RYMCast is a VGM player for Sega Genesis/Megadrive videogame music files. Based on their work for the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer, Inphonik’s RYMCast is a highly accurate and genuinely sounding cross-platform VGM player. It’s our humble contribution to the Sega Genesis/Megadrive community.

Key Features

  • Cycle-accurate YM2612 emulation and output modelling, including Ladder Effect and filtering (uses the same audio engine as the RYM2612)
  • Individual scopes for each channel
  • Channel mute and solo
  • VGM stream speed adjust
  • Sequencer-like pause function
  • Audio export to WAV, AIFF & FLAC formats
  • Stereo or multi-track audio export
  • Instrument patch extractor (supports RYM2612’s .repatch and Deflemask‘s .dmp formats)

The Perfect Companion App

With a simple drag & drop, extract synth patches from your favourite soundtracks to our RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer.

*Sega and Yamaha brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. This product is in no way affiliated with these companies.

System Requirements


  • macOS (10.7 and higher)
  • 32-bit & 64-bit
  • VST 2 / VST 3 / AU / AAX


  • Vista and higher
  • 32-bit & 64-bit
  • VST 2 / VST 3 / 64-bit AAX

8. Guitar Pickup Selector

by: Boz Digital Labs

Guitar Pickup Selector

Guitar Pickup Selector – a free effect plugin for Windows and Mac, designed to deal with the stereo DI (Direct Injection) tracks in your DAW.

“A lot of people have been asking about stereo guitars, and some people didn’t like that they are put onto a single stereo track. This plugin has been created to help producers who are having a hard time dealing with the DI format. It lets you quickly control the blend between the two pickups so you can treat the guitar like a single mono DI track.”

This plugin is designed to deal with the stereo DI tracks in the 2016 Mixing Contest. Put it on your guitar DI track and you have complete control over your pickups.

System Requirements

  • Available for both Mac and PC

9. MRecorder

by: MeldaProduction


MRecorder is a simple utility for a simple job – record the plugin input into a WAV file. It may not be necesary every day, but it is good to have it when you need it.


  • The most advanced user interface on the market – stylable, resizable, GPU accelerated
  • Unique visualisation engine with classic meters and time graphs
  • M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround processing…
  • Very fast, optimised for SSE/SSE2/SSE3 processors
  • Supports VST, VST3, AU and AAX interfaces on Windows & Mac, both 32-bit and 64-bit
  • No dongle nor internet access is required for activation
  • Free-for-life updates

System Requirements


  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • VST / VST3 / AAX compatible host (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Intel/AMD processor with SSE2 support

Always use 32-bit plugins in 32-bit hosts, or 64-bit plugins in 64-bit hosts!

64-bit plugins can’t work in 32-bit hosts even if the operating system is 64-bit. Do NOT use 32-bit plugins in 64-bit hosts. They would have to be bridged and can become slow and unstable.

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.9 and newer (64-bit only)
  • VST / VST3 / AU / AAX compatible host (64-bit only)
  • Intel/AMD processor with SSE2 support or Apple Silicon processor

Note: Please check your product PDF documentation for more information and installation instructions.

10. vPlayer

by: Digital Brain Instruments


An easy way to check out new plugins or to play a quick loading jam session using your favourite virtual instruments.

vPlayer is a standalone software developed for quick testing new vst/au instruments without the need to use any DAW. But also for playing a quick loading jam session using your favourite instruments, playing up to 2 instruments at same time using 1 or 2 different keyboards.


  • ​Play up to 2 VST/AU instruments
  • Load and save presets
  • Master EQ
  • Output recording via rewire

System Requirements:


  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (with a Pentium 4 or Celeron compatible processor, or higher)
  • At least 2GB RAM required


  • Intel machine running OSX 10.7 or later
  • At least 2GB RAM required

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Top Utility Free VST Plugins
Top 10+ Utility Free VST Plugins 2022
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